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Summary: Jeremy was once again alone in the world, he was always losing people. A stranger hands him a package and then disappears. Inside he finds journals written by a vampire and the girl he had lost.

The Anna Diaries


Jeremy Gilbert walks around town with his headphones on, drowning out the world; everyone was smothering him because he had tried to kill himself, which is only part of what he was doing. He tried to die to become a vampire only he didn't get all the information form Anna on how exactly you had to die because instead of turning him her blood saved him, she healed him. Jenna had found him and rushed him to the hospital along with Uncle John who had been stabbed. They didn't really know who was responsible; all Elena said was she heard a crash and ran into the kitchen to find him slummed against the counter. Everyone was dying on him, his parents, Vicki, John and Anna, the first girl he had opened his heart up to after Vicki's death. But she wasn't just a girl she was a vampire. A vampire that wanted to spend time with him. He found himself smiling again and wanting to be with people, with her. Now she was gone too so he wanted to stop the pain, but he failed. Anna told him he was lost and now without her he really was.

He stops to change the playlist on his ipod when he looks up to see a young Asian man standing in front of him. The man stays silent and thrusts a package at him. Jeremy looks down at it; it was wrapped in brown paper with twine wrapped around it holding it together. When he looks up again the man is gone. Jeremy looks around then runs to the end of block, he searches the area but the man is nowhere in sight. So he starts walking home. Who was that? And What is this?

He sneaks back in quietly he didn't want to run into Elena or Jenna and have to explain where he was. He sits on his bed and stares at the package he unties the twine and the paper spreads out on his bed. Inside were five leather bond books of various sizes. As he looks through them some were old and worn while the others still held there color. He picks up the top one and turns it around, there was nothing written on it or any of them.

He unties the strap and opens the book to the first page.

They say when you first wake up it's like being born again. The world looks brand new; everything is clearer and more defined. The trees look greener, the sky bluer and ground softer. They were right as I lay in bed that is not my own staring up at the ceiling. Everything was new again, my senses were alive, and my body was tingling. I had never felt so much strength radiating through me I was a new person.

I was told by Magnus one of the older vampires in my clan that I should write down the story of my human life, it was important that we remember who we were. Because if we forgot our life we could never fit in with the humans and they were our livelihood. Our ability to make them believe we were one of them made feasting on them that much richer. I didn't start this right away for the first few years I relished in being a vampire that I thought of little else. It wasn't until we made it to America that I started thinking of my human life. But unlike him I started chronicling my life as a vampire too. I wanted to remember everything I saw, everything I did and all the people I met if I was going to live forever.

So let's start from the beginning.

Jeremy drops the book on his bed and closes his eyes. He was reading the story of about a vampire. Anna he whispers. How? Who was that man? He asks. He stares at the book picks it up and begins reading.