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"Come, come now Princess. You can't sleep the day away. Not when I promised Dodo he could have you back," Jez woke up to her aunt's words and the sunlight that shone in her eyes. She rolled over groaning. Someone must have moved her to her bed in the middle of the night because when she opened her eyes she was in a large canopy bed. "Must I go with Dodo?" Jez asked her aunt. The Queen turned looking heavenly with the sunlight streaming in behind her. "She's awake. And yes niece you must go with Dodo. But dress quickly you must meet your guard before you explore with Dodo," she informed Jez turning and leaving the room. Jez stared after her in shock.

Jez emerged into her sitting room wearing black riding boots, navy riding pants, and a Wonderland blue t-shirt with a navy vest. She modeled it before her aunt who was frowning. Before she could say anything there was a knock at the door and a young man strode in. Jez looked over at him surprised. He was a good foot taller then her with dark blonde hair. He had warm chocolate brown eyes that for the first time fell on her. He bowed his head to her. "Forgive me Princess and your Majesty," he apologized. The Queen looked relieved. "Good you're here. Jase please tell the Princess that is no way to dress to go see her land," the Queen said. Jase turned to Jez. With his back to the Queen he smiled at Jez his face relaxing from it's serious demeanor. "You look fine Princess," he said quietly. Aloud he said, "Whatever you think is best my Queen. But the White Rabbit tells me you are late. Rest assured I will guard the Princess and make sure she is with Dodo on time." The Queen stood. "Yes you're right. Thank you Jase. A gown now Jez, I'll be keeping an eye out for you. Now play nice your new body guard," she warned as she left. Jase stayed in a bow until the door closed then he stood up again. "Put the gown on over those. You can change once we leave the site of the Queen. But hurry I don't want to hear anymore lectures from Dodo then I already must," he said. Jez put her hands on her hips and stared at him. "Listen buddy, I don't like the idea of having a body guard anymore then I like the idea of sitting through another Dodo lesson," she began. Jase rolled his eyes and took a seat on the sofa leaning back crossing his legs and his arms crossed over his chest. "How bout a friend then yea?" He asked in a thick British accent. Jez raised an eyebrow at him. She had not seen the British accent coming. He sighed leaning forward resting his arms on his knees. "Look, way I see it you aint got many friends here just yet Princess," he started. Jez had to admit he had a point. "Alright fine. But call me Jez," she warned. Jasr leaned back as she headed back to the closet. "Yes Princess," he replied with a smirk. Jez glared at him before slamming the closet door.

Once Jez and Jase had gotten to the barn Jez slipped into an empty stall and changed. Dodo's feathers had gotten all in a ruffle stating that her attire was not fit for a Princess and earned Jase a stern lecture for letting her leave her rooms dressed like that. Jez just said, "well I'm a Princess and they seem to fit me just fine." Jez also insisted that since there were horses in Wonderland, though they spoke, she would be riding one. Jase led a black stallion up to her. The stallion bowed his head. "Princess it would be an honor for me to be your stead," the horse said. Jez uncertain if she could pet him and it would be appropriate kept her hands to herself. Before she could reply Dodo stepped forward seeing the opportunity for a lesson. "Now Princess you should be aware that in royalty, once you choose your steed he or she will be your steed from life. You should learn lineage and other important factors before you make your decision," he lectured. Jez looked at the stallion. With a nod he began. "I am sired from your father and mother's steeds. I'm thoroughbred and fastest in the royal stables. My name is Cobalt as well your highness," he explained. Jez smiled. "I believe Cobalt will be a perfect fit," she announced. Cobalt pranced in place. "Well then lets be on our way then," Dodo said starting away. Jase stood beside Cobalt offering a leg up. "Princess?" He prompted. Jez smirked and swung herself up on her own. "Call me Princess again and I'll step on your foot first next time," she warned urging a chuckling Cobalt after Dodo. Jase smirked after her before swinging up onto his own horse.

Dodo walked in front lecturing and pointing out sights of historic events. Jez was only half listening. She was more interested in talking and listening to what Cobalt had to say. The reins rest on her lap finding no need to hold them. With Cobalt's enthusiastic permission she was playing with his mane. "And over there is the chessboard desert. A great battle between the Clubs and your great great relatives Hearts occurred there," Dodo was dolling on. "You and I will go on a far better tour later Princess. None of this walking about and seeing dry boring land," Cobalt scoffed. "Please Cobalt just call me Jez. And I would like that immensely," she replied. "Of course ye were bout to invite me along as well yea?" Jase said riding up beside her. Jez raised and eye brow at him. His horse whinnied in laughter. "I believe I was talking with Cobalt. I don't believe I addressed you chap," Jez replied. Jase smirked. "You making fun of me accent mate?" He challenged. "Boy, she's making fun of you as a whole," Cobalt snickered. "Princess did you hear me?" Dodo asked. Jez looked up at him with a completely innocent look. "Of course Dodo. It is all so fascination I'm just speechless," she replied. Dodo quirked his head but said nothing before turning around and continuing his lecture. Cobalt turned his head to see Jez. "Sly Princess," he commented. Jase's horse snickered. "You'll have your hands full with that one mate," he told Jase. Jase looked over at Jez. Before he could say anything though Dodo called over his shoulder. "Don't give her any ideas. I'm not deaf you know Princess," he said. Jez put a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

When they got back to the stable Dodo excused her for the rest of the day. "I expect you to find the library tomorrow for your next lesson," he told her. "Yes Dodo," she replied. With a bow Dodo left. Cobalt shook out his head. "Oh thank goodness the feathery beast is gone. Let's go on a real tour now," he said heading back out. "Oy! Wait for me," Jase called trying to remount. His horsed stepped over so Jase mounted nothing but air. Jase scowled at him. "The Princess didn't invite you mate," he explained. Jase raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm her bloody guard. It doesn't matter if she invites me," he argued. Cobalt snorted. "But it's be nice if you asked if she wanted the company," he stated. Jase looked exasperated up at Jez who just smirked thoroughly enjoying this. With a raise of his arms in frustration he gave in. "Princess," he paused seeing the annoyed look on her face. "I mean Jez, would you allow me the great honor of accompanying you on this tour?" He asked with a flourished bow. Jez looked like she was debating. "What do you think boys?" She asked the horses. They both shook out their head. "No way, make him beg," Jase's horse replied. Jez giggled. "Alright let's go Jase. This time I'll let you come but the sarcasm wasn't appreciated," she said nodding to Cobalt to go. "You were too easy on him this time," he said quietly. Jez went back to playing with his mane. "Can't make him beg first time around," she replied with a smile.