At first, I refused to have "the talk." It just seemed so unnecessary at the time, and don't relationships usually define themselves over time? Who needs some verbal definition?

I do, please.

At a party Kairi and Sora dragged us too, everyone seemed to be paired up, introducing the person beside them as their spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, soulmate, and even sex buddy (as odd as it seemed to me that they openly announced that). When it came for Roxas and I to introduce ourselves, it was...awkward.

"I'm Roxas, and this is Naminé," he said, gesturing to me.

Yuna smiled and nodded. "Your...?

Confused, Roxas repeated her statement. "My...?"

"What type of relationship do you two have? Are you two going out?" Tidus, the man beside her, asked.

Roxas was about to answer but was interrupted by Selphie making a pointless announcement that all the guests seemed interested in. Once the announcement was over, the two left us alone and the conversation was never spoken of again. That night, it ran through my head constantly: what was our relationship? Where were we?

"Are you actually looking at Roxas's headbook profile to check his relationship status? When did he even make one anyway?" Kairi questioned.

I indeed was sitting in front of the computer looking at his profile, checking his relationship status. Unfortunately, it seemed he marked it as hidden as it was not shown. Kairi gave me an 'I told you so' look before leaving the room to get a glass of water.

"What? Roxas has a headbook and he hasn't added me? Some best friend!"

The voice belonged to Sora, who seemed to pop up right next to me. Seeing him out of the blue caused me a shriek, slamming the keyboard and typing a random set of letters and numbers as my status. Later that day, I found that twenty-five of my friends "liked" it.

"Sora, how the hell do you always get into this house? We don't even give you a key for Pete's sake!" I shouted.

The brunet man shrugged. "I don't know. I'm"

"Does Kairi let you in?

"I don't think she knows I'm here yet."

Oh my god.

Roxas and I signed up for some classes together, me hoping to see what he would put down for the portion of the registration paper that asked about his relationship status. However, when I got the that area, I saw he checked "decline to state."

"You should be honest on these papers," I advised, nudging him.

"Well, I honestly don't really want to tell my relationship status to people I don't know. Why would they even need it for a pottery class?"

I struggled to think of a proper argument, ending up with this: "You never know! What if it's the end of world because of an alien invasions and they check the papers, see your 'decline to state', and think you're hiding some sort of secret and abduct you? You have to put down something for that area or you'll come back pregnant with a half alien-half human inside of you."

"...please stop talking."


"So there's a psycho axe crazy stalker with a crush following me and won't leave me alone unless I tell my relationship status?" Roxas repeated, his eyebrow raised. "Well, looks like it'll be another sleepless night for me then..."

Roxas and I sat in his apartment, him glancing at the windows to make sure they were closed. See, I thought maybe scaring him into saying where he thought we were would be the way to go, but now I was afraid how paranoid Roxas might get.

"Theoretically!" I exclaimed, feeling bad I may have been giving Roxas paranoia fuel. "So what do you tell her when she finally ties you up and hangs you over a tank of sharks?"

"No, no, no, I wouldn't even let it get that far. In fact, I think I'm going to call the police right now."


At work, I received grief from Olette about Roxas. Despite always referring to Roxas as my boyfriend, she knew very well how slow our relationship actually was after the countless times I ranted to her about Roxas.

"Just tell him you want to know where your relationship is already! Goodness, it's been a little over a year since I first met you at the post office, and you two still haven't made much progress?" Olette sighed.

I held my hand up. "Um, we have made progress – from no touching at all to hugging. That's really far in the book of Roxas."

"I hugged Hayner the first time I met him!"

"Well, Roxas is different!"

Olette and I walked into the break room to take seat and have some coffee. As Olette searched for the cream, she continued her attempt to persuade me to ask Roxas clearly for an answer. Sitting down, she put on her infamous serious business face.

"Try asking him out on date."

I must really suck at asking someone out on a date. See, my exact words were: "Do you want to see a movie with me this weekend?" A perfectly normal way of asking in my opinion. Roxas said yes, and I was bouncing off the walls kind of happy. I went through the cheesy chick flick shopping montage for crying out loud.

Well, it wasn't a date. Roxas misinterpreted my line as going to the movies together as friends...with other friends. Therefore, when I dashed to the movie theater, I was greeted by Xion, Axel, Sora, Kairi, Olette, Hayner, Pence, and Selphie. I didn't even get to sit next to Roxas, as he ended up sitting on the far corner with Xion and Axel. Of course, this had put me in a sour mood.

And of course the sulky me later found out I missed the short moment where Roxas took a good look at me across the room and smiled.

"Kairi!" I called as I entered the house after I tried my skydiving plan. "The plan failed...again."

Strangely, the house seemed completely empty, utterly silent in every corner. Sighing, I headed up stairs to go to my room, only to see Sora exiting the upstairs bathroom. Catching me off-guard, I screamed, stepped back, and ended up rolling down the stairs and slamming into the door of our downstairs bathroom.

"Oh shit, Naminé, when did you get home?" I could hear Sora's voice get louder as his footsteps drew nearer.

"Dear lord, did you move in yet because this is getting really scary! You keep popping up out of nowhere and we haven't even given you the key to this house yet," I groaned.

Sora shook his head. "I'm moving in tomorrow, and Kairi's getting the key made the day after."

"Is she home?"

"Sadly no, as I have been recently informed after two hours of waiting here that she was 'running late' and won't be home till eleven," Sora let out a sigh. "If you need someone to talk to, I'd gladly help and act as a substitute Kairi for you, minus the boobs and red hair."

I sat up, shaking my head. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm pretty sure I'll bore you with my complaints on how I can't think of an indirect way to ask him if we're together or not."

"Naminé, as a friend, I want you to know that you're boring everybody, not just Kairi. You're like a shojo manga heroine who takes two hundred chapters to finally confess to the guy she likes but worse." How nice. "Here's a tip on talking to a guy from a guy: be direct. Don't beat around the bush and talk about how nice the weather is when you want to discuss something important. I mean, don't subtly hint that you want a huge celebration over some small praise you got from your boss and blow up on us because we just didn't get the tiny hints, and when we do throw the celebration, it's just too late!"

"...are we still talking about me?"

Sora chuckled and shrugged. "Sorry about that, but I hope I was able to help you out even a little bit."

"I think you did," I replied, smiling. I then pulled him in for a hug. "Thank you, Sora."

"You're welcome."

"You know," I began, "this is the first one-on-one we've had in a while, isn't it? I'm usually busy with Roxas, and you're busy with Kairi and finding ways to pop up out of nowhere."

Grinning, he replied, "I like to think teleportation is my superpower. You know, you're a lot more social than when we first met. I see you calling up Roxas, talking about Olette to Kairi, and you were talking to people more naturally at the party we went to earlier. When we first met, you hid behind Kairi the entire time and could barely say anything to anyone who introduced themselves to you. I don't know how you got together with Marly."

"I remember all that. You're easy to talk to, so becoming your friend wasn't much trouble. Although, I think I was still bit antisocial with you at times. I can't believe Kairi actually thought I had a crush on you before when I was trying to set you two up!"

"She did? That explains some things then," Sora seemed to be thinking to himself for a bit. "Did you succeed in setting us up?"

"Think a little more, Sora."

"Wow, so you guys really did help us get together? I had a hunch, but it's still strange to find out it was true," Sora chuckled. "Thank you, Naminé, for giving us a push. Ah, but now I feel guilty that I didn't help speed up your relationship with Roxas very much."

I smiled. "You've done enough."

And then I finally told him. Afraid of Sora randomly popping up in the middle of our conversation, I chose to tell Roxas at his place. We both sat on his couch, me explaining that the odd things we have been doing were for a reason.

I took in a deep breath, finally deciding to say what had been on my mind. "I want to know the definition of our relationship."

Roxas stared at me with confusion in his eyes. "This...that is what this is about? I...why can't you just ask more directly like a normal person, idiot? Is this why we took that stupid pottery class? So you could check what I put for relationship status? That was a waste of time and money! And skydiving...don't get me started on that.'re a weirdo, you know that?"

"I do," I replied, shrugging, "but at least I'm not as insane and awkward as the me you first met."

Roxas shook his head, apparently disagreeing. "You haven't changed too much."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "The old me probably would have used movies as an example to get you to define our relationship, and seeing how a lot of characters confess when they think the love interest or he himself is dying, I would have made you think you were dying so you'd shout that you loved me."

"You would try to kill me?"

"No, I would make you think you're being killed off. There's a huge difference."

"I wonder if you'll ever be normal." He let out a sigh before looking me right in the eye. "But I don't really want a normal girlfriend, do I?"

"G-g-girlfriend?" I stuttered, my cheeks turning tomato red.

"What, did you think I went around to every woman in this town, hugging them, holding hands with them, and taking them out to places? I took a pottery class with you, Naminé. I don't do that for anyone. And how can we forget skydiving?"

When he puts in it in those terms, it really did sound like we're already dating, just like Olette always told me. Although, just hearing him say it out loud brought a smile to my face and I leaned in closer to him.

"So you like me?" I asked, wanting to hear him say more things that would make my heart beat faster.

I could see Roxas's cheeks turn pink. "D-don't ask so directly!"

"You told me to be more direct instead of using crazy plans."

"Shut up!" Roxas snapped, looking away immediately. "I...I like you, okay? At first, you were really annoying and I thought you were very stupid. You still might be slightly stupid actually...but that's not the point! On the other hand, the places you took me to and odd schemes were...unexpectedly fun, and I learned I really liked spending time with you. It was just...easy, and you were always doing something entertaining that made me smile. A one-woman show, right? Of course I realized I was attracted to you, but I don't think I ever realized how serious it was until the other day in front of this apartment." Pause. "But considering you're thinking of killing me, that is kind of putting me off."

In the words of my headbook status: ec y89y89wepdfjahr5. "I would have made you think that you were being killed off! There's difference!"

"There really isn't."

"I'm not a murderer, Roxas!"

Roxas let a chuckle and shrugged before speaking. "Although I don't completely believe you, I guess I'm willing to take that chance that one day I'll wake up with a knife in front of my face. If my psycho axe crazy stalker with a crush is you, it bothers me less."

"I'm not axe crazy!" I argued, pouting. "I'm not stalker either!"

"Sure, sure." Roxas was now standing and turned to me, lightly tugging on my hand. "Let's go."

After a short pause, I spoke. "Where to?"

"With you," Roxas said quietly, "anywhere is fine."

The next year seemed to go by fast, all of our lives changing at their own pace. A month after Roxas and I became a couple, Olette announced her engagement with Hayner, their marriage ceremony occurring this summer. Kairi, not comfortable with marriage or kids, stayed with Sora as his girlfriend. Both have seemed to get over most of their insecurities, especially Sora who was no long the crazy jealous boyfriend he once was. Riku had recently called saying his wife was pregnant with their first child. Thinking about all that's happened, I think the changes that happened were good. Like pigeons, superheroes, butterflies, and even dragons, we took the baby steps we needed to take before flying into the sky.

How was my relationship with Roxas? It was going at it's own pace.

"Hey," I said, poking Roxas's arm, "did you know Larxene was a client of mine today? Apparently, she's a CEO of a popular site on the internet wanted some advertisements to attract new users."

Roxas and I were sitting on the couch of his apartment where I now lived. Of course, when I moved in, we had to rearrange the place, mostly moving some of the dragons out of his room and making his apartment look more like a home.

"Was she as bitchy as before?" Roxas asked, possibly recalling his encounter with her in the past.

Shrugging, I answered, "A little, but it was nice to see her again and know she's doing okay after Xemnas fired her." To change the subject, I added, "Have you called Xion yet?"

"Yes, and apparently she is loved at school that the entire senior class threw her a party during lunch. She also announced that she adopted a child not too long ago," Roxas replied, taking a sip of the beer he had in his hand. "She'd be a good mom."

"I bet she would," was my response. After watching Roxas stealing glances at the wall, I asked, "Where we put your dragon poster still bothering you?"

Roxas nodded, standing up and pointing at the wall it was taped too. "It just doesn't seem right like when it was in our room before! Now the TV is blocking is from this angle and the sun shines at that exact spot every afternoon. It's bugging the hell out of me. Why couldn't we leave it in our room?"

"We already have around twenty posters in there, and we needed room for a calendar," I tried to remind him.

"It still bugs me."

Sighing, I got up and poked Roxas's forehead. "We'll move it again, alright?"

"Hey," Roxas said as he rubbed his forehead, "stop with the poking."

"Alright, can I kiss you instead?" I smiled.

Roxas turned away. "Idiot, you don't need to ask every time. And how come you ask permission on kissing and freely poke me without my consent at all? You're such a weirdo."

And our lips met.

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