They stood on top of the monument, staring down at the village that they all called home since the day that they were born, a feeling of anger, resentment and rage welling up in their chests as their leader walked out of the thick underbrush to their left with the village leader. Automatically they all went down on one knee to show the proper respect to the one they called their leader. The Hokage looked at them all and smiled, a bit sadly, but it was still a smile.

He knew that they didn't respect him. What child would after seeing the horrors these kids had seen done to their leader would pay homage to the one who refused to let them avenge their precious kitsune? "Shadow, Panther, Minx, Bear, get up."

They each smiled under their masks. "Hai." They said in unison as they each stood again and stared at the small girl with the waist length silvery blond hair, her red eyes could be seen glowing eerily behind the eye holes of her half mask that covered the top half of her face, the white ears of the mask poking out from under her pale hair like horns.

She reached up and lifted her mask off of her face, they lifted their hands to do the same reveling their faces to their beloved Shadow Kage. Tonight might be the last night they assembled here as a team, so they wanted to prolong the meeting as long as they could, each one of them staring at their Bloody Aphrodite in reverence.

"Tonight won't exactly be our last night-" She said gently and the four of them all nearly cried in relief. They couldn't stand leaving her side for very long, and being forced to abandon her under any circumstances would have provoked them into a full scale rebellion. They might have died if that happened but they were all assured that they would have taken almost every shinobi in the village with them before they fell.

They no longer cared about their former lives. Their families, or friends. They could'nt imagine anything without her in the thick of it. As far as they all were concerned there was no life without her.

The blonde's lips twitched as she considered her team. They were young, all of them the same age as her, although she was a year or so younger than them. Each of them with their own unique talents and strengths. They were her people. Her comrades. Her friends and she didn't want to be apart from them either which was why after some careful consideration she had received permission to reopen her late father's clan home, a lovely Japanese style home with enough rooms to house almost half of the Hyuuga clan.

She had come here tonight to give them the choice of living with her from now on. They were all outcasts among their own clans, but only Shadow and Bear had families that may want to keep them. "I have called you all here because we have all graduated today, and will officially become known as ninja of this village tomorrow. Because of these we may be forced to work on different teams-"

"Never, I will not work with anyone but Kitsune." Minx snarled, her pretty face reflecting her thoughts with a dark look that could send any enemy diving for cover.

"Neither will I. Kitsune is my master, and teacher, not those...fools below." Panther said as he stuffed his hands in his pants pockets.

"They are insects that we will never respect or listen too. We are far more likely to kill them for the things that they have done to you Kitsune." Shadow said in the same lazy drawl that made their leader want to smack him.

"Are you really going to send us away from you?" Bear asked tentivly, almost shyly and Kitsune smiled at them. No she would'nt send them away, she was just as selfish as they and wanted to keep them as close to her as she could. She still had much to teach them before she set them loose on the unsuspecting world.

"No Bear, I won't send any of you away. I have a much better idea. I have with me five house keys. I want all of you to move in with me and live in my late fathers home with me." She said as she pulled out five silver keys, that shone brightly in the pale moon light and extended her hand to them. Shadow and Bear lunged forward at once and snatched their keys, to hell with their clans and families. They knew where they belonged.

Kitsune blinked as Panther took two of the keys and dropped one in Minxes hand then got back in line. Well, no hesitation at all. She thought with a bemused expression on her angelic face.

"There is another reason that your doing this, Kitsune-sama..." Ah Shadow really was too smart for his own good sometimes. She thought with a smirk as she turned to the Hokage. She had decided to let him explain things more clearly to them.

Sarutobi gave the girl a nervous look as Shadow, Minx, Panther and Bears hands all went for their weapons holsters, tapping the leather impatiently with their finger tips to indicate that they didn't care much for his intrusion on their meeting with their leader. That was their time to be with her, not his.

Kitsune did something with her hands and they all dropped their arms back to their sides, away from the weapons. "Kitsune-chan-" Sarutobi began t speak and immidatly realised his mistake when Shadow got up in his face, a low feral growl vibrating the boy's chest as he wrapped his fingers around the elders throat and hissed.

"Kitsune-sama, Kitsune-hime-, Shadow Kage-ojo sama, these are the things you will use when speaking about our master or I will slit your throat-" Sarutobi blinked at the scathing hatred in the boys voice, but couldn't say anything because the boy was gradually tightening his fingers around his throat, cutting off his air way. Who knew that the lazy brat could be so frightening?

"Shadow, get back in line now!" Kitsune snapped and the boy let the elder go and gave him one last cold look and got back in line as Kitsune moved up to him and straitened the lapels of his robe and checked him for injuries. Sarutobi smiled kindly down at her and then cleared his throat.

" I was saying. If you choose to live with...Kitsune-hime then you will be taking her last name. Her real last name and will each be known as Namikaze-"

"Then consider it done. We will not leave our leader no matter what you might say, if this means that we have to take her true last name then we are honored and will do our best to live up to the name." Minx said with a smile. Kitsune smiled and lifted her hand and barked out their last order for the time being.

"Anbu dismissed. Meet me at my place in an hour."

"Hai!" Said the four excited voices as they all vanished.

"Later Saru." Kitsune said as she took a flying leap off of the mountain. The Hokage shook his head and smiled. Those kids were really something. So strong willed, fierce, and loyal. Anyone who got close to Kitsune would run the risk of some serious bodily harm. He laughed as he shook his head and walked away thinking that-

He pitied their jounin instructors already...


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