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The wedding was being held in a neighbor's living room, little wildflowers were spread around the room and folding chairs were placed in for the guests, as time went on, the guests came and took those seats. Patty was going around the room taking care of last minute things and then a elderly woman came and sat down at the piano in the room and started playing soft melodies until the time for the wedding actually starts.

The Minister comes in the room and goes where he is supposed to stand and then comes in some men, one of the gentlemen is obviously the groom and his best man and they go to where they are supposed to stand. Then the woman at the organ starts to play the 'Wedding March' and Patty is leading Edna O'Reilly down the aisle to get married.

Edna has on a beautiful dark blue two piece suit with a pretty matching pill box hat and she is carrying a banquet of yellow wildflowers then the ceremony starts. The room full of guests each look on at the couple getting married with love, all the women cry and the men beam with pride for their friend. One couple looks lovingly at each other and that's Sherman and Mildred Potter.

Just then the hear the minister say, "You may kiss your bride" so Edna and Mister Sims share a long loving kiss in front of their guests and they run down the aisle as the guests clap.

Later as Radar and Patty stand by the desert table outside, a soft breeze goes by them and as they talk, Col. Potter and wife comes up to them as does Alvin and Maude and Sherman says, "I'm proud of you son" Radar beams with pride and says, "Thank you Col. Potter sir" Sherman then asks, "What did you and Mister Sims talk about?" Radar smiles then says, "Oh, this...that" Patty playfully swats him then he says, "No, really, at first, I was so nervous going to see him but I went over to his house..." Radar sees himself walking up to Mister Sim's house then stopping at the door and he looks nerously around then takes a deep breath and knocks on the door and the door opens and he gives a nervous smile then says,' Evening Mister Sims...I bet you are surprised to see me. Well, I, ahem, thought it was about time we talked...may I, um, can I come in?" After a few minutes, Radar smiles and goes in and he says, "I think we should have talked earlier Mr. Sims" The door then closes.

Radar comes out of his memory and says, "And that's the way it ended" Patty looks at him then at the Potter's and she says, "I'm so proud of him" Radar blushes then says, "Well, he is a nice man... " He looks over at his mom, who is now Mrs. Sims and her new husband sitting and talking and you can feel the warmth between them then he says, "At least I don't have to call him Pop" Everybody laughs then Radar looks at Patty and he asks her, "Would you like to go for a walk?" She puts down her drink then says, "I would like that" Radar then says to everybody, "Excuse us" Radar and Patty turn and walk away arm in arm and Mildred says to Sherman, "There's love blooming there" Tears mist over Sherman's eyes and he says, "He deserves it". Alvin turns to Maude and asks, "Would you like to dance?" She says, "I thought you would never ask" He takes her gloved hand and they walk to the dance floor.

Radar shyly looks at Patty then he lets go of her arm and he walks a few steps away from her and Patty looks at him confused then she asks him, "Walter, what's wrong?" He looks at her and says, "Oh, nothing's wrong, I just...have something to ask and I'm...not..sure how to...or if this is the right time" She walks up to him and looks into his eyes then says, "Just ask me" He feels his heart beating like rain in a thunderstorm but he manages to find the words and he says, "Well, it's just that I got to thinking, we've been seeing each other for a while now but I never have...asked you to, well, be my girl" She catches her breath then says, "Yes, you did Walter" He looks confused then asks, "When? I don't remember..." She puts her fingers on his lips then says, "You did every time you looked at me" He starts breathing again and she wraps her arms around his arms and she says, "And I would be honored to be your girl Walter" He smiles and they just stand there together.

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