Again, you reviewers are as awesome as apple pie! I'm really hoping that a certain section of this fic isn't too off-character *worries about it*. But as always, enjoy! Jeff Eastin, the amazing man, owns all of this! Without Jeff, there would be no Peter or Neal to dream about… and for that, we should all thank him!

Art forgery. Bond forgery. Art Theft. Counterfeiting. Securities Frauds. Racketeering. All still alleged until now. Peter had said Neal was being arrested for bond forgery, but the young con didn't know for what job. It was killing him. The agent just called him an idiot, which Neal knew at times that he was, and again kept up the silence. Peter was good.

Peter sighed again at the 28 year old con and was hoping for another mistake, ANY mistake on Caffrey's part.

"You know bond forgery can get you up to four years in prison, right? If you plead guilty now we could possibly get it reduced." Neal's eyes left the handcuffs for a moment to look into Peter's face.

"I will not plead guilty. Because I didn't do it." Neal said so conveniently, Peter *almost* believed him. This is the how the man made a living, Peter had to think. He's good at what he does. Peter laid down the case file in front of Neal.

"We have evidence that you forged this bond…" Burke pointed to the bond in question. "…and now it is time to confess."

Neal's smirk returned to him. Now that he knew which bond the FBI have caught him on, Peter no longer had any 'cards to deal' so to speak.

"I only confess things I've done." Neal stated, even though the jury would clearly find him guilty on this forgery. "And even if I did forge this bond, it would be against my religion to not confess it to my Father first." That statement got a reaction of the agent.

"Dammit kid!" He slammed his fist into the table, making Neal jump. "Don't you get it? You can be going to jail when others your age are finding respectable careers. You could have a wife and kids! But no! You had to make it to the top of the FBI's most wanted list at 25 and had to run and hide with your so-called lover." Neal had so many come-backs like 'At least I spend time with my girl instead of working' but the look in Peter's eyes made him slowly sink in his chair. It hurt him because the agent was right, but it didn't matter. He was out of the game. The FBI caught him fair and square. All the pieces were lined up and now he was going to prison.

Peter took a deep breath in. "Are you going to confess now?"

"No." Neal still held on to the little hope he could con his way out of this. For Kate. For Mozzie. For himself.

Peter walked towards the door, opened it and looked back. "Good luck kid."

And then it was finished. I debated about going longer with it, but I'm a short to the point kind-of-gal. Hope you enjoyed it! (BTW, if I can get my brain to work over the summer, I may try and do a court-room fic.)