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Author's Note: This is the optional epilogue to 'Penn's.' It's just pure, unadulterated smut. Enjoy.

Summary: Arthur and Merlin take the day off.

Warnings: BOY SEX. And lots of it.


"Arthur, wake up," Merlin was purring at him. Crooning at him. Arthur sighed and sank deeper into the blankets, letting Merlin purr and croon.

"Arthur, wake up, please," Arthur smiled a little, reaching out to wrap an arm around Merlin's warm, welcoming waist.

"Arthur, damnit! Wake. Up," with a shove, Arthur was off the bed and tangled in the sheets. He popped his head over the edge of the bed, scowling and fully awake now.

"I hate you so much right now," Arthur growled, climbing back onto the bed where Merlin was shaking the whole thing with laughter.

"Nope, you love me. Now get dressed, we're gonna be late for work," Merlin said, trying his best to avoid Arthur's grabby hands.

He failed. Arthur grabbed him round the waist with both arms and hauled him to his chest, pressing kisses along Merlin's shoulder and neck and burying his nose in Merlin's pleasantly scented hair. New product. Arthur decided then it was a keeper.

"Arthur, noooo," Merlin moaned, trying to squirm away, "We've got to go."

"Bugger that, I own the place," Merlin cleared his throat, "Erm, we own the place. Sorry. Anyways, it's mid-winter, almost the holidays. We deserve a vacay."

Merlin groaned, leaning back into Arthur's arm and rolling his head to the side to allow Arthur more access. "Never…ah, never say 'vacay' ever again, and I suppose we can stay home today." Arthur chuckled, his breath hot against Merlin's neck, causing Merlin to shudder and moan again.

"How about I blow you, then do you, and we can stay home today," Arthur suggested, making Merlin laugh and squirm.

"You're so disgusting with your sweet talk," Merlin teased, finally escaping and reaching for Arthur's mobile. He rang the salon to let them know that Arthur had a case of explosive diarrhea and neither of them would be in today.

"You call me disgusting. Next time, I'll call," Arthur said, pushing Merlin back on the bed so his head was on the wrong end of it. He kissed across Merlin's chest, pausing to pay special attention to each sensitive nipple with sharp bites and soothing tongue. Merlin would gasp each time, and it was predictable, beautiful music to his ears. He kissed lower, to Merlin's navel, then nosed down the line of hair leading to the already hard and leaking cock, still bare from their night before. Arthur was pleased to find that Merlin hated sleeping in clothes, since Freya always made him sleep in full pajamas.

Arthur nuzzled around the hard appendage for a bit, kissing there, licking here, biting almost everywhere where it counted. Merlin's hands were fisted in the sheets and he was panting now. His toes were curled and Arthur grinned, running his lips up and down the shaft, smearing the pre-come slowly.

"Arthur, please," Merlin gasped, and Arthur complied, because he liked to tease, but he wasn't cruel. He took the tip of Merlin's prick in his mouth, letting his mouth adjust to the heat and weight and size, before swallowing a little more, curving his tongue along the underside. He felt the vein throb needily against his tongue and moaned. Merlin whined, his hand now clutching to Arthur's shoulder.

Arthur bobbed his head up and down, maddeningly slow. Merlin was begging and groaning and practically shaking. He tugged on Arthur's hair as a warning, then tugged harder when Arthur didn't back off. Arthur pulled back with a glare.

"Not yet," Merlin said, shaking his head and looking towards the nightstand. Arthur grinned, placing one wet, sloppy kiss to Merlin's hip before sitting back and groping around for the lube and a condom.

"Make it fast, make it dirty," Merlin commanded, toeing a pillow down to himself, propping it up under his hips. "Don't…don't bother with stretching," he panted when Arthur began to slick up his fingers. "I'm good from last night. Just…just get the fuck on with it. I want it so bad. God, Arthur. I need it. I need you. Now."

Arthur finished rolling the condom on and had to squeeze the base of his cock to keep the fireworks from going off too early. He was got all riled up when Merlin was a pushy bottom. Merlin would say the filthiest things, despite what he said about Arthur. And he loved to be filled quickly and roughly the morning after. There was never a doubt in Arthur's mind that they'd be going in to work that day.

Arthur pushed in, not too quickly, but not slowly enough for Merlin to complain. He kept pushing until Merlin groaned and arched his hips, hooking his legs around Arthur's back and pulling him closer.

"Fuck, Arthur. Love it like this. It hurts, but god, it feels so good. It feels so right. Being stretched fresh in the morning. Being filled and—Ah, fuck! Yes! Right there!" Merlin panted as Arthur slammed his hips forwards as Merlin rolled up to meet him. They went like that for ages, each giving a little and taking a little. "Arthur, Arthur, god. It's good. It's so good. I love it. It's you. It's you in me, filling me, taking me. Taking me so…hard," Merlin reached down to wrap his fingers around his still kind of slick prick and tugged.

Arthur was too busy watching where Merlin's entrance hugged him, tugging him in and pushing him out and he groaned low in his throat. It was the only warning Merlin got before Arthur was going harder than before, off-beat and erratic before he stilled completely in Merlin, as far as he could go. He felt as if the orgasm would never end. He didn't even notice when Merlin tightened up his whole body and came on both of their chests.

When Arthur was fit enough to move, he slid out of Merlin, removed the condom and tied it off, dropping it into the bin nearby. He didn't bother with cleaning, they'd probably just get up for the shower in a few anyways. He collapsed next to Merlin, his fingers automatically finding the damp from sweat hair and combing through the sleep tangled mess. Merlin winced when a tangle would snag on Arthur's ring. Arthur grinned and brought Merlin's other hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to the matching band on Merlin's hand.

His other hand began to pull through Merlin's hair, and Merlin was now making contented, sleepy happy noises that had Arthur growing hard all over again.

Merlin, who had his eyes closed, cracked one open to look at Arthur, "Should I be concerned about this hair fetish of yours? You're good to go already, even after last night and just now?"

Arthur didn't reply, just pressed his lips to Merlin's hair and laughed.