The trio headed inside the lunchroom making plans for Timmy's party and about Young Musiz.

When they fully were inside, Timmy mouth drop to the floor with his eyes wide open.

Standing there was a tall, long hair blond female. Wearing a pink and black French terry hoodie dress, the woman was handing out demo CD's of Drake, Young Musiz, glow sticks and Drake and Young Musiz T-shirts. The young woman that was handing out the supplies was Veronica and another girl on the other side of the room that Timmy couldn't make out.

"Oh snap one of Young Musiz show girls is in Dimmsdale and she's really hot up close ….OH MY GOD! Timmy she's totally eyeing."

Chester said breaking the silence, everyone turned to look at the trio wondering what's going on.

Veronica smiled brightly as she walked over to Timmy, pushing the blond curly hair from the right side of her face. So she can fully stare into his baby blues, hugging him tightly against her. Everyone in the lunchroom mouths dropped, Ted, Chad and Trixie dropped their lunches in total shock thinking that how could someone like him get with a girl like that.

Veronica stepped back just a little handing Timmy, AJ and Chester there gift bags from Young Musiz and Timmy's party gifts from him also.

"Like Tim, Young Musiz is like really happy to be at your party tonight.

Oh my god, hi AJ and Chester long time no see. Did Tim tell you that we are together? Oh by the way I'm Veronica remember we used to go to the same school"

Aj and Chester shake her hand remembering who she was.

She explained to all of them how sorry she was for being nasty to them when they were younger and that she's a better person now. Trixie and the rest of the popular followed right behind her; Trixie cleared her throat for Timmy and the valley girl to notice her. When the four looked at her, Trixie noticed that. Timmy didn't have the love stroke look written on his face and that Veronica didn't quiver in her shoes at the sight of her. She smiled at this, a little happy that he was over her and finally found another's love.

"Well it isn't my BFF…"

"You mean ex BFFs." Veronica said quickly so Trixie wouldn't finish.

"Oh my bad Veronica. Anyways I thought we would catch up and all, since it would be you and I on stage as back up dancers for Young Musiz at Timmy's party tonight. We could at least be friends again; I'm not that bad of a person seeing how I let Young Musiz perform at Timmy's house."

Veronica rolled her star blue eyes at Trixie turning her back to her and walking out through the double doors. Yelling out to Trixie not to get in her way on stage, Timmy, AJ and Chester all backed away nervously walking away from Trixie and the rest of the popular kids. Trixie was really hurt by Veronica outburst, seeing how she really did want to become friends with her old best friend. A slow tear made its way down Trixie's flushed cheeks. Tad placed his hand on Trixie's shoulder telling her let's move on, she closed turning away walking with her friends back to the table wishing that didn't happen.

Back to Timmy.

"Hey Tim how you feel about what happen there?"

AJ asked after taking a bite from his subway sandwich as Chester waited for Timmy reply.

After taking a sip from his soda, "Man that's some wild stuff, I thought they was going to throw down or name calling but thankfully none didn't happen"

Timmy sighed in relief.

"Yeah you have a point there buddy, but one thing I can't understand is…"

Chester cuts AJ off quickly

" Why didn't you tell us your with Veronica. She looks finer then wine and that Trixie and her going to be Young Musiz's and Drake's back up dancer's on stage at your party tonight. Boy you have it made in the shade dude."

Timmy looked to the side, and then backed at both his friends.

"Well guys we just hooked up yesterday and this party going to be freaken sweet."

"Next week is the the science fair, we've got our project ready for the judges to be amazed and astonished!"AJ proudly states out loud to no one really. "It better be!"Chester interjects with a frown. "All that manual labor I did building this thing with his brain figuring out all of the science junk has gotta add up to those free tickets to 'Pizza Hunt'. After all, I deserve it!" he adds as he burst out laughing.

"I'm sure, no I mean I know you'll both win this year." Timmy says with a genuine smile. "That is if it doesn't go up in smoke like last time."
"How many times have I said it? It was sabotage! Sabotage!" a frustrated Chester rants at Timmy. "Somebody or some bodies conspired to bump our project out of commission and take first prize for himself or themselves! Face the reality, Timmy! It's all a conspiracy I tell you! The truth is out there!"
"Okay! Sure! Whatever!" Mumbles an exasperated Timmy. "What's it supposed to do anyway?"

"It's a perpetual free energy generator!" AJ proudly starts to explain. "It's a new technological breakthrough I've discovered where a machine can generate thousands of kilowatts of electricity without the need for any outside source of energy to operate it. No need for fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, those lame solar panels or even a good old fashioned water wheel to run this baby. It'll revolutionize life as we know it!"

"Not with the little doodad we've tacked together." Chester said with a smirk. "But if it'll get me those tickets, let it light my life!"
"It's just a scale model, Chester, but once the real thing is built full size it could power an entire city!" AJ says with confidence.
"Sounds pretty coolguys, how does it work?" Timmy says with a smile.

"Ah! That's a trade secret!" AJ informs the boy with a smile. "I must not take a chance in revealing its function or its mechanics in public before the judging starts or somebody will abscond with our idea. Can't be too careful!"

"Oh. Well, anyway, good luck in winning!" says Timmy after taking the last bite of his lunch. "I'll be there to see what happens, but right now my party is the only thing on my mind and my girl and Trixie going to be on stage!" he follows with a confident grin.

"Heh! In that case, you'll need more luck than us. A lot more!" A.J. says as he chuckles along with Chester.

"Go ahead and laugh, guys!" Timmy gripes with a frown. "Tad and Chad won't be starting trouble, Young Musiz's body guard would make sure of it" he adds with beaming confidence as he begins to talk away seeing how the lunch was now over and it was time to get to class.

Back to the luxury mansion.

"Hi Wanda I'm all done sitting everything up downstairs, are you done up here?"

Cosmo asked his wife after poofing right next to her after she poofed the rest of the Klipsch HD Theater speakers all around the room.

"Yes hunny, all we have to do is wait for tonight and we'll be all sit.

Young Musiz and Drake said they'll be coming through in a helicopter to make their opening."

Before Cosmo could reply, Veronica and few of Young Musiz's and Drake's body guards and other workers came through the door. Wanda told Cosmo lead them to where they need to be so everything would be just find for the party. Wanda went over to Veronica started to talk to her about what is going to happen tonight. After they was done Veronica asked her what happen to Timmy's real parents, the short answer Wanda gave to her was, Timmy didn't wish to live with his mother and father. He choose to live with us under his own free will.

After 3:15 pm people started to come inside the house.

Wanda, Veronica or Cosmo was shocked that so many kids was bursting through the door screaming his name. Timmy was lifted down by the crowed of people that lifted him inside the house. Everyone either attacked the drinks, food, video games or the laser tag games that was in the huge ass basement of the house. Timmy walked up to his "Parents" and his girlfriend giving all three a huge hug, kissing them all on the cheek.

"Hi Mom and Dad I see you already meant my girlfriend."

Veronica hugged him back as well stepping over to his side smiling with her cheek rubbed against his.

"I'm so happy that we all meet and wished we could have had a day to our self to get to know each other talk more…but right now I have to do my work before Young Musiz and Drake comes here."

Afterwards Veronica got on stage to check the microphones and the huge speakers. Telling the crowed of people that Young Musiz and Drake wouldn't be there until late.

Once done she gave the DJ a list of songs to play, the bright lights shut off as many colorful lights startered to shoot from the walls. Making this the birth of the party, everyone was dancing to the music.

Throwing there drinks or hands in the air like they just don't care, Chester, A.J and there girlfriend was on stage dancing and shooting bubbles on to the crowed of people.

Cosmo and Wanda even invited some of their fairy friends to join in the party.

Timmy and Veronica was in the middle of the crowed dancing there ass, a few girls was steeling quick feels on Timmy's ass, chest or feeling his dick through his jeans. It was the same for Veronica as the males and some bi girls feeling up on her also. At this time almost everyone was intoxicated by the fruity alcoholic drinks. Only ones that wasn't was Veronica (since she has to be dancing with Young Musiz and Drake.) and most of the Fairy's.

So far after a few hours, no one didn't seem to care much about Young Musiz and Drank lateness.

At 5:49 pm Timmy was tired from dancing in the crowed; he managed to find a nice spot to relax at with his girl lying in his lap. Timmy feed Veronica some snacks with his left hand, with the left hand he was playing with her nipple rings. She softly moaned turning her head away from the food, when should couldn't stand it any longer. Veronica got up off the sofa and jumped on top of Timmy's lap, she grand her lower body against his hard on. Holding his head in his arms, she softly whispered into his ear.

"If your parent's wasn't here and I wasn't doing my job…I swear we would be fucking right now."
Veronica can feel Timmy nibbling on the side of her neck. Timmy's hand was down between her legs rubbing her clit through her already wet panties. Both can hear some of the drunken kids cheering Veronica on, taking pictures of her giving Timmy a lap dance. She was a little too loud as she moaned from Timmy teasing her wild and horny body.

"Yes Tim, I'm almost there, keep playing with my clit, daddy make me cum in front of all these people."

In the heat of the moment, the roar of the drunken kids cheering them on excited Veronica to no end. As she was close, she kept saying she loved him and pushing down harder onto his fingers.

When she finally had her sweet relief, she moaned even louder for everyone to hear. Timmy's pants were wet from her squirting all over him. As she tried to catch her breath, she gotten a text from Young Musiz letting her know that the helicopter would be over his roof in 10 minutes so be ready. She sighed well getting up off of Timmy.

"Sorry baby but it's time for the show to start, they'll be here in 10 minutes and I get to be on stage."

Timmy nodded as he got up following his girlfriend right behind her, it was a little hard to push pass everyone to get to the stage. Trixie Tang already on stage waiting for the show to start with a long pink and white robe. Veronica cleared her throat before taking the mic in her hands, the spot lights from the helicopter above them.

"Hi everyone, thank you again for waiting and coming to my baby's hot party.

Young Musiz and Drake is here, please give a shout out to the one and only…"

The spot light got smaller as the fireworks went off right behind Trixie, Timmy and Veronica.

Young Musiz Finally showed up along with Drake. Young Musiz was about 5.5 drake skinned with a ripped body. Claw marks all over his body, an in color tattoo of a dragon fighting a warrior on top of a huge rock. On his arms were smoky skulls; on his right arm was the same however it in the center it was clear but with writing. It was a tattoo of his father, Mother and himself when they were together as family. His dark hair was in the same style as a Predator but his hair was spiky. He wore no shirt with long designer baggy black pants, both Drake and Musiz gave Timmy a handshake and side hug before picking up there mics.

"Yeah are you all ready?"-Drake.-

The hype of the crowed was so loud, everyone from the next street and over can hear them the party.

"Aight then motherfuckers put your hands up and wave them mother fuckers like you just don't care." -Musiz-

Timmy was taken over to the back where a single chair stood by one of the female guards that had a face mask on. She placed headphone on his head to help cancel out some of the loud music from the large speakers behind him so he wouldn't be come deaf. The guard moved her face in front of Timmy as she started to talk just loud enough for him to hear what she had to say.

"Hey Twerp, long time no see. Do you remember who I am?"

Timmy watched as she pulled down the face mask.

To find out, it was Vicky his babysitter, he didn't know should he be scared to death.

He was the one to cause her to lose out in money from babysitting him. He slowly nodded his head yes as she rubbed the top of his head smiling at him.
"You better had remembered me Twerp, thanks to you after I stopped babysitting little kids. I became a body guard for a no name rapper…which became Young Musiz. But hit me up later after this so we can talk more."

Afterwards the music begins to start playing. Vicky took out a card with her name and phone number on it and handing it to Timmy. It was Trixie that started to sing first as she dropped her robe to the floor. Wearing a red and black see through studded cold shoulder dress made by Baby Phat. Under the dress, she had on fishnet shirt and stockings. Keeping everyone from seeing all of her goods was her sexy string bikini. The song she started to sing was a parody to the real song "Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life Ft. Drake."

White screens slide down, from the right, left and behind Timmy. On the three screens appeared to show a bedroom with begs in it, dirt clothes all in one pile in the corner of the room.

"I see roaches out the side of my eye
they are looking at me like hi little cutie
buy some raid is what I advise
it's disgusting but you're a fucking guy

Call the bug man, is who you hire
I'm about to start a fire, on your dirty ass attire
and yes you're a pervert
I call you quagmire
you should give it up, and just retire your old ass

At this very moment you stink
at this very moment there's a bug crawling on your ring
this very moment I cringe
put it on everything, under your clothes there's something fucking moving
and I'm bout to have a breakdown, Yes
no it's not funny I'm stressed, yes
I never seen a roach with gold, teeth
man there's even roaches on your phone, eeh
your house is crazy, roaches in your pepsi
bugs claiming gangs, crips and it's crazy
they came from the hood, they won't leave cuz they lazy
telling all your neighbors, you got roaches on my baby
ain't being scary I'm just frustrated
sooner or later all of them roaches should be exterminated, I hope so
this night just remind me of
that I need take a bath with dove
p p p p put your fucking pants up
it's embarrassing, you think we gonna, hook, up
man this house is just like a dump trunk
hopeless is what you on the brink of

CHORUS by Trixie and Veronica. As both stood next to each other singing.'
these roaches run when I go turn on the lights, the lights
cuz when I seen them I was shocked by the size, the size,
they run and scatter when I turn on the lights, the lights,
(damn they big ass roaches) X3
this is disgusting clean your house out tonight, tonight,

(damn this place is nasty)x3

Young Musiz sliding next to the two girls with the mic in his right hand.

He turned to face both girls.

when I see these bugs bow bow bow, stomp them with my knees
they even got a mafia, they steal all my mothingloving cheese
some of them dominican, bigger than my trees
doing target shopping to get something for them to leave
shocking but I got about 500 of these
shootout to the leader tho, he let me sleep in peace, ooh
they wanna be my friends, isn't that fucking weird
some of them are rappers, they gave me a demo
can't shower, the water is dam cold
40 of them got weave, they look like a trolls
these roaches be doin crimes, man they on parole
gott'm waiting in the kitchen when I get home, sheet
yeah, I'm not even afraid, all these roaches got money they pay they own way
forget about these roaches let's get married tonight
we'll leave the crumbs on the ground they can have buffet
yeah, girl you a prize, you'll get used to them girl let's party tonight
do I really want them gone I can hardly decide
I can't believe you wanna spray them I hope they survive, I care
damn, this one knew how to cook, Sam
I swear this one used to read me some books, Stan
I'm really gonna miss them cuz they were like my kids, and I'm about to cry cuz they used to pay my fucking bills."

Once the beat was over, Young Musiz turned back two the hyped up fans.

Smiling like he just won the lottery.

" This next song go out to my nigga Rucka Rucka Ali, he's a youtube star.

Always making up funny ass parodies so we just helping him out tonight. I hope you love this song as much as we do. If you want to check out more of songs please check him out on youtube."

This time it was Young Musiz and Drake singing the next parody, the three screens showed random pics of jail and funny pics of what they was singing about.

"She was lickin' my nuts,
Eatin' my skeet,
Now I'm locked up,
Beatin' my meat

Open my eyes, yeah
She was only seventeen

We was sippin' on yak,
She takin' her clothes off
Now someone black's,
Tellin' me to bend over

I realize, yeah
She was only seventeen
My life is a story of trials and jailbait
Why do I have a bisexual cellmate?
I told some hoe to get naked
Now I'm in jail,
And I'm gettin' butt raped

Shoulda told her to show me some ID
Before I know it,
She was suckin' on my black dick
In prison, I can't get into a gang
So I'm gettin' gang raped by Mexicans

I fucked up my life
Her butthole was tight
But not worth doin' time
'cause now I'm gettin' boned in mine

I was up in her butt,
Slappin' them cheeks,
Now I'm gettin' love
From a guy named Jesus

Open my eyes, yeah
She was only seventeen
She was lickin' my black dick,
Givin' me blowjobs
Now I'm gettin' sex,
When I'm droppin' the soap, and
I realize, yeah
She was only seventeen

When I was gettin' laid,
Her age was of no concern
Now I'm gettin' AIDS
Them gays are takin' turns
And I just wish them homies would stop rapin' my cornhole
Come on ya'll
Go play basketball

How could I have ever known
That the hoe is underage
I just wanted her to give me and my friends a couple handjobs

I was all up in her sweet pussy
I guess grass on the field isn't enough
I got a Jewish lawyer when I went to court
But my judge knew exactly who I was
And since when should a woman be allowed to be a judge?
They're all mothering fucking dumb as shit

Trixie and Veronica started to dance next to Drake and Musiz as they started to sing next.
He was lickin' my clit,
Drinking my juices,
Now I'm locked up,
Fingering my pussy,
Open my eyes, yeah
He was only seventeen!

We was sippin' on yak,
He was takin' his clothes off
Now some blacks chicks, tellin' me to bend over

I realize, yeah
He was only seventeen
If you ever got a hoe to take her or his pants off
And then the cops takin' you away in handcuffs
And Chris Hansen's sayin' "Why don't you have a seat here with me?"
Ninja please

I shoulda never told the ninja to wipe his dick out
I shoulda never let him nutted up inside my asshole
Because the sperm in my butt was evidence against me
He told me he was 25

he was lickin' my clit,
Fucking me just right
Now I'm locked up,
Fingering my pussy
Open my eyes, yeah
he was only seventeen

We was sippin' on yak,
he takin' his clothes off
Now someone blacks, tellin' me to bend over

I realize, yeah
She was only seventeen

he was up in my pussy,
Slappin' them cheeks,
Now I'm gettin' love
From a dyke named Jesus

Open my eyes, yeah
he was only seventeen
he was lickin' my clit,
eating me out

Now I'm gettin' sex,
When I'm droppin' the soap, and
I realize, yeah
he was only seventeen

In the case of the people VS Young Musiz
The defendant is found guilty
Enjoy getting your butt fucked by a man with many tattoos and questionable citizenship"

The crowed started laugh and cheer there ass off for the whole group.

Timmy was clapping as well, Young Musiz turned around smiling at Timmy Turner giving him the thumps up.

"A; you know we didn't forget about the party boy, I hope you're having fun. Our next song is I Wanna Fuck You. We want you to sing the Plies part, Timmy we all know you can sing. So get off your ass and come join us baby boy."

As Timmy walked over to the four of them, Vicky pulled the chair by them and handed him his own mic.

Wanda and Cosmo was the loudest from the whole crowed. They were happy that Musiz would allow there godson to sing for his friends to. The screens turned to pictures of a strip club, before anyone started to sing. They started to drink water as the music begins to start up.

Timmy held the mic in one hand as he used the other arm to hold Veronica close to him while she grinded against him.'

"Timmy Turner baby, what you know bout dat

I see you whinin and grindin up on dat pole
I know u see me lookin at u and u already kno
I wanna fuck u, u already kno i wanna fuck u, u already kno girl

I wanna sit u in da dunk, show ya'll to da goon
and show u what a real white boy wit money do
I'm caked up and well respected wit shit to prove
to be straight up with cha i wanna fuck u
I'm a street youngin' so u kno i aint Got To Many manners for real
want u to bust it open so I can drop that dick in ya
I'm thug and x-rated plus I'm a real mother loving Hood Youngin' to
I wanna lay that pussy, i dont want ur fone numba
I wanna take u to the crib and fuck u to sleep
I let u get a lil rest and wake u up and beat ya pussy like Santa Claus beat his meat after a child sits on his lap

I bet a stack u aint met a hood youngin' fuck betta than me
and I have bitches swear 2 god I was on three

chorus By Drake as he was behind Trixie'
I see you whinin and grindin up on dat pole
I kno u see me lookn at u nd u already kno
I wanna fuck u, u already kno i wanna fuck u, u already kno girl

Young Musiz got on one knee as he song to his fans.'

let me fill u up with liquor and fuck it out cha
lay u flat on ur bik and get that noise out ya
feel it in ya stomach tearin that bik up out cha
I don't fucking wanna hear u moan baby I wanna hear u holla
dont worry about ya hair do I'll shoot u a few dollas
just when u start ridin me get on them toes for me
I don't like a quiet fuck so tell me how u want it
u need act like its your dick while u on it
I kno imma freak baby and I'm loving dat shit
now I need get u on the same level where I'm at
but when I get ya out there aint no turnin bik
and imma take u from likin it to lovin sex

Up next was Timmy as he song to Veronica. She slowly grinded against him'

and if the pussy good ill fuck ya a week straight
and meet ya at ya crib and fuck u on ya lunch break
cuz imma stay up in dat pussy till ur nutt babe
and put tears in your eyes and a smile on ya face
gimme dat pussy one time that's all it takes
and imma treat u like a big girl okay
and I can tell when u nuttin' I can see ya legs shake
and at that point imma give it to u all the way
cuz imma make u wanna fuck me everyday
fuck me at ya own risk is what I'm fucking tryenna say
cuz imma have ur nose wide open after dis
and make ur panties get wet when u think about this fat ass white dick
u wanna leave me alone but u cant fucking quit
wheneva I aint in that pussy u feel sicker than Chad when he's not getting fuck by his boyfriend Tad
the more times I get it the better it get
so next time u see me think about dis

chorus by all five.*
I see you whinin and grindin up on dat pole
I kno u see me lookn at u and u already kno
I wanna fuck u, u already kno i wanna fuck u, u already kno girl [x2]"

"A hold up Timmy, don't go anywhere. Your girl turn is up and she had something planed for ya lil buddy."

Timmy was pushed by Veronica to the chair. She started to grind herself on top of Timmy kissing him lovingly on the cheek or neck. Her headset was cut all the way up as she begins to sing her part of the female part of the song.

"Daddy I already know...
You wanna touch me Timmy!
I already know baby boy

(She started to strip dance on top of him getting the crowed more excited.

Even made Cosmo and Wanda feeling horny by this leaving them all blushing and hot.)

I kno you wanna drop that big thing off in me daddy
I know you thinkin bout leaving her
Boy you know my pedigree
Aint nothin like them sexy ass Dimmsdale girls

I make it do what it do
You wanna know if it's true
You willin to make her cry
Cuz my body look extra fly

But I got my own Lamborghini
So you gotta do a lil more to see me
My pockets stay full stacked
Graduated from the Laundromat

I'm not your ordinary girl baby
I stay in designer jeans
I'll intrude your dreams
I perfected a walk so mean.

So remember fore you touch it
I'm not wit that nonsense
My love like a convict (Uhh)
It'll shoot right through ya

(Trixie cut her headset on as well as Dance on Young Musiz like he was a strip pole.)
Money in the air
So call me the catcher
You can talk about it
That don't mean I'ma let cha

Bet cha wanna touch on it
Wanna pet the kitty kat
Baby you aint had nothin better
Or wetter just call it Aquafina

I aint like her
My style way meaner
Plus I got good credit
I own four cribs

Now let's move on to the next
I like big things
Like big checks
Like big dicks
Love good sex
We can do it on the phone
Or do it via text

I aint conceited
I'm just fly

Call me the candle
You goin home late
Tellin ya girl lies cuz
You wanna touch me
And I can fucking see why!"

After the word "Why!" came out of Trixie's mouth.

Loud and beautiful fireworks, shot out from the background. Pink and purple bobbles was sent from the sky down into the house, flying all over the place. The moment was so beautiful, Trixie in Young Musiz arms staring into his eyes. Veronica on top of Timmy's lap, looking at the crowed with her bright red face. When Timmy turned his head, he thought a moment he thought he seen Imaginary Gray standing there what seemed like Wanda and Cosmo in there fairy form. But when he blanked they wasn't standing there, only the real Cosmo and Wanda. He wouldn't know why would all of a sudden think about him. It was Veronica that snapped Timmy out of it, as Trixie and Drake was getting off stage.

"Well thank you everyone for coming to Timmy's party. We aren't done yet, I'm going to let Timmy and his girl rest. I know ya probably saying, how come I've only did parodies of other people songs. Well those that know about me should know. I only do parodies; I just got signed with 'spotlight TV.' They are the same people that Rucka Rucka Ali works for on youtube. It's been wonderful to work with Drake and Dimmsdale's most popular daughters. Also give a shout out to Timmy parents for throwing you all this party."

Everyone cheered for Young Musiz, Timmy and Veronica walked off stage giving everyone high fives and signing autographs for random people shouting. It really took them about 14 minutes to get up stairs to another room. Finally opening the door into a room, there was a smell room but outside through the clear door. Were some couples in a hot tub, Timmy wanted to leave out to find another room. But Veronica pulled him in deeper, telling him that almost every room is filled. She really wanted to relax in a hot tub. Before he could reject, he heard a few voices of one that shouldn't be.

When they got there, Veronica was already standing in her bra and panties. When Timmy looked, he finally saw it with his own eyes. Not only was there Chester, Aj and there girlfriend. But that wasn't what pissed him off; it was the guy that looked almost like him but with long hair that was black. It was Gray smiling up at him and Veronica waving his right hand with Lauren Ledergerber sitting right next to him.

"Hello Tim-Tim long time no see buddy. Love the show you gave tonight."


Long time no see everyone.

Man I've been busy for a long time looking for a job and spending time with my friends and family.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and please give me your thoughts on this.