Epilogue: Two Months Later

Hey everyone! Wow, it's the final chapter already. I can't believe that Flight of the Crimson Dragon is now over. But hey, don't cry just yet, I still have the side story and sequel to write with this, so you might be in for a surprise for what happens next. Anyhow, it's time for me to say the last disclaimer for this story.

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It's been two months since the end of the Dark Signer-Signer war, and it's hard for me to believe that it's finally over. Right now, I was waiting under the tree of eternity in the shrine. Today was the first day of the star festival, and I was waiting for my date. I was wearing Japanese sandals, a royal blue yukata with cherry blossom decorations, and a yellow obi. For the occasion, I had put my hair into a braid, and I was wearing a cherry blossom hair clip. I checked my watch, and I wondering where he could be.

"Well look who it is, Fiery Justice." Sneered a familiar female voice

"Hello Krystal. How's remediation?" I taunted

"I completely skipped it because I was so busy this spring." Said Krystal

"For the latest spring fashions I bet. You do realize that you have to repeat the year because you skipped the remediation." I said

"Not my fault I was last in the class!" exclaimed Krystal

"That's because you didn't study unlike the person you're talking to. Tied for second." I said

"Grr… later Phoenix." Growled Krystal before walking away

Sometimes that girl can't get a hint.

"Sakura! Sorry I'm late. I was busy with some stuff. Were you waiting here for long?" asked Matt

"Actually, you're on time. I got here five minutes ago." I said

"Oh." Said Matt

We walked over to one of the stands and bought a couple of prayer candles. I bought a red one for mom and a blue one for dad. I lit them both and put my hands together in a form of prayer. I wished that they would find peace. After that was done with, I found Matt by one of the streams that led to the Spring of Spirits.

"Sakura, do you ever wish we could tell the world that we helped save it, but couldn't get the words to come out?" asked Matt

"I think it's better to save the world, then to tell others that we did it." I said

"When did you become so wise?" asked Matt

"When did you start failing?" I asked playfully

"Okay, I had that coming." Said Matt

"So, do you also hope that things will be as peaceful as this?" I asked

"I hope so." Said Matt

Matt and I were in a loving embrace when we both leaned in and kissed under the starry night. At that moment, while we were still lip-locked, I sent a small telekinetic burst to our waiting boats. I didn't know what was on Matt's boat, but I knew what was on mine of course, a wish. I wrote, 'I wish that things will always stay this peaceful'. However, little did any of us know, more trouble was about to stir.

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