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Summary: Jeremy was once again alone in the world, he was always losing people. A stranger hands him a package and then disappears. Inside he finds journals written by a vampire and the girl he had lost.

The Anna Diaries

True Blood Part 3

When I walked into the room he was pale, bald and gaunt but his eyes lit up with excitement when he saw me. He struggled to sit upright and smiled at me.

"They're real, vampires" he said to me. Unlike his father he knew all along that what I was. I glance to side and seen a worn copy of Bram Stocker's Dracula on his bedside table, the front cover was ripped and torn, the spine was being held together by tape. Kyle looked at me and then at his book.

"No" I told him. "He's fiction" I smiled.

I pulled up a chair and sat next to him while and he started bombarding me with questions. Andrew was smiling too, Kyle hadn't been this animated since before he was admitted into the hospital. This boy (no young man he was nearly eighteen) was on the edge of death I could feel it. Andrew had explained to me that for awhile he was getting better than just recently he took a turn for the worst. There was nothing more the doctors could do.

I know should've left, moved somewhere else, it was too dangerous for me to continue talking to them, but I missed my mother and these people were a part of me, they were my family too. When Andrew introduced me to his wife, she was skeptical at first but then grateful that her husband's obsession had turned out to be true.

It was six months later that Andrew finally pulled up the courage to ask me the question that I know had been hanging on his tongue since we met. We were alone in the lounge area of the hospital. "Didn't you read my journals" I told him. "This isn't the life you want for son. I wasn't given a choice"

"Either was he, his life should just be beginning, not ending" Andrew all but screamed at me.

"You don't get it. If I do it, his life will end. He won't be your son anymore. He'll be a demon, a monster"

"He'll be alive, he'll get to see the world change" Andrew told me like that was only thing he retained from my journals.

"I've made my mistakes" I told him. "I've slipped up, we always do. The bloodlust comes back or I'll get angry or caught in the moment and the next thing I know I've drained them dry. I can't always control this and…sometimes I don't want too. Vampires don't kill to survive; we kill because we enjoy it"

"Then why haven't you killed us?" Andrew asked defiantly.

I looked him straight in the eyes, rushed at him, and held him by his throat lifting his feet off the ground. "You are giving me a good reason to now" I told him through bared fangs.

"You won't" He said staring into my eyes.

I hadn't told him what I could do, that I could make him forget meeting me, reading the journals of my decedents, everything. I held his gaze and settled with making him forget our current conversation; I made him afraid to ask the question again.

For three more years I met up with them, I had been giving my blood to Kyle keeping him alive. I knew it wouldn't work forever, even vampires couldn't cure cancer. Katherine had been keeping herself busy with school and its many men that I gotten complacent and let my guard down and I should've known that Katherine would find out. We can't sense each other but I knew something was wrong, I blurred down the hallway and into his room. And I saw her standing above his bed, she turned to look at me her lips crimson red with blood.

"What have you done?" I asked looking around his room. His machines were off and the nursing staff just kept walking by his room, she compelled them to ignore this room.

"What did I tell you about keeping things from Xiao-ling" She said to me with gleeful smile on her lips.

She rushed out of the room and I followed, I slammed into her forcing her into the concrete wall in an ally outside the hospital. She pushed me away and turned to face me, our fangs were bared. I had never been consumed by so much hatred that I felt in that moment. I had put up with a lot from that selfish, uncaring, bitch. But no more, I rushed her once again but she moved out of the way and her elbow came down hard on my back. I whipped my head around with demonic fury flowing through my veins.

Katherine must've seen it my eyes because I saw her face falter for just a moment. That was the opportunity I needed, so I ran past her taking hold of her arm and threw her into the wall and heard the satisfying sound of her head connecting with cement. She had left an imprint in the wall.

She recovered and launched herself in the air then crashing down on top of me, chocking me. I tucked my legs and kicked them out sending Katherine flying through the air. She landed swiftly on her feet. She advanced towards me and their yellow eyes pierced through the darkness causing her to stop.

"That's not fair" She said through her fangs.

"Like you even know what the word means" I told her as the wolves flanked either side of me. I thought about killing her, all I had to was think it and the wolves would take care of her, but we had been through a lot together. I guess I was sentimental having missing my old coven for over a century now. "If I ever see you again, I will kill you"

Jeremy hears a knock on his door. "What?" he asks. He didn't really want to be disturbed. He wanted to finish her story. After everything that's happened he just wanted to lose himself in someone else story. Reading her journals was keeping him sane, keeping him from falling apart. It was like he could almost hear her voice in his head telling her story. He missed her so much. She always knew what to say to make him smile. He wishes he hadn't been so preoccupied with his own life to learn about hers. He needed to make that right; he needed to see her again

"Jer, can I come in" Elena asks.

He sighs and flips the book over and places it on his night stand. He slides off his bed, unlocks his door. "What?"

He grumpily follows her through the crowd of people that had gathered on the lawn of the town park. Elena told him he had to do this, watch the "Gone with the Wind" act normal. She was always acting like they could just press pause and just for a day forget about everything that's happened. She was always wrong. Life kept happening, crappy stuff kept happening, you can't stop it, you can't postpone it will happen, it always wins.

Elena ran off as soon as Stefan arrived so he was proven right once again. He was grateful when Bonnie arrived. He hadn't meant for this to happen but he needed someone and she was there. He cared about her but after Jenna's death his thoughts were of Anna and how he needed to bring her back. He didn't know how he was going to ask Bonnie to that. It's not like you can just ask your current girlfriend if they could bring your old girlfriend back from the dead. That would probably get you a slap or worse. But everyone kept dying on him and if he could bring one of them back then he had to try.

His cell phone rings, he looks down at it, it was Alaric. Bonnie tries to leave him behind again, not this time people died whether he stayed or went. So he was going to go this time and find his sister.

Suddenly Jeremy felt a breeze rush past him startling him. Jeremy looks to the side and sees him the young man that had given him Anna's journals.

"Who are you?" Jeremy asks him even though he knew the answer.

"Kyle" the vampire replies walking next to him. He was dressed casually in a blue polo and jeans. He looked like a college student.

"I see you have gotten closer with the witch" He says to him.

"I didn't mean for that to happen" Jeremy tells him.

"Don't really care; I just need her for the spell" Kyle tells him. "She did tell me to give you her journals in the event of her death, but she did have me as a backup in case you didn't care enough to help her"

"I want to help her, I want to bring her back" Jeremy says angrily. "I know I'm with Bonnie, with everything that's happened I needed someone and she was there. I care about her but she's not Anna. "

Kyle smiles. "Ok, then" Kyle says holding his hands up.

"But I don't have time for this right now; I need to find my sister"

"Your sister is safe she was arrested by the sheriff a few hours ago" Kyle tells him.

"What?" Jeremy asks confused. "Arrested why?" He was happy to hear that Elena was safe. He couldn't lose anyone else.

"Because she cohabitates with vampires, I'm assuming" Kyle says. "But our time is running out, is the witch going to help or not"

"I don't know… I haven't asked her, lots of stuff has happened" Jeremy tells him.

"I am aware of that, but none of that is my concern. My concern is bringing her back"

Jeremy nods his head. "I want her back too"

"Then let's work on that shall we"

"What's it like?" Jeremy asks because he was curious as they continued to walk.

"Being turned into a vampire" Kyle clarifies even though he knows what Jeremy was asking. "All I remember was Katherine forcing her blood down my throat and then I woke up in the morgue. And Anna was there and she was so angry it scared me. Her clothes were ripped, she was bloody, and she looked like she'd been in a fight.

I didn't really care about anything because I felt amazing; better than I had ever felt in my life. I was strong, healthy. I got a glimpse of myself in the metal of one of the drawers. My face was still pale but my hair had grown back thick and dark, my cheeks had filled in I no longer looked like a fragile skeleton.

When my dad came in the room and saw me, he was ecstatic, Anna just glared at him took my arm and we ran faster than I had ever run before and it was a good thing she took me out of that room because my dad had done so much to make me happy and comfortable, he gave up a lot just to spend time with me but when he walked into that room all I saw was his veins pulsating in his neck and the scent of something so delicious its indescribable.

Anna told us a newborn vampire is just like a newborn human, we are all senses and no thought, no logic. As vampires are senses are heightened and pronounced. I could hear my dad's heart pumping the blood that ran through his veins that pulsated under his skin and I was hungry, so hungry. It didn't matter who they were or what they were to you all you see his food and the scent is intoxicating.

Jeremy remembered when he cut his hand in front of her and she tried to resist it but she couldn't take her eyes off of his blood. He kept forcing it on her until she showed him her true face and held him up against the refrigerator with so much strength that it felt like she could snap his neck with a single flick of her wrist. Damon actually did that to him. But when she fed from him it should've hurt, he should've been scared but he was kind of turned on.

"We need the witch to the spell" Kyle tells him and disappears.

Why were they always doing that, it was kind of annoying. Jeremy thinks to himself. He shakes his head. Now he had to find Bonnie but he had no idea where her and Caroline went. "Damon" he says when he sees the vampire standing unsteadily on his feet.

"Where's Elena. I need to see Elena now" Damon says to hm.

He looked terrible he was sweating and barely able to stand. "Hey, hey let's get you out of here first alright." Damon moves to take a step then falls into his arms. Jeremy walks with arm around the vampire to the only place he knows that is close by the grill.

He walks inside and pulls out his cell phone to call Bonnie. "Hey, it's me I'm with Damon" He drops Damon off at a table and walks behind him. "At the grill"

Emily watches Bonnie cradling Jeremy in her lap. He had the spell on him which was all she needed. She nods at Kyle who was hiding in the shadows. This would work because this way it was easier to bring Anna back. It was a good thing Kyle didn't trust Jeremy to get Bonnie, otherwise Anna would've stayed dead. She couldn't allow that. She made a promise to Annabelle to keep her safe, she intended to keep that promise because Anna always kept hers.

Bonnie begs and pleads for her to save Jeremy, she made up excuses as to why she couldn't to buy herself time to locate Anna. She was going to help bring Jeremy back but she was going to bring Anna with him. She holds Anna's ring her hand, Kyle had taken it from Jeremy when they talked. She recites the spell she made and feels the ring come to life in her hand. When she's done reciting her spell the candles go out just like they are supposed to. It worked. Emily Bennet opens her palm, the ring was pulsating with life. She leaves the three of them and walks outside.

She walks into the forest and places the ring on the ground. She intructs Kyle to step on it, smashing it. He does and backs up when a bright light escapes from it. Kyle cover his eyes with his arm trying to peek through to see what was happening. When the ligth fades he smiles because she was standing there.

The next thing he knows he's waking up in Bonnie's arms in some strange room with a lot of candles. She tells him what happened and he's a little shocked at first. He supposed anyone would be if they were just told they brought back from the dead. He felt strange though, like he was missing something. He tried to tell her when they were Skyping but she told him it was nothing to worry about.

He wakes up when he feels something in his room with him. He opens his eyes and sees nothing but then he hears a creak in the hallway. "Alaric?" He asks because he had told him he was staying over. He walks out into the hallway still feeling as if something or someone was with him, watching him. He makes his way down the stairs and sees that Alaric is still asleep on the couch. For some reason his mind was telling him to go the kitchen. He walks over there and sees her. "Anna?"

"Hey, Jeremy" she says with her face softening.

A/N: Ok, so I kept the ending the same as the show since they decided to the right thing and bring Anna back. I changed it a little by removing Vicki because we really don't need her back. As for the rest of Anna's journal entries I don't know if I'll write them. I got to the part where we find out why Katherine had Anna killed because she knew if Anna was there, Anna would've killed her first.