Artemis Fowl and the Goddess of Night


Back from the Christmas Vacations, After The Time Paradox

Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen, also known as Artemis Fowl's private torture chamber... Seated at his usual desk in the second row, Artemis was waiting for his new teacher to arrive. It was his first real day in grade ten and he was sure it would be the professor's last oneā€¦

Concentrated in some complex thoughts, he barely noticed when someone stopped at his desk. "Artemis Fowl," started the stranger.

Then, Artemis raised his head. His first reflection was: how can somebody dressed like this could have possibly passed the front gate? The man was wearing a baggy jacket and his hood was up, hidding some weird tattoos on his forehead. His next words struck Artemis, and he knew his life would change.