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This will be written in Bella's POV and set in Nashville, TN

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December, 2005

"Are you sure you want to do this?" my lover questioned in the darkness. His lips brushed against my jaw. My fingers tangled themselves in his hair. He was gentler than him, always anticipating my every need. My heart screamed in protest.

"No, but I need to," I whispered honestly. He was my salvation. The one that would break the spell, I was sure. You've been sure before, my inner innocent screamed. But this is different, my desperation retorted. I felt him nod against my skin in what felt like agreement, but was acknowledgement instead.

As my lover tried to help me fall deeper into the blue, I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that he may be right…

"Just make me forget," I cried out through a strangled sob. If he understood, or even heard, he didn't acknowledge it. His lips never left my skin as his hands roamed my body freely.




My lover had complied.

Earlier that evening…

He pulled me out of the kitchen, into the living room, leaving our large group of friends gaping behind us. His grassy pools spoke mounds as he backed me against the wall, one of his hands burning my skin as it rested on my hip. Jealousy and anger were coursing through his body as the notion that I could be with another man, one of his friends, dawned on him. He had seen me with boys before, but this was different. He could feel that I was ready to move on. It was too close to home.

"Why are you playing games, Bella?" His jaw was tense, but a small smirked played on his lips as his eyes bore into mine.

"It's not a game, Edward," I quipped, mocking his tone and stance.

"Everything we do is a game. Everything we have ever done has been game…" He pulled away, leaving his words hanging in the air. They stung more than they should. He was trying to hurt me, and my heart couldn't take much more. The sound of my palm connecting with his chiseled jaw echoed throughout the house.

"Don't be so bitter, baby," his voice was as smooth as ever. We stared at each other for a moment. A beautiful smirk adorned his lips and tears welled up in my eyes. Would he always affect me? Control me?

I pushed past him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.