I sat there on the couch, waiting for Edward to come home. Ness was out on her own with Jacob living in the middle of nowhere in Canada so I didn't have her to occupy me. I was just so bored. The family was still in Forks unwillingly. I wanted to leave this town so bad it killed me. Carlisle refused for us to leave. He wanted us all together. It's not like I could go hang out with Charlie, because he's not around and neither is Billy, Renee, Sue or Phil.

I sat there waiting for Edward to come home. I sat with my feet on the side of the coffee table, and my knees bent. The smell of wood burned throughout the cottage as the fire was drying out the fireplace as it had just finished raining. I glanced at the clock, 11:30 pm. Edward should have been home 6 hours ago. He's done this before. Only a couple times though over the past 6 months, well more than a couple, maybe a few. No well more like every other day in the past 6 months to be exact. He'd stumble in the door, 6-8 hours late without a phone call or text message that he would be late. Edward worked along Carlisle both very highly trained surgeons for the hospital in Port Angeles. He wouldn't even speak a word. I sat there on the couch some more to wait for my husband's arrival… none.

Be patient, he'll come around 12 –Love Alice.

That's what Alice said, but that wasn't always true, her visions change, he could get caught up some more. I glanced at the clock once more, 11:45, could the clock move any slower? I sighed and looked down at the ring Edward had given me as a symbol of us. The ring itself was Edward's mother's wedding ring, now mine. Its design was authentic just like us. Married as an unusual couple. Mortal and Immortal isn't always an everyday couple you see in the chapel getting married. The ring didn't mean anything to us anymore. Edward never gave me a kiss or and 'I love you' never was I called 'love' anymore. I was abandoned. Edward would come home from work and set his things down and change for his next shift, then walk out to hunt or spend time with the family. I'd sit on the couch or bed, watch his change or leave without a word spoken.

I looked up at the bare wall across from me, a picture of Edward and our 1st and second wedding hung on the wall, the only thing occupying the wall. I got up and dug my long hard pale fingers in my back pockets of my jeans and walked over to the pictures. I looked over the 1st wedding picture. I ran my fingers over the picture of Edward and I. My thumb seemed attached to Edward's face and lips.

I felt a sob build in my throat and I walked away to the kitchen. There were a few bowls and plates and cups left in the sink from Renesmee and Jacob's surprise visit last week. Although Edward hardly saw them. He was WORKING! I know I hated hospitals when I was human but I hated them even more as a vampire. I picked up the bowls and ran the water. I cleaned the dishes and the microwave beeped telling me it was a new hour. It was 12 midnight. A new day had started. Soon enough the front door slowly opened and Edward came stifling in