Choosing Jacob chapter 2: Bella!

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Previously: They nodded, looking scared and ran with amazing speed toward the closest house; but I knew it would be too late; I was already slipping under, and just as I fell into the darkness, I saw a blur of movement and Alice was at my car door, shouting my name as I went limp.

The last thing I felt were ice-cold arms wrapping about me; feeling as though I were flying, and seeing in the distance Anne and Christopher running into Emily, who was walking with her own three year-old daughter, Julie in her stroller with her ten year-old son beside her.

(Jacob PoV)

"I'm going to the store with the twins; we'll be back in a few hours, lunch is in the fridge." Bella told me, and I nodded, blowing her a kiss as she grabbed her pocket book and headed out to the car. In my arms, Cassandra slept peacefully, her little face tranquil.

The contented expression on her face reminded me of that of Bella's, on the night that she chose me, when I told her that I had imprinted on her. I had imprinted on her that fateful day in the meadow, when that leech tried to kill her; but I hadn't told her, because I didn't want her to feel as if she was duty-bound to love me, just because I had some 'mystical wolfy connection' with her.

I wanted her loving me to be her choice, and she had chosen me. The expression on her face when I told her was ecstatic. Unfortunately, I had had to leave on a patrol minutes later, but the next day when I showed up at her house, convinced that I had dreamed it all, Bella had kissed me again and I knew I would never doubt her again.

My cell phone ringing woke me from my daze and I pulled it out hastily so that it would not wake Cassandra up. I flipped it open and put it to my ear to hear Jared's voice. "Hey man, Pack meeting at Sam's. Is Bella there?" I shook my head and then realized he wouldn't see it. "No, she went grocery shopping with the twins. I got Cassandra here, is there anyone that can watch her for me?" I asked.

"Well, Kim is going to be watching Peter and Dylan here. You want to bring her over?" Peter and Dylan were Jared and Kim's two boys. "Sure, sure." I said, "I'll be there in a minute." Snapping the phone shut, I gently picked Cassandra up and brought her over to the Rabbit. I knew I could have bought a new car by now, but both Bella and me were really attached to this car; it had a lot of memories, plus, it ran really great.

As I was putting her in her seat, Cassandra woke up and blinked slowly, looking around in confusion. "Hey, sleepy-head!" I said and she smiled at me, still drowsy. "I'm goin' to bring you over to uncle Jared's, so that Aunt Kim can watch you and you can play with Peter and Dylan; how does that sound?" I asked her, and she immediately sat up straighter, a smile lighting up her face.

She giggled and said, "lets go! I want to play with Peter!" I laughed at her; it was no secret that Cassandra had a crush on Peter; Jared's 3 year old. "And, I think Claire's going to be there too." I said naming Quill's 12-year-old Imprint, and she smiled brighter.

Twenty minutes later, I had dropped Cassandra off at Kim's, and Jared and me had driven over to Sam's in my truck. When I walked in, I saw Emily putting Julie, her three-year-old daughter in her stroller and her ten-year-old son, Max, putting his shoes on. "Where you guys going?" I asked Em as she handed me one of her world famous Blueberry muffins. "We're going out for a short walk." She said and with that, she left, following the impatient Max out the door with Julie.

I looked over at Sam and the others in the pack, who were gathered in the living room and kitchen. "So, what's this meeting about? Anymore leeches spotted?" I asked as I sat down on one of the many chairs at the kitchen table.

" Yes, Jacob, that's why we have a problem." Sam said slowly, cautiously. I looked up at him incredulously; "So? What's the problem? We can just run them out of the rez, cant we?" I asked, looking from his worried expression to each of the packs. "What?"

"Jacob, it's the Cullen's. They're back." I froze in place; shocked. "What?" I whispered hoarsely, staring at him, waiting for him to say he was just joking. Please, tell me he's joking! "The Cullen's are back, Jacob. We've had to pull back the lines; we can't go into Forks anymore. Wait, where Bella?" he asked with a look of alarm in his eyes.

I felt a shudder roll down my spine as anger and panic set in. "She's with the twins, they went shopping, oh crap! What if they see her? They won't try anything, will they?" I shouted, jumping up from my seat, which overturned and fell to the floor with a bang!

"Jacob! Calm down! I don't think they even know she's here still!" Seth shouted, and I struggled to stop the shaking. After a tense minute I had calmed down sufficiently enough to ask, "When did they get here?"

But before anyone could answer the fragile calm in the room was shattered by Emily's scream of terror. Not even a second passed before Sam had phased on the spot and was out the door, racing to his imprint. A second later we had all phased to chase after Sam as we saw through his mind what was happening.

Emily, with Julie and Max beside her, was holding Anne and Christopher in her arms, screaming, "They took her! They took Bella! The Cullen's took Bella!"

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