"… You want me to what?" Yuuno gawked

"You heard me." Chrono snorted. "It's just as I told you."

"Why should I? There's no reason for me to do such a thing!"

"You're the best for the job because you're an amazing teacher… Is what Nanoha said."

"… That's cheap and you know it…" Yuuno muttered weakly.

"So you'll do it then." The older boy said matter of factly. "Well, good luck."

And that's how Yuuno found himself at the front of a classroom standing before the three Materials.

After their defeat, it was decided that the three copies made by the Book of Darkness were to be re-educated so they could become productive members of society. To that end, they would be exposed to a classroom environment, the place most ordinary children learned how to behave properly, with Yuuno serving as their teacher. At nine years old he hardly thought he had any teaching credentials.

Not thrilled about his assignment, Yuuno still did his best to do the task, but it did prove to be exceedingly difficult. Thankfully the Materials had all taken some basic skills such as reading and writing from their originals along with their currently sealed magical abilities. Yuuno was able to give them assigned readings and such to do, and he didn't have to worry about them blowing anything up.

Glancing over at his students, he saw they were all seated at their desks with their text books. They all wore Nanoha's school uniform for some reason. Yuuno figured that was probably Hayate's choice.

Material-S, aka Seikou no Senmetsusha, aka Starlight Destroyer was an exact duplicate of Nanoha save for her shorter hair and perpetually flat expression. Reserved and courteous, she was obediently reading the passage in the text that Yuuno had assigned. Seikou, as most called her, was by far the easiest of the three to handle. Sometimes Yuuno caught himself doting on her for obvious reasons.

The next desk over was Material-L, aka Raijin no Shuugekisha, aka Attacker of the Lightning Blade. She preferred to be called Raiko and was a copy of Fate only with blue hair and a far more cheerful demeanour. She was certainly an energetic one who was currently fidgeting in her seat. It was an improvement over how she'd previously jump up and randomly run out of the room, though. Yuuno had to work out a system where for every hour she remained in her seat she earned a piece of (secretly sugar free) candy. The promise of sweets worked wonders on the child-like girl. She wasn't very bright, though, as evident by how she was currently reading her textbook while holding it upside down. Even if Yuuno flipped it over, Raiko would immediately look confused and study the book from all angles, leading to it being turned upside down again. It was rather exhausting but still a little amusing at the same time.

Finally there was Material-D, aka Yami Suberu Ou, aka Lord of Darkness. Hayate's grey haired doppelganger insisted on being called 'Your Majesty', but that would only encourage her so she was called Yami to her displeasure. By far the most difficult, Yami was haughty, and downright mean at times. She never listened to Yuuno's instructions, stating that she had no reason to obey a lowly worm and that she would do as she pleased. Pointing out how she was defeated and was now at the mercy of lowly worms just pissed her off. She sat at her desk with her book closed and was staring at Yuuno with a defiant smirk. The boy sighed and ignored her. At least she wasn't causing trouble.

"Ok then," Yuuno spoke up, deciding to resume his lesson. Due to his field of expertise, and his belief that the key to knowing the present is to understand the past, his lectures were primarily on history. "The passage I just had you read was on Igen Dleifgnirps, a great mage that once saved an entire world from destruction and was appointed as its king afterwards. Now, who can tell me in what year he took the throne?"

Seikou quietly raised her hand.

"Yes, Seikou?" She did not speak until Yuuno called on her.

"Year twenty-two." She answered simply.

"That's right." Yuuno smiled and failed to stop his hand from reaching out and patting her head. Her face got a little redder, but that might have been his imagination. Whatever the case, Seikou herself didn't object to the action, but Raiko did.

"No fair!" She pouted. "Why does sensei only pat Seikou's head? I want to get patted too!"

"Uh, well…" Yuuno pulled his hand back. "It's because she always answers questions correctly."

"Then I'll answer them too!" Raiko declared, now leaning forward in anticipation of the next question.

"Next question then," Yuuno continued. "What was the name of Igen's most trusted knight?"

"Oh! Oh! Me! Pick me!" Raiko jumped up, hand flailing in the air. Yuuno suppressed a chuckle.

"What's the answer then, Raiko?"

"Uh…" She suddenly froze, her expression blanking out. The others could almost hear the gears turning in her head. "Um… Pudding!"

Yuuno sighed. "No, I'm sorry that's not the right answer."

"Then… um… Hot dogs!"

'She must be hungry…' He mused. "No, that's not right either."

"What?" Raiko started to fume. "But…"

Seikou raised her hand again.

"Lady Anusa." She answered.

"That's right." Yuuno smiled again.

"Seikou, I was going to say that!" Raiko moped once more.

"You'll get the next one, I'm sure." Yuuno tried to placate her. He decided to ask an easy question next. "Igen had a loyal wolf companion named Oratouk. Now, what sound does a wolf make?"

Raiko launched up out of her seat. "Moo!"

"… No, that's a cow…" Yuuno put a hand over his face. Sometimes he wondered if she did this on purpose.

"Stupid wolf." The blue-head began a low growl. "Why don't you go moo?"

Yuuno began to sweat lightly, knowing what was coming next. Raiko could be extremely happy go lucky, but her temper raged like an inferno. He had to defuse the situation quickly.

"There there," He said, rubbing the top of her head. "It's okay, I know you're trying your very best. You're a good girl."

Raiko's expression melted into one of bliss, giggling softly as her head was patted. Yuuno could have sworn there was some purring in there too. He sighed in relief that a temper tantrum had been avoided. At this rate he'd get through another day without incident.

Yami would have none of that.

"Hey, mongrel." She called, causing him to look her way. He was quite surprised to see she actually had her book open.

"Yes Yami, what is it?" He asked cautiously. If she was speaking, it most certainly wouldn't be anything good.

"Address me as your majesty!" She frowned briefly before returning to a smirk. "Anyways, it says here that this Igen fellow had one of the largest harems in recorded history. Is this true?"

"Er… Yes, it's as it's written…"

"Three, two, one…" Yami grinned.

"… What's a harem?" Raiko blinked.

"Oh yes, do tell." Yami rested her chin on her propped up, interlinked hands.

"Geh…" Yuuno gulped. So that's what she was after. "Well… How can I explain it…? A harem is when a person, usually a ruler or some one with lots of power, has many… lovers. Igen himself had over thirty wives."

"Lots of kings have harems, don't they?" Yami asked.

"Well, yes, since there's no one to stop them, really…"

"Fufufu, okay then!" Yami proclaimed, standing up on her chair and propping her leg up on the desk. "Then as your ruler I hereby decree the formation of my own harem! Be grateful, peon!" She pointed to Yuuno. "For I have decided to make you the first member of my harem!"

Yuuno balked. "Wha… What are you saying? You can't…"

"Yay! I want to be Yuuno-sensei's lover too!" Raiko pounced, wrapping her arms around his neck and clinging tightly.

"Er, Raiko," He flushed, trying to sound persuasive. "You really should only be lovers with some one you really like…"

"I like Yuuno-sensei!" She cheerfully declared. "You give me candy and pat my head! I like you a lot!"

"Urg…" Yuuno's face grew redder at her words. Desperate, he turned to his only possible saviour. "Seikou, please talk some sense into them!"

The brunette slowly rose to her feet and calmly made her way over to the others. When she reached him, she silently raised her hand and gingerly took hold of Yuuno's sleeve before turning her face away.

The room went silent for a moment.

'Eeeeeh? What does that mean?' The boy cried mentally.

"Yay! So we're all part of sensei's harem!" Raiko squealed happily.

"Yeah!" The other two chirped, Seikou doing it much more quietly.

"Oh boy…" Yuuno groaned. "What am I supposed to do about this?"

"… Hey, wait a second!" Yami suddenly frowned. "This is supposed to be my harem!"

Read the names of the historical figures backwards and you'll get Negima characters ^^"