Always Have Me Part 7

Part 7- Epilogue

The day had arrived of Jim and Melinda's tenth wedding anniversary. They decided to exchange vows again. It would be exciting because this time they had Aiden and some new friends that weren't in their first wedding.

Aiden was cute as the ring bearer. Jim's friend Louie's daughter, Vanessa was the flower girl.

Jim awaited the entrance of Melinda after Delia and other bridesmaids had walked down the aisle. Melinda finally appeared looking as radiant as ever in an off-white wedding dress. When she arrived to stand across from him in front of the priest, he couldn't help but say," You look as beautiful as the first time I saw you, if not more," he declared.

Melinda smiled brightly, wishing she could go over and kiss him now, but they had to say their vows first.

The priest spoke up and then the couple stated their vows. Then it was time to put back on their rings. After they exchanged their rings, the priest said the groom could kiss the bride.

" This time I am kissing you first," Melinda hissed and then she went for it.

Everyone cheered, especially Aiden for it had been the first wedding he had got to be part of the wedding party.

Later as everyone ate and danced, Jim took Melinda aside.

" Melinda I just wanted to promise something to you," he stated.

" What is it Jim? Are you feeling all right?," she inquired.

" I am fine Melinda. It just feels great to be here today, with you and Aiden. It feels strange that a few years ago I didn't know if I would see you again," he declared.

Melinda tried not to cry.

" Jim don't say that. We have each other now and forever."

" Mel, I just wanted to tell you I love you and you'll always have me. We have been through a lot this first decade of our marriage, and I want to wake up and see you even when we reach fifty years. But I want you to promise me if anything else happens you won't give up on living life, for yourself and Aiden," Jim stated.

" Stop getting emotional Jim. Something I have realized these past few years is that we can get through anything together," she retorted.

" Promise me anyway Honey," he pleaded.

Melinda nodded.

" I will Jim. I will always be content until the day the world ends that I will always have you," she stated.

Jim smiled.

" Now that's my girl," he declared before kissing her.

When they pulled back, she caressed his cheek and asked," Jim are you okay?"

" Yes of course Mel. I just got emotional thinking about what you have gone through alone and with me the past several years," Jim replied.

Melinda hugged him with all her might.

In the years to come as Jim and Melinda were busy working, to both make a living and dealing with the ghosts that came and went in their lives , they would also have another child and would name her Andrea Marie Clancy. As Aiden and Andrea grew their parents would try to protect them from the evil shadows and guide them towards living life the way they would want to. At first Jim and Melinda were concerned that Aiden would not be able to deal with both the dead and living, however when they discovered Andrea also had the gift, they decided to let both the kids decide for themselves.

They lived to an ripe old age together. Aiden would end up becoming a biomedical engineer and started his own company. Andrea took over Same as it ever was and helped to her mother expand the franchise, before Melinda decided to retire.

The End

From Melinda to Jim ( when she thought he was gone for good)

Please Don't Leave Me

Waking up now and again

Seeing you not where you should be

Beside me as we promised each other

Some moons ago

I don't know how to live without you


Please don't leave me

Going on with life now seems fruitless

For we started on this path together

Now I tread along myself

Awaiting the day when I see you again

If I had known you would leave

I would have held onto you a little longer

Before letting you walk ahead of me

Into a different place


Please don't leave me

I cry as I look up at the moon

We were supposed to embark

On this new avenue together

But now you are somewhere far away

I stand here hoping you shall return

To me one day

From Jim to Melinda( the day they come back home together and on the day they renew their vows)

Always Have Me

We traveled through

This life together thick and thin

We were able to survive a few mishaps

But in the end we used to always

Find each other and hold on tight

Then one day the grip loosened


You'll always have me my beloved

I may not be there when you wake up

I shall be watching over you

Blowing bubbles of hope and love

Towards you

When you feel sad

I will find a way to dry your tears

When you are cold and tired

I will wrap you up in the warmth of a blanket

Never leaving you alone and scared


You'll always have me my beloved

When the wind blows

It may just be me

Sending you a message

Of how much I care for you

When flowers bloom

Recall the happy times and how I have

Always loved you

For better and for worse

You will always have me

Whether I am by your side

Or in spirit simply watching over you