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In laws

On one lazy, late Sunday afternoon Kiba lays sprawled out on the living room floor besides a napping Akamaru as he watches Megumi run around the house, acting like a chicken that just got its head cut off. He scratches the top of his head as he thinks, 'perhaps I should have told her earlier that mom and sis were coming for diner?' Kiba had told her after lunch that his family is visiting, because that's when he remembered. And since then Megumi has been doing house chores like if she doesn't the world will come to an end. From the looks of how rushed Megumi is acting Kiba figures that he probably should have told her this sometime last week, but truth be told he didn't know his mother and sister where coming over until they told him they were yesterday. Though he had to admit that when his wife gets all flustered she's kind of cute.

Kiba snaps back to attention when a loud smash echoes from the hallway. Akamaru wakes up with a start due to the sudden noise as Kiba climbs to his feet. "Megumi", he called out as he hesitantly approaches the hallway, for he still has a small bump left over from the frying pan incident.

"I'm sorry!" She cries out before he even turns the corner.

Kiba sighs, annoyed because of her constant apologizes. 'That's the first thing I'll break her of', he thinks as he turns left once in the hallway. Only to see Megumi next to a small decorative hall table, hunched over a pile shards. It doesn't take long for Kiba to figure out what happened. That table used to hold a very ugly and posh looking vase, both of which were part of Megumi's dowry. All of Megumi's dowry, which was a surprisingly large amount of useless junk in Kiba's eyes, had been dropped off and set up in their house before they even got back from their wedding. Megumi most have been dusting, and due to her rushing she bumped into the table and caused the vase to fall and crash.

Coming to investigate, Akamaru walks into the scene and takes his customary spot next to Kiba. He tilts his head to the right, panting as he takes in the object of Kiba's focus. "Good riddance, that thing was ugly", Kiba said in good humor as he reaches down and scratches Akamaru behind his right ear. "Want to break that table too? I'll help", he said with a toothy grin.

"Kiba!" Megumi scolds, forgetting herself as she reaches forward to start cleaning up the destroyed vase. This is the last thing that she needs. Preparing the house in time for the unexpected visit of her in laws is proving to be challenge enough and now this. Megumi's mother always told her that besides her husband's opinion her mother in law's opinion would be the most important. Because it is her household that Megumi married into and therefore her domestic rules that must be followed. 'And I don't even know what her domestic rules are', Megumi panics to herself as she picks up the first shard. But she quickly lets it go when she feels a sharp sting on her palm. She doesn't cry out, though she does visibly wince. Looking at the palm of her hand Megumi sees a thin line of blood.

A little bit amused Kiba tells Akamaru to, "stay", so that he won't cut his paws on the shards before taking five steps to his wife. He kneels down, but stays balanced on his feet as he grabs Megumi's cut hand. "That's nothing", he said as he stands up, pulling Megumi up with him. "I'll clean this up", he said gesturing to the shards. "Besides mom and sis should be here pretty soon".

As soon as he said that Megumi wenches her hand from his, and exclaims, "I haven't even started dinner yet!" Before she takes off for the kitchen with Akamaru at her heels, hoping for scraps.

Kiba shakes his head, thinking, 'women'.

A while later

Megumi sits next to Kiba and across from Hanna, her sister in law, and diagonally from Tsume, her mother in law, at the dinner table with her chopsticks hovering over her rice bowl. 'I don't think my mother had Kiba's mother in mind when she educated me about mother in laws', she thought as she watches Tsume yell, with food still in her mouth, at Kiba for chewing with his mouth open.

"Chewing with your mouth open isn't nearly as bad as talk with a mouth full!" Kiba yells right back. Somewhere in the background Akamaru barks in agreement. Though tonight Akamaru isn't the only canine present, both Tsume and Hana have also brought their dogs, Kuromaru and the three Haimaru brothers.

Megumi flinches inwardly. 'How can he talk back to his parent like that?' She asked herself. If she had ever dared talk to her mother or father like that they would have killed her.

Megumi jumps as she is pulled out of her thoughts when Tsume suddenly stands up and slams her chopsticks down on the recently polished table. "Watch your mouth runt!" Tsume growls and her own dog, Kuromaru barks to back her up.

Kiba also stands up abruptly, causing his chair to scrape loudly against the wooden floor. "Why don't you watch yours!" He yelled before he too starts growling. Soon mother and son are leaning close together across the table, growling in each other's faces, with their food forgotten.

Looking back and forth between Kiba and Tsume Megumi thinks, 'Is this normal? Do I need to do anything? Do I need to pick a side? Whose side do I pick?' Megumi nervously keeps eating as a vein in Hanna's forehead starts to throb.

After another minute of Inuzuka family growling Hanna calls out, "You're both equally disgusting. Now shut up and eat!" The three Haimaru brothers howl their support.

At once mother's and son's attention turns toward the first born of their family. "Don't talk to me like that Hanna!" Tsume yelled at the same time as Kiba yelled, "Sis!"

When Hanna doesn't react to them any further to them Tsume and Kiba look at each other with one last snarl off the upper lip before plopping back down in their chairs. Kiba grabs his chopsticks before scooping up a bunch of rice and shoving it all in his mouth. He then makes a point to smack his lips just to get under his mother's skin. Tsume glares at him before an evil glint grows in her dark eyes. She turns her sight to Megumi, and instantly Megumi sits up straighter. "This is some good eatin' Megumi. Now I know why Kiba's gotten so fat". Tsume said.

Megumi suddenly jumps sideways as Kiba pounds his left fist on the table. "I haven't gotten fat!" He yelled, spewing out a little bit of rice on the table.

Tsume throws back her head and laughs loudly at her son's overreaction, while Kiba simply seethes at her. All Hanna does is sighs, but she otherwise decides to ignore her family's existence. And Megumi, poor Megumi, is trying to figure out if she should clean up the spat out rice or disregard it for the sake of not embarrassing her husband. Though she is starting to wonder if Kiba is the type of man who doesn't get embarrassed.

After Diner

"Thanks for the meal Megumi", Tsume said as she, Hanna and their dogs stand in front of the front door on their way out.

"Oh", Megumi starts, having not expected a compliment. "Thank you for coming Tsu-"

Though she is cut off by Tsume when Tsume adds, "Call me mom. Finally I have a well-mannered kid. Kiba always talks back and Hanna doesn't respect me at all".

"Mom!" Kiba yells as Hanna just simply shakes her head

But Tsume just grins at her daughter in law as her first born opens the door. "We'll be off then", Hanna said as she lets their dogs out first.

Tsume waves as she walks out the door next. "We have to do this again sometime", she calls behind her.

Megumi nods as Kiba answers, "yeah mom". And the first visit from the in laws ends with a nod from Hanna and the young Inuzuka's couple's front door closes.

After a few seconds of staring at the door Megumi turns to Kiba and asked a bit sheepishly, "Kiba was that a normal dinner?"

Kiba looks down at her, blinks a couple of times before grinning and said, "Yeah pretty much". Akamaru, being the only dog that stayed barks to back up his master's answer as Kiba starts to turn away from the door. Though he pauses when he's shoulder to shoulder with Megumi and places one of his large hands on top of her head. He ruffles her soft black hair before he said, "Come on. I'll help you clean up".