Indigo-Rose Snapshots

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Chapter One: Medicinal Kisses

(Episode Basis: Trick Sand)

"Ow, ow, ow, ow," Sonic murmured softly, wincing as he gingerly touched the sore spot on his head. Oh great, he could feel swelling. Well, this is what happens when your head becomes something akin to a punching bag four times in a row. He thought back to the shattered glass and dented sand that had been manipulated to form a wall of steel.

"Sonic?" The cerulean hedgehog jumped at the soft and somewhat uncertain feminine voice. "Are you feeling okay?"

Forcing a reassuring smile to his face, Sonic turned to face his friend. "Course I am Ames. A few bumps and bruises aren't going to keep me down!" His smile morphed into a sheepish one as he caught Amy's skeptical expression, raised eyebrow, hand on hip and eyes full of doubt. Yep, the total package of skepticism.

"Sonic you crashed into a wall of glass head on," The pink hedgehog informed her hero bluntly. "Then you slammed into a concrete floor head first. If you're going to try to cover up the pain, at least attempt to be more subtle."

"What do you mean?"

Amy shook her head, slightly amused. "That smile was faker than a false chaos emerald that was used in a lame attempt to cause chaos control."

Sonic let out a chuckle. "And that Ames, was a pretty corny saying."

She shrugged her acquiescence. "Just trying to prove my point." Her eyes softened. "You're in pain Sonic, mostly because you were rescuing me from a combination of impulsiveness and stupidity. I'm sorry."

Sonic suddenly found himself feeling stupid. How could he have not noticed Amy's intuitiveness? She saw right through him, a talent that would probably only be contested by Knuckles. She also genuinely cared about him and wasn't trying to tackle him with a tight hug that screamed, "He belongs to me!" Nor was she trying to smother him with kisses.

He managed to speak. "You're not stupid," He corrected. "Naïve maybe, but not stupid. And I don't think anyone is more impulsive than me."

She grinned, before slowly approaching him. He then noticed the cloth bundle in her hand. He sat unmoving as she gently placed the bundle onto his sore head. He yelped slightly at the cold from the ice seeping past his fur, grazing his skin. Then relaxed as the cold began to ease the pain.

"Sorry!" Amy exclaimed hastily.

This time his reassuring grin was genuine. "I'm fine Ames, really. The pain's starting to go away."

Her own expression was one of relief. "Good." She bit her lip briefly in contemplation as if wondering if she was going to regret her impending decision. Moving quickly, she pressed her lips briefly against Sonic's healing head, pulling away just as fast. Her eyes fixated themselves onto the wall as she stumbled out an apology.

"S-s-sorry Sonic. I-I I heard that kisses make the pain go away and and and…" She trailed off into incoherent rambling. Great, you were doing fine and now he's going to push you away because of your forwardness.

Amy was surprised to feel a gloved finger touch her lips, quelling her berating flood. She looked to see Sonic smiling at her. "Actually that did help the pain Amy. Thank you." A mischievous smirk worked its way onto his face. "You know," he continued. "I did run face first into that wall of steel and my nose is starting to feel sore too."

Giggling, Amy leaned forward and gently kissed his nose, not noticing the raspberry blush that spread across his cheeks as her sweet breath skimmed across his lips. Looking at him, Amy smiled and asked, "Any better?"

His blush deepened. "Yeah, much."

Okay, first ever Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic. "Go easy on me" seems like an overused term, but I do hope for some encouragement and constructive criticsm. This is gonna be a series of drabbles, one shots and the occasional twoshot. Most likely this'll be like snowflakes, no chapter having a connection. Unless I do something in my Teen Titans version of this which were alpha drabbles. Hope you guys liked this!