Sorry guys, this is not an official chapter, merely plot previews to two planned sequels to Before the Final Rose Petal Falls. I'm sticking them here because they're short enough to be drabbles and because this is my five year anniversary on ! I had to put something!

No, I have not yet permanently left the Sonic universe. I was working on a Star Wars: The Clone Wars fanfic…actually, I'm still working on it. Once that is done, I will come back to The Artist's Apprentice then get to work on these two stories. Though what's taking up my time right now is Nanowrimo: National Novel Writing Month, a challenge to write an original story comprised of fifty thousand words in thirty days. Yes, you read that correctly, fifty thousand words in thirty days! And it has to be original. Wish me luck.

Whoo, that was a long author's note. Anywho, here are those previews!

As Long as There's Christmas: Sonic absolutely hates Christmas and Amy for the life of her can't figure out why. Not that the stubborn werehog would tell her anything. It's not until Silver and Knuckles explain that it was on Christmas Eve when Sonic's mother Queen Elena succumbed to a broken heart after losing her husband and Sonic's father King Julian to battle months before. Wanting to heal Sonic's own wounded heart, Amy decides with the help of the castle staff to show the prince that it's okay to celebrate as well as honor a loved one's memory.

The Road to Bliss (possible one-shot): Prince Sonic and his soon-to-be-princess Amy are gradually driven insane by the castle's overly enthusiastic plans for the big day. Can they ever find peace, let alone a decent hiding place before the overwhelming stress causes them to refuse to walk down the aisle?