Authors Notes: This fic was written for the Jiggery Pokery Ficathon over at LJ. Prompt Ten/Rose and chocolate cake. This story is also dedicated to my friend Gretchen in honour of her recent birthday. The fic takes place approximately one week after the events written about in another story of mine called Dirty Laundry. It is not necessary to read that fic to enjoy this story but I hope you will anyway. Neither are work safe or children safe. Thank you to the fabulous naughtybunny23 for the beta.

Disclaimer: Dr Who and its characters are owned by the BBC and sadly not by me.

The Doctor casually sauntered across the market place, feeling quite pleased with himself. He had left the TARDIS early that morning to find a part for his sentient time ship. Using his charm and disarming smile he had managed to purchase the item at a discounted price and was looking forward to boasting about his cleverness to his beautiful Rose when he returned home.

His Rose. Yes, she was his now. He thought back to the first time they had made love, exactly one week ago. It had been in the laundry after he lost a bet that resulted in him having to do the weekly washing. He had desired Rose for months but cleaning Rose's undergarments filled with her scent had been his undoing. Rose had found him in his moment of personal release but embarrassment quickly turned to mutual desire burning them both with its inevitable passion. The mere memory of that first coupling sent delicious messages to another part of his anatomy and suddenly his casual stroll changed to an energetic jog, as his need to hold her again consumed him.

The aroma hit him the minute he stepped inside the TARDIS. He smiled - Rose was baking again. The sweet scent, heavy and addictive, filled his lungs and set his mouth to watering. Stopping only briefly to shrug off his coat and jacket, he practically sprinted through the console room to the kitchen in his efforts to find out what tantalising delicacy she had created today.

He stopped abruptly, just short of the open door, taking in the scene in front of him. Rose was facing away from him, her shorts-covered bottom high in the air as she bent over to remove a delicious cake from the oven. He watched as she straightened up and placed the hot baking tin on a wire rack before removing her oven mittens.

He entered the room and took her in his arms.

"Now that is a sight worth coming home to," he murmured in her ear before capturing her lips with his.

Happy to be in his arms again Rose returned his kiss with equal fervour. However she laughed when he eventually let her go.

"Uh huh, and aside from that very domestic remark, what sight are we talking about? Me or the cake?"

The Doctor took a step back and with an intentional leer he let his eyes wander over Rose's body, from the top of her blonde head to the small yellow halter top covering her beautiful breasts to down further where her deep blue shorts kept hidden the pleasurable secrets that she had so recently let him discover.

"Mmm," he said, drawing her close and kissing her again. "Definitely looking at you."

"Good answer," she replied softly. Leaning in, she placed small kisses along the line of his cheekbone before tracing a path up to his ear. "You realise though that you'd be more convincing if your eyes didn't dart to the cake every few seconds."

The Doctor's face flushed with colour. She was a clever one, his Rose.

Not letting her go completely, he tucked her arm up under his and drew her towards the kitchen table.

"Oh, Rose, you know how much you mean to me but be fair. You have to admit that this-" pointing to the still warm cake on the table "- is a pretty big distraction."

As he moved closer to the table, his superior abilities catalogued the aroma, texture and appearance of the confection. Suddenly his eyes widened as the input from his senses led to a startling conclusion.

"Rose, is that what I think it is?" he questioned, the anticipation clearly evident in his voice.

"Weeeell," she drawled, doing a perfect imitation of him. "Depends on what it is that you think it is," she teased.

"Is that by any chance although it ought to be impossible, what with the mystery of the kamikaze chefs and their 'oh it's an old family recipe and I'd commit hara kari before I revealed the secret' line, but is that quite possibly, against all odds, a Falvoridash Lavidian mud cake?"

Rose smiled, pleased by his excitement, answered his question with a simple "Yes!"

"But…but how," he stammered. "And more importantly, when?"

Her smile broadened, the hint of tongue caught between her teeth making him forget momentarily that he was waiting for an answer to his question.

She moved closer to him to whisper in his ear. "Two nights ago, when you took me to Poctenero Five, remember?"

His mouth dropped as he realised what she was talking about.

Rose continued to murmur seductively in his ear. "Bet you didn't think I'd be coherent enough to do anything after what you did to me there now, did you?"

He gasped and pulled back from her. "You mean after we … you know? Nah, you could hardly walk afterwards."

Rose smiled inwardly. From the look of shock on his face he obviously thought he had been that impressive. She let him stew for a few moments before letting him off the hook.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but yeah, you were that good. Actually I ducked back into the restaurant yesterday morning while you were in conference with the council."

"What? When you were supposed to be staying here on the TARDIS?" A note of irritation crept into his voice. "Rose, what have I told you about going off alone? You know you could have been –"

"Doctor, I was fine," she said defiantly, cutting him off mid sentence. You said yourself that this was a peaceful planet. No feuds or war mongering, just art, culture and intellectual beings with a taste for fine cuisine."

"But Rose, I just… I mean… Damn it, what if something went wrong? I can't protect you," he shouted. His next words however were spoken in a low unsteady voice that betrayed his very real fears. "If something happened to you, Rose I don't know what I'd do."

Any arguments Rose had disappeared as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him close.

"Hush now. That's not going to happen. It wasn't before you told me you love me and definitely not now. I'm never going to leave you. But Doctor, you can't always protect me. I need to do some things on my own. I wanted to tell you what I was doing but then that would've spoiled the surprise. Please don't be cross with me," she implored.

The pleading look she gave him melted away any ire he felt. It was impossible to stay mad at this bewitchingly brilliant woman. Glancing over at the table, he smirked. "Okay, I'll forgive you," he answered, "if I can have a piece of that cake."


"What? Why not?" he said, a frown replacing his cheeky smile.

"Not ready yet is it?" countered Rose. "Got to put the frosting on first. Go have a shower or tinker with the TARDIS for half an hour. Then it should be finished and you can have a piece."

"But Rooose," he whined. "It's fine like it is, so tempting and delicious and edible."

"Yes it is, just like me," she giggled, but her laughter was short lived as she saw the sudden flash of desire cross his face. "Go," she encouraged before reaching up and kissing him. "I promise it will be worth the wait."

He caught the mischievous gleam in Rose's eye and it dawned on him that she was up to something. Always ready to play any game she chose he backed down on his argument to stay.

"Okay, you win … this time," he replied, his grin wide. "I'll make myself scarce for half an hour but in the words of a very good Austrian friend who really should be president, I'll be back."

Chuckling at his own pop culture reference he left the room.

As Rose watched him leave she could not help but think how much she loved him. Returning to the kitchen table she gathered together the ingredients required for the chocolate frosting. As she worked her mind turned back to two nights ago when the Doctor had taken her to dinner at a fancy restaurant on Poctenero Five. It had been their first 'real' date since making love in the laundry a few days earlier and he had been very excited when he managed to get the nearly impossible dinner reservation.

The Doctor had been the perfect gentleman, opening up doors and holding out her chair for her. Not knowing the language Rose allowed him to order both the main course and wine. When the meals came, they were well presented and delicious. It was interesting therefore when the desert menu was presented that it was in English. When Rose questioned the Doctor he explained that this particular restaurant was famous for its deserts throughout the galaxies and the owners made more money from them then any other meal they served. When she had asked why he simply shrugged but the smile playing at his lips had her convinced he was hiding something.

He suggested to her that they try the mud cake although at the time she could not remember the exact title of the desert. As a lover of chocolate, it was something Rose would probably have selected herself so she agreed readily and waited with anticipation for their order to arrive.

The cake when it came was in a large bowl with two silver forks so they could share. However the Doctor had stopped her when she went to feed herself. Instead he used his fork to break off a piece of the desert and brought it to her mouth. It had been such a romantic gesture, and the cake so tantalizing that she forgot about all human etiquette and let him feed her.

She remembered how the first taste of the warm gooey confection had surprised her. The texture was soft, the taste rich and velvety and the melted chocolate fudge that was the icing sent shivers of hedonistic pleasure through her body. As the Doctor fed her another mouthful she silently wondered if this was the chocolate equivalent to sex and an audible moan escaped her lips as she savoured another piece.

It was then that she realised the Doctor was up to something else. The free hand that was not feeding her the cake had slipped underneath the long table cloth and was caressing her thighs, pushing up her short skirt until they reached her scanty underwear. Finding his way underneath the lace he started to gently stroke her clit with his thumb while two other fingers pushed their way up inside her, going as deeply as they could.

As he thrust the digits in and out of her he talked about the desert but every word was dripping with sexual innuendo. She tried to remain quiet but as he stroked her without mercy she let out a loud moan which had the waiter over quickly to enquire if 'madam' was all right. The Doctor in a calm voice had told him that she was fine, just overwhelmed and incredibly excited by the absolute indulgence of the desert. The waiter appeared to find this explanation satisfactory and went back to his other duties.

The Doctor continued his torment, as Rose had tried to hold back the sounds of pleasure she was desperate to make. He began rubbing her clit in hard tight circles whilst increasing the speed of his thrusting fingers inside of her. Watching her eyes he could see the moment she broke and swiftly captured her mouth with his own, swallowing her screams of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her.

It was only when she had finally calmed that he released her, his eyes glowing with lust and love.

Afterwards he had revealed to her the secret of the restaurant's success. "Enjoy your desert, Rose Tyler? Best chocolate aphrodisiac in the whole galaxy."

In a breathy voice she had to agree with him and then taunted him a little when she realised he had fed her the whole piece, keeping none for himself. He laughed and said it was well worth missing out on and he would do it again just to see the ecstasy on her face as she came. Her hand on his groin had stopped his hilarity as desire ran fierce in both of them. She remembered him asking for the bill, throwing down the money, inclusive of a huge tip. He then grabbed her hand and practically dragged her from the restaurant. She had never seen him so aroused and knew then they would not make it back to the TARDIS.

As she completed icing the cake with the frosting, Rose smiled as she recalled him taking her against a brick wall in an alleyway, not caring who might see them. Afterwards he had carried her the short distance home and they had made love once more, slowly and gently, as if they had all the time in the world.

Footsteps in the corridor shook her out of her memories and warned her of the Doctor's approach. Looking at the cake, she grinned. It was time for a little sweet revenge.