I decided to write a story on how I think Zoe might have got expelled from Bullworth. In this, I thought that she would be in Russell's gang because when she's in her uniform at the end of Bully, she's wearing a white shirt, like Russell and the rest of the bullies do. Also, because there's no girl in their gang, I think this might be why. Anyway, enjoy and please review!

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Chapter 1

Bullworth Blues

I've been coming to this school since I was old enough for my parents to dump me here. Do I like it here? If you asked me out right, I'd probably lie. Truth is; I do kinda like it, it doesn't pretend to be something it's not. The teachers are just as much a bunch of misfits as the kids. Do they pretend to be otherwise? No.

First day back of the year, and I was already bored. The jocks where running up and down the field, like a bunch of brain dead 'roid monkeys. The preps showing off like a bunch morons, for the cheerleaders. The nerds had barely done one lap and looked like they were going to collapse. The greasers were no were to be seen, they thought they where being rebellious by skipping class. The cheerleaders were bouncing around like a bunch of broken bimbo robots, crooning the same thing to the boys. The only group not pretending to be something their not was the bullies. They just didn't take part, and laughed at the nerds. Finally, the little kids trying really hard not to get trampled by the jocks.

It was hard for a girl to get involved in gym class, because if she didn't want to be on the cheerleader squad, then you just knew she'd be sat on the bleachers bored as hell. That's where I was. Along with my bestie Lola, she's Johnny Vincent's girl. She's a total slut, but I like her. She was stretched out, using her leather jacket as a pillow. Eunice, I don't know her to well, but I did feel sorry for her. Mr Burton - our pervy gym teacher, said she was too fat for the cheerleading squad. She was watching all the boys, stuffing her face with chocolates. Beatrice, she's one of the nerds. I don't talk to her that much. I don't hate her, it's just most of the time I can barely understand a word she says. Then there was me, sat near Lola chatting away as usual.

"Didn't you hear? Derby Harrington and Pinky Gauthier are engaged," said Lola. She looked down at the bimbo squad and pointed out which one was Pinky - they all looked the same to me.

"Great…" said I, I sounded totally bored. "Hold on, aren't they cousins?"

"Yep, inbred trust fund turds," said Lola.

"How's things with Johnny V?" said I. I was trying to change the subject, rich people didn't interest me.

"Oh, you know." She didn't sound to excited, I had my suspicions that she may have her eyes on someone else.

That was the highlight of gym class, other than attend class there was very little to do. Lola had to hang around the auto shop with Johnny, so I couldn't go there. Instead I hung around near the old school bus with Russell and his boys.

"There's absolutely nothing to do around here," said I, punctuating it with a yawn.

"Well, me and you could go out, baby" said Trent.

He was the only guy I ever thought was good looking. Well except when I was twelve, I had a thing for Derby Harrington, but I got over that after he opened his mouth and spewed his egotistical word vomit.

"Sure, why not," said I, in the same bored tone. I stood up and dusted myself off.

"Where do you want to go?" said Trent. He didn't look too enthusiastic about the date, even though he asked me

"Anywhere but here," said I.

I totally regretted saying that, when we ended up on the beach, sat under the pier eating grab cakes. I needed to do something interesting, to make up for a crap day.

"Let's make out," said I. I decided not to sugar coat it, and be completely blunt

"What?" said Trent, totally shocked like I'd asked him to marry me or something. He'd gone as white as a sheet "I mean, yeah, sure baby."

We started kissing, he didn't put much enthusiasm into it. Now, I had my suspicions that in his mind, it wasn't me he was kissing. I would have beat him to a pulp, but that'd only be fun until I had to take him to the infirmary. So I just put up with the lukewarm kissing. We broke apart and the boredom returned. I knew I had to do something to bring something exciting to boring old Bullworth, but the question was; what?

With a date like this, I was happy to get back to the dorms. Well, until I found out that bimbo wanted to have a party. Of course, she hadn't invited Beatrice and Eunice. I tried to sneak past her, but she saw me.

"Ah, Zoe. You don't look totally groady. I guess you can, like totally come," said Mandy. I felt like half of my brain cells had just died.

"Like, no thanks. I'm like totally busy, like staring at the like totally groady walls," said I. I made sure to mock her fake bimbo accent perfectly.

"Well, it's in our dorm, so deal with it. Ciao!" said Mandy.

Figures, the bimbo was too stupid to realise I was making fun of her. I was a little happier that she headed upstairs, mainly because I didn't have to hear her voice. One thing I hated more than fake people, was bimbo cheerleaders.

I sat in my dorm to do my homework, it was more interesting than the sleepover. It became more difficult to concentrate because when they all arrived, they cackled like a coven of witches around a cauldron.

"Let's play spin the bottle!" Mandy announced, like it was a honour that she wanted to play this.

"We don't have to kiss each other do we?" said Christy. She was one of Mandy's bimbos, also known as the school gossip.

"Of course not, it'll be truth or dare," said Mandy. She smiled when they all broke into a fit of giggles. All they cared about was the truth part.

At this point, I did join in. I was the only on to have the guts to accept a dare. Mandy of course had to spin the bottle first. It landed on Lola.

"Truth!" she announced. Pointless if you ask me, her life was a open black book.

"Have you slept with Johnny?" Pinky asked.

Lola winked at her and smiled, naturally this meant yes. It set them all of giggling. I wasn't surprised, Lola had already told me this shortly after they got together. She spun the bottle, and they all excitedly watched the bottle wondering who it would land on. Me. Perfect, just my luck.

"Dare," I said, I tried to sound as bored as I could.

"You have to write a love letter to that Gary Smith!" said Mandy.

I hate her more than ever.