Title: What makes you tick?

Pairings: Peter/Sylar

Summary: Sylar kidnapps Peter to get his powers, but is that really all he wants?

Author's note: This is a "collab" fic made by "HereItGoesAgain" and "CaylaHopeCullen", who both love Pylar:) The chapters will be made by either one of them, one by one. We'll let you know which one's always made the chapter:)

Warning: Slash! Don't like, don't read. As simple as that.

Disclaimer: We own nothing!

Chapter 1: Psycopath

Peter Petrelli was walking down the street late at night. He knew walking alone in New York city so late at night was highly dangerous, but he had his powers, right?

He skipped to a dark alley to get home faster, and spotted a dark man a few steps in front of him. He couldn't see his face, but he knew exactly who he was, since he had the same scary baseball cap and almost the same clothes, even.

"It's you..", Peter hissed, meaning the man who tried to kill Claire Bennet in Odessa.

Peter saw the man smirk, spotted the flash of his white teeth in the dark. Peter backed away.

"Oh, there is no reason to be afraid, Peter", the man said.

For some reason Peter did not believe him. Yeah, for some reason.

"What do you want?" Peter asked, sounding afraid even though he tried to hard not to.

"What do you think? Your abilities. I want to know what makes you..tick", the man said and approacted Peter and the last thing Peter remembered was seeing the man's face clearly for the first time, and then everything went black.

Peter woke up slowly, finding himself tied up in a chair, his face covered in blood.

He looked around. He was in some old house. Probably in the woods for no one to find.

And then he looked right in front of him to see the man, the same damned man who had probably dragged him there.

"Who the hell are you?" Peter shouted at him.

"Relax. My name is Sylar. You're Peter Petrelli. Now, do you wanna have a little chat before I kill you, or do you prefer dying quietly?" Sylar asked mockingly.

"I hate you", Peter said.

"Oh what a surprise. I expected you to jump of joy and give me one big hug", Sylar chuckled.

"Fuck you", Peter hissed.

"Really?" Sylar laughed.

"Just kill me, get it over with", Peter murmured.

"No", Sylar said suddenly.

That made Peter raise his head. Why?

"Why?" Peter voiced his thoughts.

"Because I want to make you suffer. See, because of you I didn't have that little cheerleader's powers, and now I still can't heal. That's all your fault, you naughty little boy", Sylar said.

Peter was furious and spat on Sylar's feet.

Sylar sighed and backed away a little.

"Now, you patetic little human", Sylar continued.

Peter's face twisted in anger.

"I will go and prepare your death. You have fun there", Sylar said and left, closing the door of the room behind him.

Peter sighed.

How the hell am I gonna get away from that psycopath?

He tried to jerk away from his bonds but it was impossible.

Sylar was in the kitchen, picking up a proper knife to scare and torture Peter with. Sylar started to think of his previous life as Gabriel Gray, the meaningless watchmaker. That version of him would probably have been attracted to Peter..not that he was..well, maybe a little, but probably everyone was. Peter was gorgeous. And now Sylar was gonna kill that angel?

What the hell is wrong with me? Stop thinking like that.

Sylar sighed and continued to pick up knifes. He grinned to himself.

"Now let's go have some fun", he said to himself and left the room.

by HereItGoesAgain