A/N: This is my first KWMS fanfic. The idea wouldn't leave me for weeks already. Thus, I've decided that I would put it into writing so that I could relax and focus on other things, like work ;(

Thought I would share it with people who would be interested to read. Everything is for fun so I hope you would enjoy it. If not, well, it doesn't matter as long as you're not cursing me or anything haha ;) So be warned, read at your own risk! Written out of impulsiveness, not bothering for beta, that should be clue enough. Excuse me for any mistakes I made ;)

Also, there are spoilers here up to Chapter 50 of the manga. This story takes place after the events in that chapter, though I am only focusing on the things that I wanted to, and imagined what I wanted to happen between our favorite couple. Just couldn't get enough of them, no matter how busy I am ;)

Naturally, I don't own the demon pres and the perverted alien ;) They are properties of Hiro Fujiwara. I'm only borrowing it (without permission, if I may add) for my own entertainment, and hopefully yours, too.

"Normal conversation"


"Giving In"

- -Arvendell- -

Chapter 1

'Damn. Why am I here again?'

Ayuzawa Misaki briskly paced on the floor. She had been doing it for half an hour already. Or maybe more. Or maybe less. She wasn't sure anymore.

'Damn it.'

Cursing for the nth time, she glanced at the closed door of the obviously expensive apartment. She wanted to kick herself for coming to this place without thinking.

'Sure, you weren't thinking. It has only been on your mind for the last week or so.'

"Pathetic. Arguing with yourself," Misaki murmured to herself. She balled her fist and glanced at the closed door for the nth time. "This is your entire fault, idiot Usui."

She knew it wasn't that person's entire fault. However, given her current nervous and frazzled state, she was quick to blame the occupant behind the close door.

'Not like you hadn't blame him for a lot of things, whether it was his fault or not. Still…'

Pausing from her pacing at the front of the door, she raised her balled fist to alert the occupant of the apartment, the cause of her messed up mind, Usui Takumi, of her presence. It was an action that she had done for a couple of times already, only to pull back at the last second. She was tempted to start pulling at her hair with frustration.

"It's only Usui, Misaki, you shouldn't be worried. He's just an alien, an idiot alien, you have nothing to be afraid of…."

She was about to pull away from the door again when something snapped in her.

"Like hell you're afraid of him! You're Ayuzawa Misaki, the president of Seika High. You're not afraid of anything, or anyone, less likely of that idiot."

Having work up the courage, the aura that usually surrounded her when she disciplined the barbaric attitudes of male students in Seika, she rang the doorbell.

One time.

Two times.

Three times.

At the fourth time, anger, worry and doubt filled her.

"What the heck are you doing in there, idiot Usui? Open up already."

Foregoing the doorbell, she banged on the door. Loudly.


Cradling her hurt knuckles, she cursed Usui for the nth time.

"Look at what you did to me. Idiot Usui, where are you?"

If Usui was inside, she knew that he would have answered by now.

Staring hard at the close door, as if willing it to open to reveal the blonde idiot Usui, all anger drained from her, worry dominating her mind.

'Did something happen to him? Does that person who looked like him at the party have something to do with it?'

"Damn you, Usui. Why are you doing this to me?"

"Huh? What have I done this time, Pres?"

She almost lost her balance when she whirled quickly to face the source of that voice she knew so well even in her sleep, damn him. And there he was, standing with a curious look on his face, looking good in a formal wear.

'Damn it. Did I just thought that he look g-good?'

"Are you alright, Pres?" The new arrival, the person she came for, Usui, asked with concern when Misaki slapped her forehead a little too hard.

"Idiot. You're really an idiot, you perverted al…"

All other words died in her throat when Usui closed the distance between them in a few huge steps and engulfed her in a hug. Her eyes widened and heat crept on her face. She was frozen in place, enclosed in the warmth of his embraced.

"I've missed you…" Usui murmured in her hair. As soon as the words left his lips, she caught herself and struggled from his embrace. She was surprised when he let her go easily. That was very unusual of him. Most of the time, she had to fight tooth and nail to get out of his embrace.

"W-what do you think you're doing, p-perv…"

"I should ask the same thing. What does Pres need from me?" He asked, his face brightened and a cocky smirk appeared on his lips. "Or could it be that you've missed me so much that you couldn't wait for me to come to school and instead visited me here? I'm touched, Misa-chan."

Saying it in such a confident voice and knowing that there was a touch of truth in it, though she was still fighting that truth, made Misaki's face redden further, a combination of embarrassment and anger. She raised her fist to hit the smirk in Usui's lips, but paused midway when he saw the seriousness in his eyes, so contradicting to the tone of his voice.


At a loss for words, she looked away from his piercing gaze and once again questioned herself for her careless actions. She shouldn't have come here without planning what she was going to say. Thinking about what led her to this place, it was all she could do to smack herself again for the stupidity of her actions. Though in a way, she was glad that she did. Maybe she could get answers now. And…she could do what she had intended to do when she rushed in this place.

Lost in her thoughts, she almost punched Usui when she found herself carried in his arms towards the inside of his apartment. Before she could protest, she was deposited at his couch-slash-bed.

"What do you want for dinner, Pres? I'll make us something to eat," Usui asked, standing in front of the startled Misaki.


"On second thoughts, let me see what I've got here. You'll eat anything I made, right Pres?"

"But I…"

"It won't take me long. Please entertain yourself while I cook. You can dance here or sing, I wouldn't mind."

Smirking, Usui proceeded to the kitchen, leaving the glaring Misaki at the couch.

"Idiot Usui…teasing me again…" Misaki murmured without the usual venom in her voice. She didn't want to admit it but she was glad that he was alright. She hadn't seen him for more than a week, ever since that day when she asked him if he was going to the party courtesy of that Igarashi Tora of Miyabigaoka. She balled her fist when she remembered her conversation with Igarashi.

She glanced at the kitchen where she could hear Usui preparing something to eat. She had wondered since the party, no, since he said that he had plans during the day of the party, about him. It was intensified when she saw someone who looked exactly like him at the party, and then he didn't show up at the school for several days. He hadn't been to the Maid Latte for quite a while, either. Thinking about her conversation with Igarashi and all the times that she had been with Usui, she had made up her mind to tell him about her feelings. Somewhat, she knew that she had made her feelings known to him before. Nevertheless, she thought that maybe being direct about it would clear a lot of things between them.

But then, he hadn't shown his face ever since before the party, making her worry, messing up her mind, doubting herself and prompting her to think of all the negative things that she could come up with. And today, after breaking another set of dishes at the Maid Latte, even if the manager forgave her, she had decided that she would take action. Just like last time when she came here, and even kissed him, to know more about him, she came right here after her shift at the café. Even though she had a lot of worries, even though she doubted the brightness of such impulsive action, she had decided that she should tell him her feelings clearly as soon as possible. When she arrived here earlier, however, nerves got to her, making her burn holes at the floor in front of his apartment, only to find out that he wasn't home yet.

'I wonder where he had been to. He was wearing a suit again today. The rich and the poor…'

The more she thought about it the differences between the two of them, the more the doubt grew in her mind, increasing her anxiety.

'Maybe I should think more about this clearly. This kind of decision, rushing like a fool because of worrying about him…'

Doubt winning, she rose from hear seat, only to be pulled back with a soft thud.

"Where do you think you're going? We're going to eat now."

"W-wha…! Don't just appear out of nowhere, idiot Usui."

"Eat. And then we will talk."

He said it with such seriousness that she found herself obeying him.

They ate with silence, her face red the whole time because every time she snuck a glance at him, he was watching her.

"You're so cute, Ayuzawa."

"S-shut up."

Standing, she grabbed their plates.

"Since you cooked, I'm going to wash the dishes."

She hadn't taken a step before the dishes were taken from her. She glared at him.

"I wouldn't want to make my maid do the dishes when she's looking so cute right now."

"Wha…that's just so wrong," Misaki complained, blushing again.

"You're right. The maid should do her master's bidding. Stay here, my cute maid."

Leaving the blushing and fuming Misaki, Usui brought the dishes to the kitchen then went back, smirking at his accomplishment to fluster her. He opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off when she glared at him.

"Don't. Don't start again, Usui."

As usual, he was unaffected. Smiling at her sharp tone, he pulled her towards the couch where she landed on his lap. She started to struggle, but he prevented her by wrapping his arms around her petite form. Feeling her enclosed in his arms, his smile changed from teasing to tenderness. It was what stopped her from violently wrenching away from him.

"Idiot Usui…"

He laughed at her words, having used to it. He waited for her to say something. He knew that Misaki would never come to his place without a reason. She would rather keep a long distance between them than do that. The thought made his smile falter a bit.

Looking away from his gaze, Misaki voiced out the first things that came into her mind.

"Why? Why do you always do this to me? Even though you say it many times, still, I'm not…" Once again, all coherence was disappearing in her mind. Only this person could make her stutter and do things she didn't usually do.

"I like you a lot, Ayuzawa."

Scarlet faced, she slapped his chest without force, then gripped his tie.

"Because Ayuzawa makes cute faces all the time, that's why."

As soon as those words left his lips, she slapped him again, this time with force.


"And Ayuzawa's violence turns me on further. So tell me Pres, do I turn you on, too? Is that the reason for this visit?"

"S-shut up, pervert! Why can't you be serious? Always teasing me! Again and again. Just when I thought that I…"

"If I'm being serious, can you promise not to run away from me?"

Taken aback from the seriousness in his face and voice, she nodded mutely. Then recoiled when she realized how closed their faces were.

"I can't hear you, Pres. Can you say it again?"

When he spoke, his lips brushed against hers, soft as a feather. Her mind went blank, then filled with rage when he smirked at her with satisfaction. Her left fist pulled back then came back to land on his check with force. His laughing face became serious as he gazed at her.

Regretting her act of violence, she stuttered an apology.

"I…I'm so…why are you smiling again, idiot?"

Really angry now, she struggled with so more force from his embrace, but he held on tight. As a result, they fell on the floor with a thud, with Usui under, cushioning her fall.

"You…it's already hard for me to do this and yet you still have to make it harder. Do you really want me to suffer?"

Shocked, Usui tried to deny the accusation, but was prevented by small hands clamped on his lips, stopping any sound from coming out.

"Shut up for once, will you? I'm trying to say here that I like you, too, and yet you're making it shockingly difficult!" Misaki shouted, her face burning with embarrassment, but her eyes were raging with annoyance.

It was as if time had stopped. Usui and Misaki gazed at each other with wide eyes, the later with surprise for blurting it like that, so unlike in what she had intended to do, and the former with finally hearing it from her lips, although he had known for her feelings for while now.

Slowly, Usui sat up, taking Misaki with him. They gazed at each other, and Misaki, though thoroughly embarrassed, was pleased to see that she wasn't the only one blushing.

"You're surprisingly cute when you're blushing."

She froze for the nth time when those words left her lips.

'Damn. I should think first before I speak. It's like my lips have a mind of their own.'

Her regret faded away when she saw that his face further redden, still not matching hers, but still, the knowledge that she could make him blush made her giddy. She giggled, then immediately covered her lips when her giggle seemed to awaken him from his frozen state. She watched as if in a slow motion as he brought his hand to her face and cupped her cheeks.


Her eyes widened again when he brought his face closer, but unlike her usual reactions, she didn't pull back and instead slowly closed her eyes until his lips met hers. It was probably the sweetest kiss they had ever shared yet.

A/N: I intend this to be a multi-chapter story. To be frank, I have written the draft for the entire story. However, I have to re-read them first and do some editing, so that I could reduce the mistakes into minimum (I hope ;). So tell me what you think? Is it worth my time to continue posting the rest of the story? ;) No criticism please, unless it's constructive.

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