Sadly this is the last chapter. Thanks to everyone that reviewed and supported the story.

I stood next to Nick as Carly stood next to Wade with a scalpel in her hand. Nick had managed to dump the wax which started a fire creating a barrier between us and Bo.

"No one has ever left this town alive," Bo said evilly. The fire made his face look more evil than it was.

I looked him in the face. "There's a first time for everything." With that I threw the knife at him and landed in his chest.

He screamed in rage as we all ran out of the building. It didn't take long before the whole building was up in flames courteous of it being made out of wax.

"It's finally over," Carly said leaning against Wade who had his arm wrapped around her.

"No more innocent people have to suffer," Wade said.

I just continued to stare at the burning building as sirens sounded off in the distance.

Nick nudged me in my good shoulder. "You okay?"

I smiled at him. "No more road trips."

He pulled me into a hug. "Deal."

After we had talked to the authorities we made our way back to the camp site. We had packed our belongings except for a couple of sleeping bags and had fallen asleep quickly.

I didn't know how long it had been when we had fallen asleep but a sound woke me. Before I could sit up a bloody dirty hand covered my mouth so I couldn't scream.

"Told you no one made it out of Ambrose alive," Bo snarled.

The End