Author's Note: I do NOT own Tokio Hotel and or any persons or properties associated with the band and it's members. This is for entertainment purposes only and is non-profit. Also this fic contains mentions of incest between twins as well as homosexual relations between men. If you are uncomfortable with this please find something else to read. This fic is inspired by the artwork by deviant art artist Mashimoshi entitled Ice Cream.

Bill bounced around the kitchen humming the tune of Human Connect to Human as he meandered about. He was having an intense craving for ice cream and with a pleased huff, he pulled the gallon bucket of double fudge from the freezer.

Still humming and somewhat dancing to the music inside his brain, Bill spooned himself two heaping scoops onto his waffle cone. Bill sighed happily as the scent of waffle cone and chocolate filled his senses. Finally he could no longer put off the ecstasy that was about to assault his taste buds.

Bill attacked the ice cream cone, making contented noises and slurping sounds as he licked at the melting tower of bliss. So much enthralled with his treat, Bill didn't hear Tom come in from walking Nova and Scottie. "Bill, we're home." Tom called from the back door were he was toeing off his sneakers.

The dogs groggily skittered away to find their favorite doggie beds and Tom smirked at the prospect of having some uninterrupted time with Bill. However, his twin had not commented on his arrival like he normally would and it made Tom's forehead scrunch up in worry. "Bill?" Tom called again as he made his way into the interior of the house.

He found his other half in the kitchen, still very much focused on devouring his ice cream as if it were his last meal. Tom had to stifle a side splitting laugh at the sight. Bill had partly melted ice cream dripping from his lips and smeared across one cheek making him look like a five year old at the zoo.

Finally seeing Tom, Bill paused in his inhalation and held out his half eaten ice cream cone for his brother, "Tomi, would you like some ice cream?"

Tom's eye brow arched in interest as a sinister plan started to formulate in his brain. "Sure, why not." Tom accepted and made his way over to Bill who was taking a few more licks at the cone before he had to hand it over. Smirking, Tom moved in close to Bill and wrapped on arm around Bill's waist making Bill yelp in surprise. With the other hand Tom pushed the ice cream cone that Bill was once again offering up to him away before he leaned in and licked the chocolaty smudge off of Bill's cheek.

Pulling away, Tom gave a very shocked looking Bill a shit eating grin. "MMM that's good ice cream."

Bill blinked, speechless for once, before bringing the ice cream cone back to his mouth and munching at the crispy cone with a smile. "I know right!"

Author's Note: So I know it's short, but it's cute and Bill is adorable. I absolutely adore the comic it's based off of. Mashimoshi, thank you again for letting me write the story out!