This little story was inspired by a Dream I had, I had a wired dream of like reading a version of Pinocchio and the main Charter was a girl and though that wouldn't change the story, Wrong!

In the night inside a nice little toy shop, a toy maker was working on his latest looked like a puppet, a little girl pupet, she had long black hair and wore a light blue dress with white sleaves. the toy maker Geppetto felt proud of his work

" Pinocchio" he called.

" coming father" a young little boy dressed in a yellow shirt, red overall pants and a blue bow tied in the front, he came down the stairs, a little cricket was hopping behind him. the boy approached the work table, the cricket hid inside the boy's pocket

" ah Pinocchio my boy I like you to meet some one" he lifted the boy up to view the new puppet, Pinocchio starred at the puppet and felt confused

" who is that?" he asked

" this" Gepetto said " this is your sister"

"Sister?" Pinocchio asked " whats a sister?", Pinocchio maybe a human boy and have been going to school but he never learned about sisters or brothers.

" well..." Geppetto was trying to find the right answer, then the cricket from Pinocchio's pocket hoped out on the table,

" Pinoc, a sister is a member of a family who's a girl" the cricket explained

" ah yes Jiminy thank you". Geppetto said, Jiminy was finally introduce to Geppetto thanks to Pinocchio, and the two have be come good friends, the cricket inspected the new puppet

" it's a great work of art Geppetto" he said, he noticed the dress color was the same as the blue fairy's.

" oh." Pinocchio responded to Jiminy's explanation " then what am I to her?"

" you to her are a brother" Jiminy answered " and as a brother you have a responsibility to look after and make sure your sister doesn't get hurt"

" Gee" Pinocchio though hard " will it be hard?"

" no, no my son" Geppetto spoke " it'll come to you when you know it, and I'll name your sister after my own sister"

the cat Figaro jumped up on the work bench, Figaro was once a small kitten has grown into an adult slender cat. he looked at the new puppet. the gold fish Cleo, sadly the original passed away and a new fish was swimming around, they named her Cleo 2

" whats her name Father?" Pinocchio asked

" we'll call her Gizela" Gepetto, he looked at Figaro " what do you think". the cat didn't really care, he just curled up and gave out a big yawn, the toy maker turn to Cleo 2

" what do you think Cleo 2?" the gold fish danced in the water, then the old man turned to his son " Pinocchio?"

" I think it's nice father" he said.

" then it's settled, Gizela it is". Geppetto looked at his watch " Now it's time to go to bed".

I wanted to make some time past since the first Film so Figaro is a grown cat and The first Cleo died of old age, the New Charter I wanted to Name Giselle , but i like Gizela better, now Pinnochio is my third favorite Disney Film and I'm having a hard time figuring out if it's Polan or Italy the story takes place.

I know dumb opening for the story