Reunion of Buzz

Rebecca Mills sighed, logging into her email account. She scanned through the subjects absentmindedly. She'd achieved her dream, having gone to college and earned a very substantial job as a journalist and reporter for a business magazine. It was extremely different to her time at Buzz, but Rebecca had moved on. She appreciated Buzz, but it was over. She married a lawyer, Todd Mills, who she was happy with. They hadn't had any children though, they were far too busy with their careers for that. All the emails she'd looked at were from her colleagues, information on current stories and reports.

Urgent: Call Kaitlin.

Info on 'Average Finances' Report.

Article deadline next Monday.

Buzz Reunion.

She lazily flicked through them, hardly registering the last thing she'd read. When she did, she clicked on it.

"Oh my." She said aloud, as she read over it. A Buzz reunion! It'd been ten years, and she hadn't heard from any of her friends. The memories were priceless to Rebecca, but she didn't want to bring back old... feelings. She was happy with her life. She bit her lip, pressing her index finger into her cheek thoughtfully. It was an opportunity she simply couldn't pass up though. She had to re-read the letter three times before she made her decision.


We're holding a Buzz Reunion next Monday!

Everyone's invited and we can't wait to see how you all are.

It starts at 10am in the Buzz HQ.

Xx Andrew & DJ.

It was amazing, and she was curious to see what became of her ex co-workers. Rebecca knew her decision, but she just wasn't sure what would happen. The email was sent almost a week ago, and Monday was approaching quickly. She heard someone open the door of her apartment.

"Hey Todd." She called tilting her head slightly, the message still opened on the screen.

"Hi sweetheart." Her husband strolled into the room.

"Do you want to come to a reunion with me on Monday?" She asked casually.

He scoffed, "Sweetie. I have work, you know that. You'll have fun without me."

She was disappointed, but she'd take a picture of him just in case anyone at Buzz wanted to know what he looked like. She nodded and faked a smile in his direction. It fooled him, and he walked to the couch where he began his own work. Rebecca logged off and allowed herself to really smile. Maybe this would be.. fun.