disclaimer: Inuyasha is not mine, nor will he ever be. (At least until I take over the world...)

Each night Inuyasha would watch her from his place across the camp fire as Kagome held Shippou closely and told him stories from books or her imagination. Tonight, she recounted a tale from memory; Aladdin and the Lamp.

Inuyasha's twitching ears displayed his interest, even as he tried to appear as though he was not as captivated by the rise and fall of her voice as the kitsune snuggled into her lap.

He was too old for fairytales, but still he listened as the wish granter gave Aladdin whatever he wanted enough to ask for.

Looking at the jewel that hung in pieces around the miko's slender neck, the hanyou couldn't help but be overtaken by the wave of shame that slammed into him as he recalled years spent plotting to find the wish that he felt he was owed, and more recent plans to take what was left of it.

Golden eyes remained transfixed there, on the light glinting off the purified shards, watching her swallow, thinking his dark thoughts before he glanced up at the eyes he could feel watching him. She held his gaze, innocent, beautiful, and trusting, and suddenly he realized that even if he did steal away in the night with the complete jewel, he no longer knew what he would wish for.

"Selfish as he was, the genie still granted him the gift of love," Kagome whispered softly, never breaking eye contact with him, " and so, together, they lived happily ever after."

Author's Note:

This is just a last-minute post. Fairy Tale is the uncut version of my drabble for Livenournal community IY_Issekiwa. The drabble won third place for week #103 - grant, and I'm super proud of it! ^.^