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Eat, Chuck!

Charlie finally arrived. Don couldn't deny he was glad, that case was taking long enough and they needed a breakthrough. Apparently, his brother will be the one delivering it. They got used to it.

"Charlie, you sure you are all right?" Don heard Liz asking from her desk, sounding concerned. Why wouldn't the genius be? He wasn't the one on the futile stakeout last night.

Charlie approached the conference room, without even stopping to say hi and that alone was worrisome. Don followed him with his eyes and took a chance to actually look at him for the first time in the while. His brother was pale and thinner than he used to be only a week ago. Dark shadows under his eyes accounted for a lot of lost sleep. Charlie didn't look good and Don wanted to kick himself for not noticing it earlier. The case was all-consuming but nevertheless he should have found time to check his brother well-being. He didn't.

By the time he entered to the room everybody was already there, Charlie had the maps and diagrams set up and was ready to give a lecture. Apparently, Don was the last person they were waiting for.

"Recalculating the probable location of our suspect I realized the crucial omission that took place. I looked on the places of death and dumpsites instead of…"

"Charlie," Don interrupted his brother in the middle of sentence.


"Have you eaten today?"

"Excuse me?" Charlie was taken aback by the question.

"When was the last time you ate?"

"What does it matter?"

"Answer me. When did you eat?"

Charles thought for a minute.

"Yesterday morning I think I had some breakfast."

His older brother just nodded and stood up. Without saying a word he left the room, leaving behind his stunned team and equally shocked brother.

Charlie didn't continue his explanation.

It wasn't more than five minutes until Don came back, a plate full of sandwiches in his hand. He put it on the table in front of his brother with a short "Eat!" and a frown Charlie knew too good from his childhood. It wasn't a frown you could disobey or argue with. Doesn't mean you couldn't try.

"No, Don. I made some truly interesting findings, something you would really want to know. I'll explain this and then I can eat."

"Eat, Chuck. Now."

"It will just be a few minutes. Then I'll eat, promise."

"Chuck, I'm not interested in anything you have to say until this plate is empty. Am I making myself clear? "

Don's voice was firm and unwavering and he didn't lift the stern look from his brother. Charlie didn't have a choice. He sat down and ate his first meal in a long time.

"So as I mentioned, I realized I wasn't taking under consideration all the meaningful variables…" he continued the lecture after he ate.

It turned out they really were looking in all the wrong places and Charlie was after all able to give them a hot zone narrowed down to a few blocks. They will have their suspect locked up in a few hours.

David caught Don on the way to their respective desks to grab some things before going out on their little manhunt.

"Some approach you have there, huh?" he asked casually.

"With Charlie?"


"Practice, man."

"You do that a lot?"

"You have no idea," Don laughed. He might be an agent but first and foremost he would always be a big brother.