WORD: trash

COUNT: 100 on the nose

A/N: Inspired by Vanessa Sgroi's drabble this week titled 'Trash Talk'

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Dumpster Diving

"Hey Sam look!" Dean pulled off a piece of lettuce off the bottle, "Half a bottle of rum!"

"Dean, gross. You don't know where that's been."

"Yes I do. In this dumpster."

"I mean before it was in the dumpster."

"It was always here. It's Steve's."

"Who's Steve?"

"The Homeless guy on the right of the dumpster. I paid him ten bucks for it-he's passed out now."

Sam huffed, "Can you please hurry up and find your wallet I want to go to bed."

Dean nodded, "Yeah okay." He dug deeper into the trash, "Oh cool a ring!"

Sam groaned.