Prologue: Before our story began

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In Domino City, a group of scientist were working together to create a device known as the Enerdy reactor. However, one of the scientists, Roman Goodwin had sabotaged the project causing the phenomenon known as Zero Reverse, however 1 week before the incident, Mrs. Fudo and Mrs. Phoenix met with their children.

"Katherine? Is that you?" asked Mrs. Fudo

"Lillian! It's been too long. Oh, you have a child?" asked Katherine Phoenix

"Yes, I do." Said Lillian Fudo

"What's his name?" asked Katherine

"Yusei. What are your children's names?" asked Lillian

"Sakura and Dawn Phoenix" Said Katherine

"Sakura? Why did you name her that?" asked Lillian

"She's named after my favorite flower." Said Katherine

"The Cherry Blossom Trees?" asked Lillian

"Yes. I would have named her Dawn, and I would have named Dawn; Aurora but I wanted to always remember my favorite flower every time I said her name." Said Katherine

"Why did you name her Dawn?" asked Lillian

"Because of the hope that she carries around her. When I first held them in my arms, I felt a small but sure feeling in my heart, a feeling of joy and happiness, and that's a feeling I just can't forget." Said Katherine

"Katherine, before you were the girl in school who never even thought about having a boyfriend, now look at you. You have children, and a future." Said Lillian

"I know. It's kind of funny when you look at it, time just flew by us. And now, the new generation of kids, I wonder who will steal my little Sakura's heart? And Dawn's too?" wondered Katherine

"Maybe it'll be Yusei." Said Lillian

"Ha-ha-ha-ha!" the two women laughed together

"I hope we can see each other soon." Said Katherine

"Me too." Said Lillian

Unfortunately, for the both of them, it would be the last time they saw each other, alive at least.Sakura and Dawn grew up together in the care of their father, Aster Phoenix. Not long afterward, their father had died in a fatal car crash, scaring both Sakura and Dawn for a long time. On both Sakura's and Dawn's birthday, they were walking home from school, when someone committed a crime so evil, it caused Sakura to change the way she dueled for a long time. On May 3, 2013, two identical girls were walking down the street. One of the girls had her Pink hair tied in a messy ponytail. The other girl had her hair cut recently and was wearing a white ribbon on her forehead to keep her bangs out of her hair. The girl with the ponytail was Sakura Phoenix. The other girl was Dawn Phoenix. They were identical twins, but almost nobody had trouble telling them apart. Not only did they have pink hair, they were both about 5 foot 8, which was somewhat tall for their age. They had brown eyes, but they had different dueling styles. Sakura always dueled with a Twilight Deck, and Dawn dueled with her father's Destiny Hero Deck. They both were fierce duelists, but when it came to the both of them, Sakura was always the one on top. However, this was the day where Sakura's life would change forever.

"So I was thinking Sakura, maybe we could make a crème brulee for dessert." Said Dawn Phoenix

"You mean the same stuff we learned in school today?" asked Sakura Phoenix

"Yeah. It tasted so good, I just have to make another batch tonight!" exclaimed Dawn

"Let's just get home first, okay?" asked Sakura

"Sure!" exclaimed Dawn

Just then a man with auburn-red hair and green eyes drove by and shot Dawn in one of the arteries. Sakura recognized it as Sayer of the Arcadia Movement. A group of psychic duelists who knew that Dawn had psychic powers and could talk to Duel Monster Spirits. She had refused so many times, that Sayer had decided to kill Sakura, but he couldn't tell them apart, so he had shot Dawn by accident.

"NOOO!" yelled Sakura

"Heh, now Dawn will join our little group of psychics, and soon, my army will be completed." Said Sayer

"Help! Someone help! My sister's been shot!" yelled Sakura

5 minutes later, at the hospital

"Miss Phoenix?" asked a nurse

"Yes? Please! Tell me! Is my sister going to be alright? Please!" begged Sakura

"I'm sorry, but she's dead." Said the nurse

"NOO! S-she can't be dead; Dawn's my only family left! No, no, no!" cried Sakura

"She was shot in the artery near her heart. I'm sorry, you can talk to her if you want. They say hearing is the last sense to go." Said the nurse

In the morgue…

"Dawn, I know your spirit can hear me. I promise, I'll stop Sayer myself. He's the one who killed you, and I'll make sure I'll always visit you, maybe not your spirit, but your body. Good-bye Dawn, for now at least." Said Sakura mournfully

'I know you can hear me Dawn, I'm a messenger from the Darkness. I can grant you power so great, that you can get revenge on whomever you want.'

'Why would I want revenge? I'm dead, remember?' Dawn said to the darkness

'True, but what if I said I knew who was responsible for your death?'

'You know?' Said Dawn

'Yes, believe it or not, your sister Sakura was always jealous of you. So she hired an assassin to murder you. She only pretended to be sad for your loss.'

'I can't believe you.' Said Dawn

'But it is true, if you need further convincing, I can show you the past.'

The voice then showed Dawn an image of the past, which was true, but Dawn didn't know that it was Sakura planning to hire a tutor for them to teach them the piano

"So how much do you charge per hour?" asked Sakura

'No, Sakura, please tell me it isn't true!' said Dawn

'She can't hear you Dawn'

"That's fantastic! I can't wait to see how good of a job you can do!" exclaimed Sakura

'No!' cried Dawn

'Do you have your doubts now, Dawn?

'I-I don't and I can't accept the fact that Sakura would want this to happen to me but, I know what I saw. I accept this power you speak of!' said Dawn

'Good, now you can rejoin the living, but not as your former self, but as a Dark Signer!' the voice cackled

In a blink of an eye, Dawn was teleported to the B.A.D. area of the Satellite Sector, where she officially became the Dark Signer with the Mark of the Monkey. Meanwhile, 5 minutes after leaving the hospital, Sakura was at home, and her arm started to burn.

"OWW! My arm!" yelled Sakura, obviously in pain

As the pain faded away, a Mark appeared on her arm. Unlike Dawn's mark which resembled a purple monkey, her mark resembled a part of a wing, the right half to be exact and was Crimson Red.

"What is this Mark on my arm?" Sakura asked herself

She had nearly jumped when she heard the door knock.

"Coming!" yelled Sakura

As soon as she opened the door, she had regretted it. The person standing in the door was none other than her sister's killer, Sayer.

"Good Afternoon, Miss Dawn, my I come in?" said Sayer

"Okay, ONE, I'm Sakura! And, TWO, YOU. ARE. NOT. WELCOME. HERE. IN. MY. HOME!" yelled Sakura

"What! Oh, I'm so sorry, I heard from one of my members that Sakura Phoenix was shot near the heart. I didn't expect that it would be false." Said Sayer

"Don't play dumb with me! I saw you with the gun, I saw you shoot my only family left! If you think that you can butter me up with your lies and all that crap, then you can forget it! You're lucky I won't call Sector Security, yet. So savor your last days of freedom Sayer, because once you're behind bars, you're going to regret if you didn't. Now get off my property before I have to call out the dogs." Sakura said coldly

"Fine, but I'm warning you, I will have my ways soon." Said Sayer

"Do I even have dogs here?" wondered Sakura once Sayer was out of earshot

Afterward, for the first time since I got out of the hospital, I had cried so hard that I fell asleep crying, when I woke up, it was 6:30 in the morning, I called the school, telling them that I wouldn't be attending because Dawn was dead and I needed to be alone, and the secretary understood what I was going through. I remembered my step-mother in Peru, so I went there for my summer vacation as soon as school was out, that's where I learned about the Legend of the Crimson Dragon, and the Earthbound Immortals. I also learned that I am a Signer. When I went back to the city a week before school would officially start, someone came to the door cursing under my breath thinking it was Sayer, this time trying to recruit me to his stupid Organization. However, I was wrong.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Sheesh, don't get your wings in a flutter!" said Sakura

"If that's you Sayer, I'll beat the crap out of you one way or another, especially with my new deck, the Flamvells and Allies of Justice will show you a thing or two." Sakura whispered

As I opened the door, I saw a man in a gray suit with a shirt with some sort of bird design on the front. I also saw that the man had gray hair and eyes, but they were distant as if he was deep in thought.

"Good Afternoon, Miss Phoenix." Said the man

"Uh, good afternoon to you too, whoever-you-are." Said Sakura

"Oh! Please forgive me, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Director Rex Goodwin." Said Goodwin

"Oh! So you're Director Rex Goodwin, please forgive my rudeness, but I didn't recognize you. Please come inside." Said Sakura

"Thank you." Said Goodwin

"Would you like some tea?" asked Sakura

"Of course, just as long as it isn't Earl Grey." Said Goodwin

"You don't have to worry about that, I don't like Bergamot either." Said Sakura

"I see you're very educated. Not very many people know that Bergamot is an ingredient in Earl Grey tea." Said Goodwin

"I like to be up to speed with things. Do you like Chamomile Tea? I'm afraid it's the only type I have left." Said Sakura

"I do in fact. So allow me to explain why I'm here." Said Goodwin

"And that reason being?" asked Sakura

"The mark on your right arm." Said Goodwin

"AAHH! How do you know about that?" exclaimed Sakura

"I have been watching out for…" started Goodwin

"Watching out for potential Signers, I presume." Finished Sakura

"So you are aware of the Legend of the Crimson Dragon?" asked Goodwin a little surprised

"Yeah. I went to Peru for a little while and learned about the legend. The tea's ready." Said Sakura

"Thank you. I suppose you're wondering why I'm here Miss Phoenix." Said Goodwin

"Please, call me Sakura. And I am wondering why you're here." Said Sakura

"I would like to offer you a home, well a new home in the research center." Said Director Goodwin

"You want to turn me into a Guinea Pig?" yelled Sakura

"No, of course not. I just want to study when and what makes your mark react."

"Meaning?" said Sakura

"Meaning that, you won't be a Guinea Pig as you put it, but we would just study your behavior. And if you're worried about your home, allow me to reassure you, we won't take your home away from you. In fact, we will pay the mortgage fees that you are currently struggling to pay." Said Goodwin

"Fine, I'll do it. Only because my home will be safe from the grabby businessmen who always what to buy this place." Said Sakura

Despite what Sakura thought was the right decision, she would later regret it. 3 years later she would escape the Research Center, and head to the Satellite Sector, where she would meet for the second time, Yusei Fudo. And, now our story begins.

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