-heads turn-

(gasps and squeals)

Somewhere in the masses, a girl falls to the ground in a swoon.

Another one faints, while at least ten blush heavily and fan themselves and about twice that amount, if not more, run to try and grope—

"OH, MY GOSH. IT'S HIM." Another one shouts.

And then, as if practiced several times over…


And the endless squeals begin.

Sasuke considered himself to be an introverted, quiet sort of person. He liked to lead a quiet life, and at the age of seventeen, now a fully reinstated Konoha ninja (Chuunin, to be exact) the most eventful thing that happened to him was the mentioning of when the upcoming Jounin exams were, or even the occasional day where, yet again, the three of them tried to tug off Kakashi's mask.

It wasn't much, and it was only sometimes accompanied by tomatoes and heavily by ramen, but it was enough. He was at peace, after leading a haunted lifestyle, and he was just transitioning back in to living again.

His demons had been put to rest, and now, the only thing that remained of his dark past were the bloodstains on the floor of his house, which he was now trying to go rug shopping for, and the small black mark on the junction between his neck and his shoulder.

And of course, the memories, and the nightmares.

But the darkness in his life had receded, and he felt like, for the first time in his life, he was at rest.

However, since he was Sasuke, he was inherently unlucky, and so he thought to himself as he stood at the desk, he should have expected this. He should have seen this coming.

Hell, he even had the Sharingan, and yet he was so blind to the coming disaster.

He should have seen this coming.

He told himself that he had been preoccupied; he had told himself he was concentrating on training and becoming a better person, healing after every injury, and attending his psychology appointments just like the jury told him to.

He had been doing many things, he explained to himself. Get up every day, shower, eat, train, eat, train, psychology appointments, train, eat, go rug shopping, train, shower, sleep.

Sakura and Naruto had berated him many times over for overworking himself, so one fine day, he had decided to skip one of his four long training sessions, and had asked Sakura for help.

No, he corrected, not help. He does not need help. He simply needed a second opinion.


So he had skipped his last training session in favor of extending his household shopping. So he had taken her to an oriental rugs store, and shown her the options. He had given her measurements of the rug needed, and she had seen the patterns.

And using careful female deduction strategies, she had deemed that he was thinking too narrow. She had dragged him out of the store by the elbow, and towed him to another part of town, where upholstery was on sale, along with wallpaper, and rugs.

The day had been fruitless, though, and after searching through various designs, patterns, and materials, they had gone home. Sasuke's house was closer than hers, and so, being the gentleman that his mother told him that all members of the Uchiha clan were, he must have manners.

So he invited her in.

But when he opened the door to find that all of his traps had been set off, and shuriken and kunai were littered all over the house, it was most definitely, he thought with a sigh, not how things were supposed to be planned.

Especially not the girl on the floor, tied up with strings, almost invisible to the human eye. And definitely not the blood that was pooling around her hand where she had been taken down with a senbon. Oh, and most certainly not the screams from her mouth.

He sighed.

Behind him, he could hear Sakura's gasp, and then the girl seemed to begin to cry. "It hurts and I failed and now they'll all laugh at me…" she sobbed.

Sakura rushed to her side, carefully untangling the brown haired, mousy civilian girl and removed the senbon from her hand, healing her up quickly.

It was then that the girl realized that she was in his house, for she stared at him for a long moment before breathing quickly. "Oh, Sasuke-kun." She began in a voice that was too much of a change from her crying, screaming one. She seemed to be making some attempt at being…sensuous?


Sakura rolled her eyes, and Sasuke promptly ignored the strange girl, instead going about resetting all the traps as he left the room.

But the last thing he heard before he was out of earshot was, "Sweetie, why are you here?"

"I can't tell you." she answered promptly.

"I'm not going to tell anybody."

Sniffles. "I-I…" Sniff. "Here for my…i-i-nitiation."


"For the Sasuke Uchiha fan club."

He heard a very audible sigh and then walked out of earshot, running a hand through his hair. It seemed he would have to check his underwear drawer to make sure that nothing was missing.


The Fan Club
chapter one: the prelude

(written by seleneswan)


Because he was oh-so swoon-able with his dark hair and dark eyes and mysterious, sexy personality and oh, look at his lips. Mmm.



After the girl had been ushered out the door with the promise of no harm coming to her, Sakura walked back in the house wearily. But at the sight of the mildly exasperated look on his face, her lips curled upwards and she laughed.

Laughing. At him.

This was simply unacceptable.

But there it was, so he sighed, waiting for the chuckles to subside. Finally, a few minutes later, she had calmed down, and plastered a serious look on her face.

"How long have you had this problem?"

She was still laughing at him. He could feel it. It was in her head.


Sakura rolled her eyes. "Sasuke. You do realize that we are grownups now and you can use your big-boy words. Now, do me the pleasure of speaking in words. Verbally."

Sasuke sighed, turning, leading her in the kitchen where he pondered her question. "Years."

Sakura's façade cracked, and she had a wild grin on her face before she covered it up again, leaving the pseudo poker face again. False innocence. Tch.

"Mm, you should consider calling pest control."

He frowned, and got out two tall glasses, sauntering over to the fridge to find the iced tea.

As he rummaged, a thought crossed his mind. Not a bad idea.

And so it began.

A/N: BAHA. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. IN LOVE. I was going to let it sit and wait, but then...I read over it. And I just had to post it. It was calling me, like a siren. "come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground; an hour long you'll have to look, to recover what we took..."

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