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Thinking in the Moonlight

She watched the moonlight on the water. The pond was like a mirror, reflecting the moon's light back up. Suddenly the pond rippled, as the wind picked up, destroying the image. She could hear the wind move through the pine trees near by. She looked up, and saw them swaying. But something else tugged at her; she peered into the shadows looking for something.

"Woman, what are you doing out here?" a voice behind her asked.

She turned. He stood there in the clearing near the pond, the moonlight highlighting his silver hair, the shadows making his red jacket almost black.

"Waiting for you." She moved closer. "Watching the moon."

His eyes flashed in the moonlight as he moved towards her. "You ought to be inside. It's cold here."

"The moonlight called to me," she said. He moved in front of her, and she reached out and brushed her fingers across her cheek. "Or maybe it was your youki. I could feel you coming before you got up the path."

"The moon's pull is strong," InuYasha acknowledged as he caught her hand, brought it to his lips, kissed the fingertips one after the other. "But I was thinking of you as I watched the moon rise."

"And what were you thinking of?" Kagome asked, smiling.

"Of these," InuYasha replied, kissing her gently on the lips. The kiss heated up, as his tongue explored her taste and hers joined in. Breaking off, he nuzzled her ear. His hand moved up to her breast, and he squeezed lightly through the fabric. "And these," he continued. Her mouth found his on her own. His hands slid down her back coming to rest on her bottom. "And these, too."

Kagome laughed. "Maybe we should go inside. It's getting cold out here." She rested her head on her shoulder.

"Funny," InuYasha said. His arms pressed her closer to him. "You don't feel cold at all. You sure you don't have a fever?"

She looked up and gave him a sultry glance, and her voice was husky. "Only the one you give me."

"Well," he replied, "Maybe we better get you into bed. I've got a special treatment for that type of fever." He lifted her up, cradling her to his chest.

"Good idea," she said, and kissing his chin, she let him carry her into the house.