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Radar comes home tired and weary. He stops on the sidewalk leading home and sees the American flag hanging on the porch and he wonders for a bit. Then steps back and gives it a salute then goes in the gate and up the walk leading home. Radar's mother stands on the porch sweeping of the dirt and leaves and she see her son and she smiles a mother's love at him and she asks:

"Have a good day at the store son?"

He sighs then says:

"Mister Greene had a heart attack today"

His mother gasps and puts her hand to her mouth and Radar continues,

"They will have to sell the store in order to pay for the hospital and stuff"

He goes on in with his mother behind him. She puts the broom up in the corner of the porch and he hangs up his hat on the hat rack over a small table with some daisies in a vase and he wipes the sweat off his forehead then his mother comes in and with worry in her eyes, asks Radar:

"What about you?"

He sits down in a chair and thinks of the words to say then he takes a deep breath then tells his mother:

"The store is going to be shut down immediately until it's sold and with the way things are, that could be….."

He shrugs his shoulders to indicate that he doesn't know and his mother coughs then says:

"Well, I think that now it would be a good time for you to do this…."

He looks at his mother with suspicion and then asks:


She turns and goes into her room then comes out with a pamphlet and she holds it up and it says Ottumwa college and she says:


He says:

"Oh ma!"

He gets up and goes to the kitchen and comes out with a grape nehi and sits back down in the chair and says:

"Not this again ma"

She sits down on the end of the couch by Radar and gently says:

"You graduated high school Walter"

He takes a gulp of his Nehi then says:

"That was just a little correspondence course from Indiana that Colonel Blake helped me finish"

She smiles at her son then says:

"So? You still graduated son, no matter what anybody says, weather it's a traditional school or a correspondence school; you still graduated"

He thinks on it then says:

"Yeah but…"

She puts down the pamphlet then says:

"No buts Walter, this is the best time for you to do this with the store shut down"

He starts feeling inside like he is going to give in to his mother but he manages several more reasons to not go to college:

"What about the farm? What about you?"

She smiles and she tells him:

"Walter, ever since your friends sent Park Sung to us, the farm has never been better, we're not going to be rich like that family, the Winchesters, the one that their son was in the war with you?"

Radar shakes his head and his mother continues:

"Walter, the farm is in fine shape, I make enough off of it to take care of myself and Park Sung….you need to take care of yourself"

He begins to say:


She hushes him and takes his hands in hers then says:

"And as for me, I'm in fine shape and I want you to do this"

Radar brushes a tear away and he says:

"But Uncle Ed wanted me to be here to watch after you"

She touches his cheek and says:

"Your Uncle Ed was a dear man and he thought with your father dead and me being still so young when he died, I needed help; I never did, your Uncle came to live here really because he was by himself, he never married. YOU take care of yourself Walter, don't give up on yourself because of me! Land sakes, I'm out of breath for talking so much!"

He smiles and she laughs then he says:

"Well, I always did want to go to college but what about money? We don't have enough money"

She stands up and says:

"I've already checked on that. First off, there's a lot of college loans you can get and with you being a veteran, you can also get a loan from the V.A."

He looks at the pamphlet again then at his mother and asks:

"Are you sure?"

She stands up and says:

"As sure as I'm going to go fix your favorite supper"

She leaves to go in the kitchen and he says:

"Wow, ham and potatoes, she must be serious"

He stands up and walks around the living room then says:

"I'm going to go talk to Park Sung ma"

She comes to the kitchen door wiping her hands with a kitchen towel then says:

"I think that's a good idea son, you go talk and I'll make supper and I'll ring the dinner bell when ready"

He gets his hat and smiles and says:

"Thanks mom"

He puts on his hat then leaves.

He goes outside and walks 20 yards from the house to a little modest guest house where Park Sung stays. The Korean farm boy that Radar and his family sponsored to let him come. He never regretted taking Park Sung in….he knew he had to do something to help anybody get away from that war but he had a sneaking suspicion that his family over there sent Park Sung his way because they had found out his hardship on the farm because of his mom.

He stopped and looked in the window and Park Sung was reading like always, trying to learn more about the English language. Sometimes Radar wondered if he knew half as much as Park Sung.

He knocks on the door and Park Sung comes to the door. He has grown some since leaving Korea, Park Sung wasn't even sure of his birthday so Radar gave him his own birthday to share with Park Sung and he roughly guessed Park Sung to be 17.

He smiled when he saw Radar and said:

"Good evening Walter"

Radar smiled and said happily:

"Hey! That's very good Park Sung! You're getting better all the time!"

Park Sung smiles and says:

"Your cousin, Anna Marie, gave me a old English book to study and get even better"

Radar smiles with pride and says:

"And you will! Even better than me!"

Park smiles then says:

"But there is so much to learn…nouns, verbs and other things"

He puts the book down in the chair then Radar clears his throat then says:

"Well, Park Sung, that's not why I'm here…I won't be working at the store anymore, the man who owns it had a heart attack and they are selling the store"

Park Sung adjusts his glasses then says:

"Then you will be working at farm?"

Radar smiles then says:

"No, that's another reason I'm here, I'm going to try going to college and I won't be around here much"

Park Sung says:

"It is good for you to go to college but I will be sad not to see you"

Radar smiles then tells him:

"Oh, you'll see me, I just won't be able to help you much"

"Oh" Park says then Radar tells him:

"I Know you need help and I have decided to put up 'help wanted' signs"

Park Sung looks confused then asks:

"Help wanted?"

Radar softly laughs then says:

" 'Help Wanted ' a sign that I'll put up to let people know I want people to help working on the farm with you"

Park Sung smiles then says:

"Oh, that is good"

Radar shakes his head then says:

"Well, good night Park Sung"

"Good night Walter"

Radar turns and leaves. Once he's outside, he looks up at the stars and smiles then hears his mother ring the dinner bell then turns back and opens the door to Park Sung and says:


He closes the door and happily walks home.