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Chapter 1

In a medieval fortress, hundreds of young schoolchildren were celebrating, alongside the few remaining aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix, one man simply wandered the corridors and did not join the festivities. That man was Harry Potter.

He had turned 19 just over three months ago, and one hour previously had defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, the man, well thing, that had basically destroyed his life but despite having more reason than ever to be happy, was not. He had just defeated the man who killed his parents, the man whose fault it was that Harry's childhood involved dark cupboards, vicious beatings and meagre rationings of food. At this Harry snorted, one good thing had come out of his childhood, his near limitless pain threshold which had allowed him to fight through the cruciatus, a vital aid in the war against the death eaters.

At the age of 11, the Dark Lord had attempted and managed to infilitrate Hogwarts through the possession of a weak-minded wizard and then tried to steal the Philosophers stone to regain a body. Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione, had tried to warn the teachers, but because they wouldn't listen, had been forced to take matters into their own hands, and had followed Voldemort (and his host Quirrel) and passed the obstacles defending the stone which had incapacitated Ron and forced Hermione to turn back, before Harry managed to drive Voldemort off, killing Quirrel in the process.

At 12, he had defeated a basilisk which had been petrifying students. The basilisk being a creature most grown men would shirk away from. At 13, he had driven off 100 dementors with a single patronus, a tremendous feat and one Harry was rightly proud of. At 14, he was entered into the Tri-wizard tournament, and although he was given help from a teacher (who was actually a death eater), he was quite proud of his victory against witches and wizards who had three more years training than him. His performance against Voldemort in the graveyard afterwards, however, left something to be desired and he only just managed to escape after suffering a beating. The ministry had dismissed his claims of Voldemort returning as the "delusion rants of an attention seeking boy", and organised a smear campaign against him and gave the school a pathetic teacher who bore remarkable resemblence to toads. Said teacher would have stuggled to teach fish how to swim, never mind wizards how to defend themselves. Due to peer pressure, he decided to lead an illegal group to teach his friends and a few others defense. Obviously, he suceeded as he, with 5 others that he taught, were able to hold off a dozen deatheaters, which, even if they weren't aiming to kill, was a brillant achievement. The Order of the Phoenix had arrived, and his godfather, Sirius, had died. When he returned to Hogwarts with Professor Dumbledore, he had been shown a prophecy, saying that he had to kill Voldemort, or Voldemort had to kill him. Remembering his battle, if it could be called that, against Voldemort the previous year, Harry had asked to be taught by Dumbledore and he had been.

For three years, Harry did not leave Hogwarts, he had simply been taught to fight and kill, his isolation from everyone else but his teachers giving him incredible motivation to train until he had been deemed ready and unleashed. He had launched raids on known deatheaters homes, breaking their wards and capturing those inside for questioning, whoever resisted were defeated. He had fought Voldemort three times in the last year, each time managing a draw. Then Voldemort had attacked Diagon Alley with the remnants of his death eaters, alongside various dark creatures that had joined with him, dementors, vampires, werewolves and giants. After a long, drawn out battle, Voldemort and Harry finally came face-to-face. After the mandatory verbal battle, the first spell was thrown and what became known as the greatest fight in known history began. This time, both knew the prophecy would be fulfilled, and as it turned out, Harry won the battle and promptly collapsed. He regained consciousness 2 hours ago in Hogwarts Hosital Wing and managed to sneak out without Pomphrey realising, and was now wandering the corridors of Hogwarts, trying to decide what to do in life, now that he had avenged his parents.

An auror was out of the question, they had to follow rules, and being a hit-wizard was out because of the high probability of death (Harry was many things, but not suicidal). Duelists were also forced to follow rules and weren't supposed to harm their opponents that much. Quidditch was a possibility but he would have to sign autographs. "It was amazing," he remarked to himself, "The very bane of his existance was actually his purpose in life."

As he wandered, he came across the room of requirement, and decided to enter while pondering what to do. He entered and was promptly thrown into the middle of a battle between three men and scores of creature that appeared to be some form of goblin (later he found out they were goblins, at least of this world). Thinking that the three men would be more likely to help him find out where he was, he began to cast spells at the goblins, killing many and driving the others away. He turned back to the three men he had saved, before realising two appeared to be some sort of elf, although they happened to be above 4 feet. Before he could make a witty remark as to their heritage, the man thanked him. Before he knew it, the three were dragging him back to their home, Rivendell. After a couple of days, spent mostly talking to Elrond ( Lord of Rivendell), Aragorn, Elladan and Elrohir (the three he saved, with Aragorn being the man), he came to the conclusion he was in another world. He learnt Aragorn was the heir to an ancient throne, and had been hidden away for his protection. Hoping that Aragorn would have an interesting life, the two set out together into the world, armed with a bow and arrows, a sword each, and Harry's wand.

The following years were eventful, to say the least. He became a friend of Gandalf (who had said it was likely this was not his world but it is possible that it was simply a different time), and alongside Aragorn had helped fight Sauron (the resident dark lord, who seemed much more powerful than Voldemort and not someone Harry wanted to meet). Aragorn taught him sword play and archery at night, and during the day, how to survive in the wilderness. Something he quickly realised, magic was mostly a long range weapon, which honestly wasn't very helpful as most fighting was close combat although he had managed to learn how to use more subtle magic to slow down his enemies while fighting. Also, due to the length of the battles in this world, Harry was forced to conserve his magical strength for key points in fights and so mostly rely on his sword fighting prowess which was formidable.

The two fought in the Rohirrim, earning renown and meeting Thengel, the king of Rohan, fought for Gondor before travelling into the East and South. The two realised that Harry was similar to the Dunédain, ageing at a similar rate to Aragorn, who was but a year older than him. When Harry was 48, the two went to Lothlórion, where Aragorn met Arwen for the second and was completely smitten with her. Obviously, Aragorn decidied to stay in Lothlórion to get to know her better. Realising this, Harry headed back to Rohan slightly envious of Aragorn and also saddened as he and Aragorn were seperated for the first time in nearly 30 years. He spent a year with Eómund, the Marshall of the Mark, becoming good friends and companions as they fought against the orcs, the other Rohirrim who followed them had often remarked that the duo's raids on the orcs seemed suspiciously similar to suicide expeditions, Harry and Eómund always shrugging these comments off. Ironically, Eómund had been killed on one of these raids. After a year, the two left Lothlórion, and spent time travelling, and entered Moria and travelled to Harad, a place they soon left due to the hostility of it's inhabitants making frequent trips to Lothlorien and Rohan to see Arwen and Eómund. At the age of 69, Harry and Aragorn were approached by Gandalf the Grey, a wizard of this world, capable of a different form of magic than Harry but a no less potent form, asked them to track Gollum and guard the shire, eventually they had caught Gollum near Mordor and left him in Mirkwood under the guard of the elves there. Eómund had died when Harry was 70, and Harry had spent a year mourning, trying to cope with his emotions while tracking Gollum. Eventually, Harry had recovered, although not without his mental scars. The elves often said his eyes contained a deep well of sadness, and had lost their spakling attribute. And now, aged 86 and 87, Harry and Aragorn, two of the most fearsome and powerful warriors living with Harry now standing 6 foot tall with broad shoulders and well-defined muscles, glittering gleen eyes, long dark hair and enough scars for several war veterans, and Aragorn similar although slightly taller and leaner, were sitting in a run-down bar in the pathetic town of Bree, hoping that the four hobbits, one of whom carried the ring of Sauron and the only way to give Sauron a new body, didn't mess up and attract attention. Seeing Frodo Baggins turn invisible infront of dozens of Bree folk, they realised it was a foolish hope.

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