Title: Coming of Age or Gene Soup

Author: AnitaB

Author's notes: Jumba notices something that Lilo and Stitch haven't put together yet. Sometimes it's very bad to have a bunch weird alien species all in one person. Lilo/Stitch ahead. Romantic, a touch smutty, and underaged. But if you knew how hard I fought to get them both as old as they are, you'd understand. I own nothing and nothing I do own would be worth winning in a lawsuit. So let's get on with the story.

Coming of Age or Gene Soup

By AnitaB

Chapter one: Dancing around the topic

Somehow it made perfect sense that Jumba figured it out first. But unlike the last time, this wasn't going to be nearly as easy to solve as building an alien machine from Nani's kitchen or a miraculous return from the dead.

This was going to be complicated.

And he didn't even know it was starting, or what it was. /My poor little 626.\\

It wasn't going to be easy on young Lilo, either. Little girl, only fifteen, didn't understand why Stitch had bitten the post-man and chased off no less than three paperboys this month.

By his calculations, no male from outside the family had gotten within ten feet of Lilo in over a week. Even among ohana males, only four year old Danny hadn't been given at least one warning growl.

And Jumba didn't know what to do. But he needed to figure something out soon.

Raising his eyes, Jumba looked out the window. Lilo was stretched out on the grass with a book. Stitch, after stalking the yard, had curled up across the back of her legs, one cheek resting on her ankle. One set of claws played lightly over the skin of her calf until she squirmed.

"Stitch, that tickles."

From his desk, Jumba watched with a sense of foreboding as Stitch smiled and pounced, pinning her ankle with both hands as he licked every ticklish spot from her knee down.

The sound of Lilo's laughter tightened rather than relaxed his nerves. Closing all four eyes, Jumba buried his head in his hands. "There must be solution here. Evil genius must find it… and soon."


Stitch was close. The smell leading him just as clearly as a map. Hula grass, coconut lotion and … Lilo. The crowd was making his nerves twitch with the urge to growl. Too many people. Too many smells. Too many of both between Stitch and his Lilo. He had to get to her or it would be too late. Faster, then. Shifting to all fours, Stitch hurried dog-style through grass skirts and leaf ankles. Three curtains and one "accidently" scratching of Myrtle's leg later, he breathed in gratefully. Lilo… Stitched moved to her side and stood, taking the flower stem from his teeth.

"Stitch, you made it."

"Stitch not late. Very important to be here." Careful claws slid the hibiscus flower behind her ear as their owner stared at her face. He had to give it to her before every competition. His Lilo always won wearing his flower. "You'll be great."

"Thank you, Stitch." He adored the smile she gave him until his eyes fell closed as Lilo leaned into his arms for a hug. Burying his nose in her hair, Stitch breathed deep and held her closer. /Smells so good...\\ Before he knew what he'd done, the tip of his tongue flicked out for the barest taste of her skin. Coconut and vanilla. Only after she pulled back did Stitch realize the music had changed. "Oh, I'm next. You'd better go sit down."

Weakly opening his arms, he nodded. "Yes, Stitch go watch dancing." Forcing himself to step back, Stitch watched her touch her lips with a smudge of shiny gloss. /Pretty Lilo…\\ "Good luck,"

Trying to ignore the smell of her lingering on his fur, Stitch scurried back to the front row and stole young Danny from Nani's lap. "Lilo next." Burying his nose in a baby boy's neck, he tickled tiny ribs with his claws, smiling as he wiggled and laughed.

"We'll need more room in her trophy case." David claimed Nani's now free hand. "Guess I have remodeling work this weekend."

"Only after you fix the dishwasher." Nani tried for scolding, but the way she leaned into the arm around her shoulders sorta ruined the effort.

"Nag, nag, nag." David didn't even try for the tone to match the words, just pulled his wife closer and nuzzled her neck. "Married me for free slave labor."

"Sh, Lilo's on."

Dancing time. Stitch lifted his head, settling Danny on his knee. Nothing could make him miss seeing his Lilo dance. Nothing. Eyes locked to the stage, Stitch moved his claws away from tiny ribs as Lilo's music started. /Pretty Lilo...\\

Long, dark hair fell over a grass skirt. Leaf bracelets decorated softly rounded arms, drawing eyes, at least his, to the delicate lines her fingers drew in the air.

The first graceful turn brought Lilo's eyes to his face and a smile to her lips. His Lilo always smiled at him from the stage. But it was only the last few weeks that her smile had started… doing things to him. Things he couldn't seem to control.

Like growling at Mr. Bubbles and chasing off the paperboy. She'd smiled at him when he brought the paper to the door. The postman hadn't been as fast a runner. That patch of cloth was still under his pillow. Next to his goodness chart. His gradually dropping goodness level chart. The audience cheered and Stitch's claws clenched at the sound of a guy's whistle, digging into his palms. /So sorry, Lilo.\\ Swallowing back a growl, he forced his claws open. Leaning down, Stitch whispered in Danny's ear. "See pretty Aunt Lilo dance?"

"Aunt Lilo always dance pretty." Danny said it in his patented, 'don't be ridiculous' tone. "You know that, Unca Stitches." A baby boy hand patted his wrist. "Shh, watch dancing."

Like he could stop. Even if Stitch tried. His beautiful Lilo. The time scurried by, his eyes helplessly following the soft lines of hands and hips. /Lilo…\\ Her hair danced against her waist with each turn, each step. His hands twitched with the memory of how that hair felt gliding between his claws, the way her smell lingered in his fur for hours.

The dance was almost over. His Lilo would come to him soon. Eyes still on the stage, Stitch leaned down to Danny's ear. "Go see Daddy?" Baby boy nodded, sliding off his knee to crawl over the bench and stretch full length across David and Nani's laps. His favorite place to be.

And Stitch was about to be in his favorite place, Lilo's arms. Her music ended and he was at the edge of the stage before the applause started, arms out. His Lilo held her hands out for three beats of his heart before she smiled and threw herself off the stage and into his arms. /My pretty Lilo,\\ Soft hair slipped in his claws. Smooth skin rubbed his fur. Tiny fingers clenched behind his neck as her arms held him tight. /My Lilo.\\

He caught her closer, arms tightening as he buried his nose into her neck. Lilo smelled so good, felt so good.

Tasted so good. Stitch couldn't help it. His arms pulled her closer as his lips opened for the coconut-vanilla of her skin. Her laughter shook her body in his arms. He loved her laugh.


He was watching her dance. His eyes never moved, not even when Stitch whispered in Little Danny's ear and the baby crawled off his lap. Before she stopped moving, Stitch was at the edge of the stage. Before the applause started, he was smiling up at her and holding out his arms.

/Stitch,\\ The second she could, Lilo ran to the edge of that stage to be caught up in his arms. Burying her face into the fur of his neck, she enjoyed the tight grip of his arms and the gentle slide of his claws in her hair.

Lilo loved the feeling of safety she got in his arms, locking her arms around his neck to keep the feeling a little longer.

His arms tightened, his cheek pressing against the skin of her throat. The suddenly Stitch shifted and a cold, wet tongue slurped along her collarbone. It tickled but his arms were tight enough she couldn't escape. Digging her nails into his shoulders, Lilo could only manage not to squirm as she helplessly laughed against his fur. When she squirmed, he'd just keep tickling her longer. Burying herself into his shoulder, Lilo felt the edge of his teeth and the brush of his lips against her neck before his claws moved to her ribs. And real tickling was about to start. "Stitch!"

"Auntie Lilo," A tiny terror wrapped himself around their legs, one arm clinging to her knee and the other fist hooked in Stitch's leg fur. "Unca Stitches says you danced pretty." His body wiggled between them, forcing Stitch's arms open around Lilo's waist to avoid crushing the little boy. Lilo felt a little chill come over her skin as he pulled back to look down at her baby nephew. The baby nephew who was now hula dancing around their feet, badly. "Dany wif us, Auntie Lilo."

Someone was about to bump into her, but Lilo knew it from the way Stitch's lips curled back over his teeth and a low growl escaped him. But she was always forgot just how fast he moved. Before Lilo even managed to turn around, she found herself and Danny shoved behind a furry back that nearly vibrated with tension.

Some guy was standing less than a foot from where she had been standing, his hand out as if to touch her.

And Stitch was about to take that hand off, growling low and harsh in his chest. He'd never forgive himself if he really hurt someone. She wasn't about to let him feel guilty and run off again. "Stitch," Lilo flung both arms tight around his neck and crushed the flowers of her lei against his back. "Don't, Stitch, please." She held on tighter, like her weight could keep him back. She'd seen him pick up and throw cars before. But he wasn't throwing her aside to get to the man. "Please, Stitch, just get me out of here."

Slowly, ever so slowly, the growl quieted and stopped. The muscles in his back softened and shifted against her skin. His head dropped, his lips brushing across the back of her hand. Suddenly he turned within the grip of her arms to sweep her knees out from under her, cradling her entire body against his chest. One furry hand reached down for Danny's as Stitch locked eyes for a moment with the strange man and gave one more little growl.

Lilo found herself being carried away from the stage. Stitch kept her in his arms as he handed Danny off to his mother and sank down to the bench. Both those arms tightened around her waist as he buried his face against her shoulder. Breath, hot and ragged, ghosted across her skin.

He was shaking. And that more than anything else, scared her. Stitch was shaking and holding on like someone was going to steal her away. But Lilo wasn't going anywhere. "Stitch?" His arms just squeezed her tighter. "I'm here, Stitch. What happened? What's wrong?"

"Stitch wrong." He lifted his head finally and let her see classic Stitch guilt all over his face. "Stitch wrong, Lilo. So sorry."

He tried to bury his face into her shoulder. But Lilo needed to see him, and have him see her. She caught his face in her hands and forced him to meet her eyes. "No, Stitch, you're not wrong?" Stitch didn't believe her, she could see it in the flinch of his shoulders and the drop of his eyes. "Look at me, Stitch. Something is happening to you but you are not wrong. You're my best friend." She watched a little bit of relief, of belief in his eyes and her breathing got just a little bit easier.

"Lilo," His arms tightened again, his face buried into her hair, but it felt different, safe. Stitch was holding her now, not shaking or hiding. "My Lilo,"

"I'm here, Stitch." Lilo breathed a relieved sound into his shoulder. "Why did you growl at that guy?"

"He tried to touch you." His claws trailed through her hair.

Something, some pattern was starting to make sense. "And chasing the paperboy?"

"Flirted with you." His cheek fur tickled her shoulder.

"And biting the postman?"

Stitch gave a short, satisfied laugh and dragged his chin over her skin. "Smiled at you and ran slow."

He'd even growled at David and Jumba lately and only near her.

Jumba… Jumba could help. He'd written Stitch's genes, he should be able to figure it out. "Come on, Stitch, we need to see Jumba and Pleakley." His arms tightened then opened, letting her climb off his lap. His hand caught hers, claws delicately sliding between her fingers.

"Stay close, Lilo." She watched his eyes slide away from hers and helplessly moved closer. Her Stitch needed her and she was here. /My Stitch,\\

"I'm here, Stitch, I'm here." Lilo wrapped herself around his arm, giving him and herself the comfort of skin against fur.

He pressed even closer against her side as they walked back to the house on the way to Jumba's lab out back. Stitch didn't let go the whole way.