A/N; it's a piece of shiz, but it's the only way i could get it to work :[ still cute ^^

By: Princess Yori
Summary: Cloud and Kadaj do some training, Reno is curious.
Genre: Humor
Pairing: CloudxKadaj
Setting: AU
Rating: K+
Status: Complete
Type: Drabble-y

Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted © by the almighty Square Enix. This story and the possible OCs involved are all me, however. Enjoy.

Cloud swung at Kadaj, who immediately jumped backwards, avoiding the impact. Kadaj dashed forward, landing a hit on Cloud sending them both tumbling forward. Cloud caught a hold of him and tossed him, they both managed to skid to a stop. They stood, glaring for a moment.

Zack leaned himself against the wall, watching the two go at it, amused by the sudden argument that sprouted. Reno appeared beside him and stared, probably scouting to make sure they were all still on their game. Zack rolled his eyes.

"What are they doing?"

"Training," Zack shrugged.

Reno eyed them for awhile, and then leaned against the wall as well. He tugged out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling before speaking again.

"Looks pretty intense to me."

"Worried Reno?" Reno scoffed and just waved Zack off.

Cloud lunged missing Kadaj and falling to the floor, instantly flipping over, sensing Kadaj moving in. Kadaj jumped on him, pulling his fist back. Cloud winced slightly, but the impact never came, he stared at Kadaj who just leaned into him. Tired of fighting? He wondered as their lips met. Or a trick? Cloud let the kiss drag on, enjoying it as much as Kadaj. He pulled him closer, still on guard, Kadaj was still tense he noticed, so the battles not over.

"Now what are they doing?" Reno asked, dumbfounded.

"…Training," Zack glanced over to Reno as Cloud reached up and knocked Kadaj off of him and began the fight again.

"Interesting methods."

"Yeah, maybe you should try it on Rude…"


Zack grinned as Reno attempted to hit him; instead his fist met the wall. Reno shook his hand out, cursing, before attacking again.

"By the way, Reno," Zack said, ducking again. "No kissing!"