Firestar watched in agony as his friends rushed to his side. He tried to tell them that it wasn't worth trying to save him, but all that came out of his mouth was a bloody cough that sprayed more blood on the former battle ground. Blood… he wished he could think about it without remembering the battle. The screams of the battle still echoed in his ears like a thousand monsters on the thunderpath of his mind. The Dark Forest cats had been so strong that they had almost one. Now only Tigerstar was left and he was fading. His faint shape flickered slowly into nothing, but he still laughed wildly at Firestar's fate. He knew that at least one of his goals would be reached.

Jayfeather ran up to him now. He ordered the some cats to bring him supplies while the others gave him space. Blood still trickled slowly from Firestar's wounds. Most of them weren't very deep, but Firstar couldn't count them all. Firestar had lost too much blood already to even do that much. He wanted Jayfeather to leave him and help those he could save, but Jayfeather still continued to frantically attempt to mend his leader's wounds. Firestar's vision began to blur and he tried to remember the battle more so that he could take his focus away from what he saw.

Most of the Clan cats had fought against the Dark Forest, but some of them fought with it. Firestar had been at the front of the attack and had fought fiercely to defend his home and his beliefs. He tried to attack the Dark Forest cats the most because he knew the others would have their minds cleared once the Dark Forest was defeated. Only Lionblaze and Dovepaw may have fought harder than Firestar and that was because of their powers. Firestar did not know how many cats died and what clans they were from. All he knew was that one by one the Dark Forest cats were defeated. Even though they had manifested back into their physical forms and could fight, they did not have the pure hearts that the Clan cats did. Hawkfrost was the last cat to die in the battle itself. Lionblaze had ripped open his belly when Hawkfrost had tried to kill some Starclan warriors. With that memory, Firestar brought his focus back to the present.

Jayfeather had done his best, but Firestar knew that his time had come. He saw Sandstorm push through the crowd of cats to reach him. She cried in sorrow when she heard the news, but Firestar couldn't leave her like that. He forced his body to stretch upward to reach her. With the last of his strength, he gently rubbed her and licked her softly. Them he lay back down. All of the Clans gathered around Firestar because they knew that a great and wise leader was about to perish. Then she came.

Spottedleaf may have been exhausted from the battle, but she needed to do her duty. With a heavy heart, she crouched by Firestar's side. Firestar exhaled and then his heart would never beat again. As his body grew cold, Spottedleaf began the normally unseen ritual. She touched noses with the corpse. As she drew it back, Firestar's final life followed it. The two then floated slowly toward the full moon. Just before they vanished in Silverpelt, Firestar's last life and Spottedleaf's spirit both began to shine. The forest was bathed in a bright white light. Then they were gone and no cat dared to do so much as twitch a whisker for a minute. The mournful clans then headed back to their territories. Some cats would later say that after the Clans returned to their camps, a new, bright red star, shone in the sky above the lake for all to see. If some looked closely enough, they could see a now healed and healthy ginger tom gazing down and smiling at them.