"Oh fuck Ichigo, your mouth feels so good on my cock..."

The breathless words went straight to Ichigo's own dick, making it twitch once against his rapidly moving hand.

Grimmjow leaned farther against the wall, occasionally moaning softly as he stared down at his lover, watching the way his cock disappeared between wet lips. Eyes roaming a bit lower down the naked body, he noticed with a smirk how fast Ichigo was jerking himself off. The fapping sounds could barely be heard over the rather loud slurping sounds Ichigo knew his lover loved hearing.

The older, blue-headed teen felt himself nearing the edge. Even though his boyfriend had just put him in his mouth mere minutes ago, the heat and the sucking and the bobbing was slowly making Grimmjow lose it.

"You really love sucking my dick, don't you...?" He drawled after a moment, lifting his hand to thread his fingers through his lover's spikey hair. Ichigo took him in a bit further in response, sliding down until the head touched the back of his throat. Grimmjow groaned, tightening his fingers in Ichigo's hair and trying to restrain himself from thrusting into that tight throat.

"Y-yeah, I could tell how horny you were on that train ride..." He panted out and threw his head back, the sight of Ichigo sucking him off almost becoming too much for him. "If you- oh..." He absolutely loved it when his boyfriend did that with his tongue, "If you were just a bit more shameless, you would've gotten on your knees right then and... ah..." For a moment he lost his train of thought, looking back down when Ichigo pulled off his cock and swirled his tongue around the head. "You would've blown me right there... in front of all those people." Ichigo groaned, thrusting his own hips upward and bringing Grimmjow's dick back into his mouth.

"I know how much you wanted to... Oh shit Ichigo!" His lover decided to finally take him deep into his throat, not stopping until every inch was incased in tight, wet heat.

Grimmjow's muscles tightened, every instinct in his body telling him to move and to just thrust without stopping. The only thing keeping him from doing so was for Ichigo's sake; Making his boyfriend gag would ruin the mood for both of them.

Panting harshly, Grimmjow stared into Ichigo's mischevious-filled eyes, urging him to do something.

He did. Ichigo swallowed.

A choked gasp sounded as Grimmjow's hips refused to stay still. His lover managed to keep him from thrusting into him with one hand, the other still working furiously on his cock.

Moans and curses fled the blue-headed teens mouth as Ichigo kept swallowing until Grimmjow came undone ("Oh fuck, fuck... Ichi- Ah!"), and even after that he kept swallowing until he sucked him dry.

Sweating like crazy, Grimmjow leaned his head against the wall and stared at the cieling, catching his breath and gathering his wits. His boyfriend slowly pulled off his cock and he looked back down at him.

Cum stained Ichigo's hand and the floor below them.

"Heh, you got off just from sucking my cock? You're such a slu- Oh!" His lover had wrapped his cum-covered hand against his flaccid dick, beating it off with fast, hard strokes.

"You're not done yet, are you?" Ichigo murmured in a hoarse voice, smirking up at his sexy boyfriend.

Grimmjow stared in shock for a moment, before matching the feral expression and replying, "'Course not."

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