" well it's a good thing you didn't get to wrapped up in it" Jiminy said walking her home, Pinochio had already gone home after his game with the other boys ended and asked Jiminy to take his sister home

" I know Jiminy" Gizela said " I don't wanna end up like my brother" she said " like you told me"

" don't worry Gizela that won't happen to you" he said " just let your conscience be your guide". the little cricket stopped in his tracks

" you never heard the song did you?" he asked

" No" the wooden girl replied

" well lets sing it" he said


Jiminy started to dance while twirling his Umbrella

"When you get in trouble and you don't know right from wrong

Give a little whistle!" The cricket took off his hat and whistled into it, covering it he lifted his hand and the whistle echoed out. Gizela not having a hat her own, started to giggles

"Give a little whistle!" Jiminy returned the hat back on his head

"When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong ,give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!"

Gizela started to dance along

"not just a little squeak" Jiminy explain , pucker up and blow" he made a really loud whistle

"And if your whistle's weak, yell" He pointed at The wooden girl

" Jiminy Cricket" she sang

"Right!" The cricket sang, now he's letting Gizela take a turn at singing

"Take the straight and narrow path" she sang while pretending to walk on a thin line "And if you start to slide" she almost lost balance but was pretending" Give a little whistle!" she tried to whistle but nothing happen and she blushed " Give a little whistle! " Jiminy came to her side and whilst for her.

"And always let your conscience be your guide" he sang

"Take the straight and narrow path And if you start to slide, Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!" he continued to sing

"And always let your conscience be your guide"

"And always let your conscience be your guide" Gizela finished the last bit of the song. soon the two were laughing

Gizela knew she was safe with Jiminy to guide her in fact she came up with her own verse to the song

" if I'm told if something right and it's wrong I better whistle" she gave a whistle and it was small but heard able " with Jiminy on my side nothing can't go wrong with a whistle" Jiminy Jumped on her shoulder

" And always let your conscience be your guide" the two sang together.

I liked that song from the movie

Give a little Wistle (c) Disney

Gizela's Verse made up by me.

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