I do not own these characters in either way that they have been presented which I am pulling from; The Bible; and the Dreamworks movie The Prince of Egypt.

My Firstborn

By: Anni Re

You've won. Congratulations.

You may take your leave now.

You, and all whom you've torn this family apart for.

Yes, though you scream to your heavens in denial,

You are still part of this family, this dynasty

Was it not we who raised you,

My mother who pulled you from the river into princedom?

My father who adopted you, turned his head from what you were

Was it not I who loved you

Grieved for you when you left us for the sands which should be your tomb

This is how you repay them? Us? Me?

Your mother who cried to death

Your father who aged to sickness

Your brother…

You are still my brother, you said so

And look what you've done to me!

Are you happy now?

Is your Master's mighty vengeance slaked?

My father killed your people, and you killed my son.

My firstborn, my only, taken from me in the night

Now lies limp in my arms as I carry him,

You come as I lay him down and

Cover him with a shroud of cotton

I hear the beat of your sandals against the swish of sheets

In my fingers

This is your nephew you killed

My son

Why have you come

"You and your people have my permission to go."

Or are you here to rub salt in the wounds of ten swords

You broke your country, your family, you broke me

All for the sake of six thousand strangers

You've succeeded, now go.

I feel your callused hand on my shoulder

A hand befitting a slave

Are you trying to console me?

"Leave me!"

Your comfort is not wanted here

You go and leave me

Cradling his head to mine my son

My son, whom I must watch embalmed and bound

And take the boat ride Osiris took him upon

No, not Osiris

Your God took him

You took him from me

I look at your receding form

Clutching my slain son to my chest

And if one were to look at me

They would say a daemon had clutched my heart

And stared though my eyes at you

As I fell into the blackness of rage and revenge.

Go…brother lead your people on their Exodus

To the deserts where you were lost to me.

But, I will bury my firstborn

Like the king he was meant to be

And my shattered nation will rise from its battered knees

And aim my sword at you.

I shall make a fearful example of you and your kindred.

And the rivers in which your children and brothers rot

Will dye crimson…again

Even the Red Sea will be deserving of its name