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I wanted to write this because its stuck in my head this is my first try let me know if you think i should keep going.

I looked again at what i held in my hand totaling the math over and over. This couldnt be right. At the thought I instantly felt a flutter in my stomach and was on my knees throwing up again. I felt my hair being pulled back and I waved my hand for him to leave.

"Bella please, whats wrong" Edward was rubbing his cold hand across my damp forhead the feeling helping to bring me out of my stupor.

"Edward, call Carlise I need to speak with him now" Just as the words left my mouth the phone began ringing. Edward fished it out of his pocket.

"Shes right here" Edward said handing the phone over to me. "Bella you will be fine we will figure this out," was Alices calm reply. Then it was quiet for a heartbeat and Carlise was speaking to me, "Bella Im here Alice said you needed me."

"Carlie I think.. I think im pregnant" I stumbled across the words instantly nauceous again. I struggled to hold back the sickness pooling in my gut. I watched as Edwards expression became very blank, and he quickly jerked the phone from my grip.

I could hear him talking to Carlise in the other room anwsering questions about how I was feeling. Asking questions about how I could possibly be pregnant. I tuned it all out. I didnt want to know I didnt care. Get it out of me I kept thinking over and over in my head. This isnt right this isnt what I want..

I thought back to the dream I had been having for the last week. I was screaming out in pain being ripped apart from the insides. I looked down as my stomach moved I could feel the tearing and see the hand pressing against my insides clawing its way out. I was black from the bruising the pain breaking my bones. I could feel the rage the hate permeating from the thing inside me. It was hard to think as I felt the thing inside me trying to break free. To get lose and drink. It wanted free it wanted blood. I screamed and my back broke as it pressed harder and then tore into me biting its way out of my over extended stomach. My blood running now pooling under me.

No.. I cant let this happen. I needed..

"Bella we are leaving now". I looked to see Edwards standing next to our luggage packed and reaching to pick me up. I attempted to stand to tell him we couldnt let this happen. When he jerked me upright a strange look on his once handsome face. "We need to go now. Can you walk or will i need to carry you?" He asked as he held me upright.

"Edward please, I am so sorry I never ment this to happen." I felt the tears welling up as a sudden pain jerked me to my knees. Already this thing inside me was taking over.

I dont know how I knew that it was evil but I felt it in every part of my body. I had to struggle to keep from fainting as I was gripped with another dizzy spell.

"Bella, are you okay is my baby ok? " Edward placed his hand on my stomach and seemed to be listening for something. "Shhh little one daddy is here I will take care of you soon baby soon".

"Edward, are you talking to the mon.. the child?" I asked. He seemed to look at me as if he had forgotten I was even there.

"Bella our baby, hes so very hungry." Then he turned and walked away. I laid a hand on my stomach and felt another movemenet.. Let it starve I thought and then Edward was back with a raw steak in his hand. I looked up at him confused for a moment and then he placed his hand in my hair and pulled my face upward gently.

"open your mouth bella I am going to squeeze the steak and you need to swallow." I looked over at him my head still held in place. He lifted the meat and I was assaulted with the smell. I instantly jerked away.

"Edward what are you. Stop!" I pulled back again harder this time. " I am not eating a raw steak what is wrong with you?" I screamed at him confused by his strange behavior..

"Bella he needs the blood and this is all that I can do for now. I have to feed our child. You need to feed our baby." He tried again to reach for me and I backed away into the wall my hands out in front of me.

"Stop this Edward, what are you thinking Im not going to do that. This thing is not our baby Edward its not right its... you dont understand!" I tried to explain again but my stomach clenched and I was suddenly in Edwards arms as his cold embrass cooled my suddenly raging tempature. I was sweating and shaking as he lifted me to the bed.

I lay for a moment against his cool skin trying to get control of my body. I looked as he moved and then laid his head on my stomach to begin whispering. I struggled to hear what he was saying hearing only a few words here and there. "I will baby", "yes hungry shhh", "daddys here".

"Edward I think I need to tell you", I began. "I have been having some very strange dreams about being pregnant and the baby is not human. Its evil Edward its not even a baby its not right at all." I waited for him to acknowledge me but he continued to sooth the thing in my stomach..

"Edward! Stop this right now you dont understand this thing is not what you think. I am not having this child!" I screamed it at him and he turned his head to me slowly. The look on his face was something I had only seen once when he attacked James the night he bit me.

I tried to move away from him I couldnt explain why i should suddenly fear my Edward.

"edward im so sorry you need to understand i love you please i want your child but this is not..." I didnt get any further as Edward moved over me and was suddenly holding down my shoulders with one hand.

"Bella our son needs to feed and you are going to be a good mother and feed him now." He again held the steak above my head and began to squeeze as the blood dripped slowly to land on my lips. I clamped my mouth closed tightly shaking my head no from side to side.

What was happening "Edward stop please stop no!" I fought which I knew was pointless screaming at him trying to break him from whatever was going on in his head. Suddenly his hand was in my hair and I felt it being ripped hard and I cryed out with a gasp at the pain.

As soon as my lips parted I choked on a mouthfull of blood.. I started to spit it out gagging, as Edwards hand closed over my mouth and he plugged my nose. I held on as long as I could as he forced me to swallow. I struggled but the need for air overcame my desire and I swallowed and as soon as I did I was gulping in air. After another breathe I again had a mouthfull of blood and was again forced to swallow in the same manner.

The tears spilled over as I looked at the man i loved as he continued to force me to drink. He stopped suddenly, looking down at my stomach and smiled. "Bella love its fine now, hes full and hes going to rest awhile." Edward reached over and ran his hand across my check smiling, " Bella hes going to be fine we will get home to the others and all will be well." He leaned down placing a kiss on my lips and left the room.

I laid still for a moment completely in shock of what had just happened. I knew that somehow Edward could hear the thing inside me and he wanted to protect it. I knew that he was taking us home. If only I could, and then I jumped up and was searching for my purse. I found it on the bathroom floor next to the discraded box of tampons. I almost felt the urge to laugh at that. I was losing it I needed help.

i grabbed my phone and dialed.. It rang and rang. No anwser and still i waited.. Please oh god please pick up..


"Oh god Jake" I whispered knowing he could hear me.

"Bella?" " Bella whats wrong?"

"Jake hes bringing me back, you have to help me please!" i took a ragged breathe trying to think of how to explain.

"Bella whats going on what did that bastard do?"

"Jake please when I get back please hes making me... I dont want to do it..

The phone was jerked from my hand as Edward quickly hung up the call. I was pulled into his arms and welcomed the darkness that took me...