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All of my efforts to keep Bella safe, by taking her far from the clearing where the battle raged below us, by agreeing to stay with her instead of by my family's side, had all been in vain. Now the danger had come to us, here on the mountaintop. Had I chosen to battle the newborns in the clearing I could have killed Victoria there. Instead, I brought her here, directly to Bella.

Good, we have them alone and separated from the rest.

I could hear Victoria's thoughts though she had still not stepped from the forest.

I will take Edward and keep him out of your way while you kill the human girl.

The voice was one I had heard before. It was the newborn that was with her the last time I saw her in Texas. She kept him.

Suddenly the reality of it all washed over me. Victoria wasn't just playing a game with me leading me across the country. She knew all along what she was planning to do. She had sent Laurent to Forks to see if Bella was alone. She was merely distracting me. She hadn't counted on me and my family returning. When she realized we had, she created more newborns and created this army all in an effort to kill Bella, and make me pay for taking James from her.

I grabbed Bella and moved swiftly towards the rock face behind the tent, putting her between the mountain and me. She had never been in more danger in her life and it was because of me. I didn't have Jacob. I didn't have Seth. I had just sent him away. It was the least I could do, to spare his life. I would do Bella no good if I was distracted from protecting more than just her.

Bella knew something was wrong. She knew by my defensive posture that the danger was here.

"Who?" she asked.

"Victoria," I snarled. "She's not alone. She crossed my scent, following the newborns in to watch – she never meant to fight with them. She made a spur-of-the-moment decision to find me, guessing that you would be wherever I was. She was right. You were right. It was always Victoria."

As soon as I finished answering Bella I saw the fiery red head and her blond newborn, Riley, stop from the forest. Riley was focused on me. Victoria couldn't take her eyes off of Bella.

This was the end. One way or another.