Author's Notes: A very special dedication to Good Day Sunshine! Hope you like it, and sorry it's so short. D: It's a little symbolic/metaphorical, so remember that before you all start asking what the point is. xD

Disclaimer: I don't own Harvest Moon.

A little wet and a lot of warm: that's how Selena loves her summers. So she dances and dances with the sand curling between her toes and her arms twirling in practiced circles; offering herself to the everlasting ocean and infinite sky. Her body moves to the rhythm of nature. And when she closes her eyes, she could swear that she evaporates into the air and becomes part of summer itself. But the ocean is vast and lonely. The sky far and unreachable.

She dances still.

With any luck, a handsome sea spirit will see her and whisk her away to place without any lies or tears or broken hearts. Somewhere where the sun always shines and she's never cold or lonely. Somewhere where the people are as stunning and clear as marine water. Somewhere where the beaches with their rainbow shells spread as far as the eye could see; and where there's always someone she can walk with who would hold her hand.

It would be like an endless summer. It would feel like always being in love.

Footsteps bring her out of her trance. Soft and sandy footsteps. She peaks at the person from behind long eyelashes and sees the boy with aqua eyes and sunshine hair. His skin is translucent. Selena figures he doesn't get much sun.

She dances for him anyway.

When she finishes, he doesn't clap, not even to be polite. She looks at him and he looks at her, and Selena wonders at what point on the horizon does the ocean become the sky, and if that even matters anyway. Because even if the sky and the ocean are complete opposites, aren't they same too? Both can be cruel, violent, and unforgiving; but they can also be calm, beautiful, and completely harmonious together.

And as the boy with sunshine hair and aqua eyes said "goodbye", Selena realized that it really doesn't matter where the sky and ocean meet, because they never really do. The perfect affinity that she and everyone else saw was just a trick of the eye; an optical illusion. And as Gill walked away, leaving the girl with scarlet hair and violet eyes all alone, she looked out into the optical illusion-horizon and watched the sun set on her endless summer.