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"And then step-step-ow! Finn!" Kurt yelps loudly as the larger boy falls directly on top of him, both face-down on the linoleum of the choir room. Sam chuckles loudly, and Rachel just rolls her eyes.

"Get off of me!" Kurt huffs, struggling underneath the large frame of his stepbrother. Finn just groans, clutching his head.

"Oww…Why does the choreography have to be so confusing?" He asks, making no attempt to roll off of the smaller boy under him.

Kurt shoves Finn's arm, scowling. "Why do you have to be so big?" He retorts, struggling some more to move the large boy. "Finn, move! These pants are Armani! Do you know how hard it is to get wrinkles out of them?"

Finn just groans again. "God, my head…"

Sam laughs again, louder. "Suck it up, Hudson. Don't want Coach to find out his quarterback's a big baby."

"And this," Rachel says with a huff, sweeping her arms towards the two boys on the ground, "is why I offered to help you with your choreography, Finn."

Kurt scoffs. "Oh, please. If you were crushed under Frankenteen here you two would just start making out. And then Finn would still suck at the dance. Besides, I know the guys' part better than you and Sam needs help with the harmonies."

Rachel and Finn both blush. "We wouldn't make out for that long," Finn says in a subdued tone, knowing fully well that Kurt was spot-on.

"Come on Sam, let's rehearse and leave these two to their childish antics," Rachel says coolly, the faint traces of blush still visible on her cheeks.

"Finn Hudson! Get off of me! You're ruining my outfit!"

"Hold your horses, Kurt. I'm getting up!"

Sam turns away from his boyfriend and his teammate, grinning as Rachel begins playing out their song, singing the lead. Sam jumps in with the harmonies, grimacing as he goes sharp. Rachel plays his notes on the piano, singing her part on top of them. The blonde boy smiles, finding the right key again. Rachel begins to play the full accompaniment again when shouts come over from Kurt and Finn's side of the room.


"Finn! You idiot! Are you okay?"

"Ow…" Sam and Rachel turn to see Finn sprawled on the ground, clutching his face. Kurt has managed to avoid being taken down again, but is grimacing as he bends down next to Finn's head.

"Ooh, you're bleeding. Let's see if the nurse is still in her office." The smaller boy says, tugging at his stepbrother's arm. Finn groans and stands, following Kurt out of the room as Rachel runs up to them, spewing out as much knowledge about nose-bleeds as her mouth will allow. Kurt waves her off and says her boyfriend is fine, just clumsy, and that she needs to help Sam.

"Don't worry, Rachel," Sam says, his accent somewhat grating to the worried girl's ears. "Finn's been through worse."

The brunette turns on his, eyes wide, and Sam realizes that was most definitely not the smartest thing he could have said to her.

"I-I mean, he's tough. He can handle a bloody nose." The football player says, tapping his fingers awkwardly on the piano. Rachel calms down a bit and takes her seat. Her eyes are directed towards the keys, but Sam can tell she isn't really looking at them.

"Don't worry," Sam sits next to her, terrified he's unleashed The Beast (Kurt's words, not his). "Kurt'll take care of him. He's good at that kind of thing."

Rachel smiles, nodding. "They're really close these days, aren't they?"

"Mhmm. Never seen two brothers that close before. They're nearly closer than me and Amanda, my sister."

Rachel begins to play again, and the blonde boy sighs in relief. He's caged The Beast for now.

"Well, I'm just glad they could get past the big fight they had last semester," The brunette says, fingers trailing down the keys fluidly. "And that Kurt could get over his crush so easily. I admire his strength in getting over Finn. It's not an easy feat." She looks down sadly. "But I suppose you have something to do with his miraculous change of heart." Rachel winks at Sam, smiling again.

But Sam doesn't smile back. "Wait…Kurt had a crush on Finn?"

Kurt's words come back to him in a whirlwind. You're my first boyfriend. Practically my first love interest. Practically my first love interest. My first love interest. My first love.

Rachel nods, looking as if this is old news to her. "Oh, yes. Kurt was quite infatuated with my boyfriend for quite some time. But there was some fight between them – Finn won't tell me what it was about, but I remember Mr. Hummel kicked him out because of it – and that seemed to be the end of it. And then you came along, and well, the rest is history."

Sam feels slightly light-headed as Rachel's words sink in. Kurt's in love with Finn. No, Kurt was in love with Finn. But that's over now. Right?

But a part of his brain – that dark, hidden part of his brain – speaks up. But Rachel says this is the closest they've ever been. And they live together.

Sam shakes his head, clenching his fists. But Finn is straight. Of course he's straight. He's dating a girl. Definitely not interested in my boyfriend at all.

But am I just a consolation prize? Will I always be second to Finn? Does Kurt even love me?

Of course he does.

He's a very good actor.

He loves me.

Does he?

Kurt and Finn enter the room again, laughing. Sam tenses, but Rachel didn't seem to notice. She leaps up from her seat, running over to the stepbrothers. Finn's nose seems to be fine, just sore. Rachel lets out a breath of relief, and announces quite loudly that she is taking over Kurt's role of dance instructor, as he obviously is not cut out to handle special cases like Finn. Both boys look equally offended, but shrug it off as a typical Rachel-ism.

Kurt sits next to Sam on the piano bench, pecking his cheek. "Hello, handsome. What's wrong?" His smile drops as he observes Sam's tense posture.

"Nuthin'." Sam replies, watching Finn blunder around with an angry expression.

"It doesn't look like nothing." Kurt says, clasping his hands together.

"Just drop it, Kurt," Sam says, a little harsher than he intended. His boyfriend's face drops, and suddenly the bench next to him is empty.

"Let's talk outside. Now." Sam follows Kurt into the hall, where the small boy places his hands on his hips. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. I just learned that my boyfriend is in love with his stepbrother, though. No big deal."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Really? You're upset about that? Yes, I had a crush on him last semester. But there is nothing but brotherly love between us now, Sam. You can stop freaking out on me."

Sam huffs. "I'm not freaking out! You're the one who didn't tell me!"

Kurt scowls. "Stop being irrational, Sam. I didn't tell you because it wasn't important."

The taller boy throws his hands into the air. "Irrational! Being mad because my boyfriend didn't tell me he was in love with another man is being irrational?"

"Sam!" Kurt yells, stomping his foot. "I don't love Finn anymore! How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Love doesn't just go away, Kurt! You should have told me!"

Tears started to form in Kurt's eyes. "Of course it does, Sam. Do you think I would have started dating you if I still loved Finn? No, I wouldn't have. Now, if you'll excuse me."

Kurt walked back into the choir room, grabbing his bag. "Rachel, can you give Finn a ride home? I need to go start dinner." She nods enthusiastically, turning back to her boyfriend.

Sam just sighs, dropping his head in his hands. Rachel notices, and sends Finn after Kurt, telling him she'd finish their lesson tomorrow. Quietly she sits next to Sam, patting his back.

"You're jealous of Finn, aren't you?" She asks, and he nods, groaning slightly. "It's alright. I was jealous of Kurt for a bit. But Finn isn't gay, he'll never reciprocate those fee-"

"It's not that," he cuts in, voice cracking a bit. "I know Kurt would never cheat on me. But, it's just… Finn was Kurt's first crush, his first love. Am I just a second choice? What if he'll never love me as much as he loves Finn?"

Rachel smiles gently, folding her hands neatly in her lap. "Sam, I'm sorry if I scared you when I said that. But, if anything, Finn was just a fantasy for Kurt. He was the only boy in this school who showed him some kindness; of course Kurt fell in love with him. But you and Finn are very similar people. Except you're gay, and Finn is mine." She ended a little possessively, but it just made Sam laugh. Rachel smiled, continuing.

"If Finn were to turn gay tomorrow – very unlikely, I'm happy to tell you – do you know who Kurt would choose? You. Because he loves you more than anyone. Finn is his stepbrother now, almost, and those feelings died before you moved here. Not entirely, but you helped kill them. So stop worrying; Kurt only has eyes for you."

After a sleepless night, Sam shows up to school the next morning with a bouquet of flowers. He hunts Kurt down, where he is talking with Mercedes, and asks the girl to leave. She does, but not after shooting Sam an evil glare and bumping him with her shoulder.

"Hey…" Sam says quietly, handing the flowers to Kurt.

"Hey, yourself…" Kurt replies even quieter, smelling the flowers, eyes diverted.

"Look, I'm sorry Kurt. I overreacted. I trust you. If you say you're not in love with Finn, then I believe you. It's just, I really like you Kurt. I love you. And I don't want to be some secondary choice for you because your true love doesn't swing that way."

Kurt smiles, pecking him on the cheek. "Thank you. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's just…it's embarrassing. Finn is nice enough to not mention any of the incidences to anyone, but I got a little creepy there for a while. And then we had that fight…and well, let's just say my knight in shining armor fell off his horse that night. My delusions of Finn were pushed away, and all I could see was the real Finn. So, you can see why I didn't tell you. I'm trying to forget that nightmare myself."

Sam smiles sadly, pulling his boyfriend into a hug. "No more secrets, okay?"

Kurt laughs gently. "Promise."