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Prerequisites of Her Ideal Man

Part I: A Troubled Navigator Who Is In Love ~


The pirate ship Thousand Sunny was currently docked in one of the islands of the New World.

'The temperature's normal, the pace of the wind is at an average speed, and even the clouds are not that visible in the sky.' the young navigator carried a smile on her face as she gazed upwards.

'Perfect! It's going to be a peaceful sunny day-' she was interrupted from her reverie due to the sound of a loud crash, followed by laughter and noises of metal and leather clashing to one another.

'a~~~nd I stand corrected. The only possible time for Sunny Go to have silence is at night, and those idiots are sleeping like the dead in the men's quarter.' The girl sighed, resting her forehead on the palm of her hand as her slender fingers tried to ease away the incoming migraine.

Nami turned to look at her crew, even in her irritation, she couldn't help letting a small smile draped her lips. Two years of separation from them managed to soften her impatient attitude towards the guys.

Her eyes unconsciously landed on their captain who was animatedly talking to Usopp and Chopper.

It has been a month since they gathered together. They had learned of each other's adventure, the tragic events that happened in Marine Ford, the death of Luffy's older brother, and the war that affected the structure of the world.

Luffy glanced above him when he felt someone's gaze on him.

"Hmm Nami? Is something wrong?" the captain turned his full attention to the navigator, a mixture of curiosity and puzzlement played over his face.

Nami snapped out of her thoughts, and silently gasped.

'Dammit! I was staring again!'

During the past couple of weeks, somehow Nami would always catch herself eying Luffy for a period of... 'argh! Who knows for how long?!' the young woman thought in exasperation. She gritted her teeth from frustration.

"Nami-san, are you alright?" Sanji asked, a tinged of worry in his voice.

The cook paused in his ongoing battle with the swordsman when he heard Luffy's statement earlier. Sanji, after going through the Fisherman's Island and was comatose due to blood loss after he laid eyes on all the beautiful ladies under the sea was able to regain his average 'Sanji level' of tolerance to women upon waking up.

Now, he could talk to women without bleeding and having Chopper stick an IV on him.

"I'm fine, Sanji-kun." Nami forced a gentle smile on her face.

"I'm just… just…" Her gazed trailed to a certain young man wearing a Straw Hat. Her eyes narrowed and began to feel anger against herself.

The men cocked their head to the side in wonderment of the navigator's weird behavior. Although, Zoro, Usopp and Brook, who were closer to Nami, made an action to step backward when they felt the navigators heated aura.

Luffy crossed his arms across his chest. He also felt Nami's distress.

"Nami, if there's something bothering you, then just say it." His tone clear and serious; sensing the frown she wore was directed to him.

For the first time since becoming part of the crew, Nami fidgeted from her captain's steady gaze.

She felt her heart unwillingly do a flip,

'Grrr! Stop it!' she scolded it.

"I'M FINE!" Nami shouted in anger, finally losing control of her temper.

The men jumped back in surprised, while Robin quietly observed the younger woman.

Nami took a deep breath to relax her nerves.

After calming down, she glanced at her crew mates,

"I... I think I will go for a walk around the town for a while."

'I seriously need to consider this... this... whatever... this is...' she told herself.

Nami turned around and climbed down on the side of the ship and walked off towards the town.

"Oi Nami, wait! We're coming too!" Luffy grabbed hold of Usopp, Chopper, and Brook then proceeded to bend his knees, readying himself to jump off the ship. Latching his arm to one of the branches of a tree in the port, the four blasted off to the path leading to town. Terrified screams could be heard from two of the cowardly trio plus one disconcerted musician.

"That witch sure gets nastier and nastier each day." Zoro commented, grimacing on the figure walking away.

"Shut it you parasitic moss! I won't let that dirty mouth of yours bad-mouth Nami-san." Sanji glared daggers at the swordsman, baring his sharp white teeth at him.

In return, Zoro just gave Sanji a condescending look, "You know, after knowing what you've been through, I would even let that insult pass."

"Don't you dare looked at me like that! And I don't want your sympathy either!" Sanji retorted when Zoro's expression turned into one of sympathy, a huge vein popped on Sanji's head.

'DAMN you shitty Zoro and Luffy! While you've both been in heaven with a woman beside you! I've been in the bottom of hell!!!' A burst of burning rage surrounded the cook's body.

Only the thought of different scenarios where he could pummel the two made his anger gradually diminished.

Finally calming down, he took out a stick of his cigarette and lit it.

In an unconcerned tone, the cook spoke,

"Well it doesn't matter, after all my sufferings, I have proven to myself that I am a man among men, while you even after having been taught by a powerful shichibukai is still a hopeless case."

He pointed out Zoro's extreme directionally challenged trait that hasn't been cured even after all that training.

"Si~~gh... I guess idiocy can never be cured huh?" It was Sanji's turn to look at Zoro in a condescending manner. He shook his head from left to right wearing a mock defeated expression.

"Shut up #7, I don't want to be called an idiot by someone six ranks lower than me" Zoro retorted, trying to remind Sanji that he was the superior crew member between them.

"I told you to stop that already you stupid loss child! Stop ranking us base from the time we arrived in SA! That was a one-time miracle!"

The two looked at each other fiercely, and with that, the battle that was interrupted a moment ago resumed.

A couple of steps farther from the battle, Franky was standing and looking over the five forms walking away from the ship.

"I could have sworn girlie was staring again at Straw Hat…"

'Hmmm... Why was girlie staring? What could be the reason?'

"Could it be… ! Nami-nee-san was having hentai thoughts!" The shipwright said out loud without realizing it.

Sanji abruptly stopped his pursuit on Zoro when he heard Franky's irrational statement.

"Don't you dare level my dear Nami-swan with you! You Big Hentai!!!" The cook barked.

The Cyborg response was a quick blush on his cheek and patted the back of his head,

"Heh! You really think so?" He smirked, feeling very pleased to what he heard.

"N-No, NO! It wasn't a compliment!"

Sanji waved his hand frantically in front of his face, trying to make Franky understand that he was insulting him.

Robin chuckled softly from the side while she watched the three men's antics.

"Nami-chan is a smart young woman, I'm sure she can find a way to solve her dilemma" she whispered to herself.


The Road to Town


The five pirates walked on the road, of the five the petite girl strode ahead.

"I said, I will go for a walk!" The navigator declared, her eyebrows were creased on her forehead.

Her crew mates merely blinked and were puzzled by her statement.

Luffy looked at her with a frown,

"Nami, you are taking a walk"

"When I said I, it means alone! I wanted to go alone!" She snapped her head back, but was baffled to find her face mere inches from Luffy.

The young woman should have noticed the intense gaze coming from her captain, and the fact that Luffy didn't appear to mind that both their faces were mere inches away from each other. She normally should have noticed, if only she didn't panic at the sudden proximity of the person distracting her lately.

She shrieked and stumbled backward, grabbing hold of her chest to try to calm her stead fast heartbeat.

"Ah Nami! Careful!" Chopper rushed forward and balanced the navigator.

"... … ...why do you want to be alone so badly?" Usopp stroked his chin, examining her.

"Wh-what? I just want to be, is something wrong with that?!" She retorted, suddenly feeling defensive.

'It's not like I'm doing anything wrong! I just wanted some time to think... clearly think of my feelings and… and… and then what?...'

Nami felt her spirit deflate.

'I can feel it! She's definitely hiding something or else she won't be so defensive about it! But what?'

The sniper tried to rationalize the reason the navigator would want to be alone,

"Aha! You're going to look for a treasure aren't you?!That's why you wanted to be alone!" Ussop stated proudly as if uncovering a top-secret plan.

Luffy and Chopper's eyes widen as they turned their gaze towards Nami.

"Yohohoho! We're going treasure hunting? How exciting!" Brook looked at the young woman in anticipation.

"What!?? NO!" She yelled in outraged.

"No one is going treasure hunting! And do you think I wouldn't have told you if I found a treasure?!"

The men looked at her with a thoughtful expression,

"... ..."

Nami was ready to give each of the idiotic men a punch for not denying her statement when Luffy spoke,

"Shishishishi! Don't worry Nami, I know you would have told us if you did find a treasure" He beamed at her.

"Luffy..." Nami unconsciously glowed with affection towards her captain.

The Straw Hat wearing youngster snickered,

"You may act selfish and greedy, but you're loyal to us, and I believe in you!"

The navigator narrowed her eyes at Luffy, not knowing whether to be offended or relieved by what he just said.

'Seriously?! You're beating for this moron here?' referring to the odd paces of her heart whenever the teenage captain was around.

'Well… I do love myself a~nd money' she later admitted, deciding to take what Luffy said as a compliment.

"Eh? If I'm wrong, then what are you hiding Nami?" Usopp asked, curious to know the answer.

"Nothing!" she replied in an exasperated tone.

The girl sighed tiredly, "Enough, let's just all go together okay?"

Luffy observed her quietly.

"Nami, if you wanted sometime alone we could leave-"

Luffy spoke sincerely but stop at the glare his navigator was sending him.

"What did you say? After I said I now want all of us to explore the town, you want to leave?" She glowered at him, feeling slightly irritated and not knowing the cause of it.

Rather than be intimidated Luffy stood his ground and matched her stare,

"No, but if you needed to be alone to think, then we could separate to give you the time you need."

Nami was surprised by Luffy's action and answer, after getting back together, even though he still acted like an idiot there are times he will be perceptive and behaved like a mature adult.

The skeleton, animal and long-nosed teenage boy stared back and forth between their two crew mates.

Feeling slightly nervous the navigator swallowed,

"I don't need to anymore, so let's all explore the town together" she looked down, a little embarrassed by her statement.

Luffy let out a broad grin,

"Yosh!" he turned and marched forward.

"Yohohoho! Is it only my imagination or the events I had just witnessed were reversed?"

"Wow! Luffy didn't cower even if Nami was mad" Chopper's eyes sparkled as he looked at his captain.

"And…" Usopp gulped,

"Nami was the one who voluntarily backed down." He stared ahead, still amazed to the scenario he witnessed.

"Oi guys! Hurry up or we'll leave you three behind" Luffy chuckled as he continued to walk a few meters ahead of the crew.

"What are you guys doing? Hurry" Nami called, walking beside Luffy.

The three snap out of their dazed and followed the two,

"Wait for us!"


The Navigator's Supposed Ideal Man


'I hate this! I hate this! I hate this! I don't like not having control over myself!'

First, she found herself staring, then she finds herself affected by what the idiot says, and now she easily backed off an argument with him.

The navigator felt discontented when she later realized what happened during the journey to town.

She glanced over to her captain,

'Has my feelings for him really have changed?'

Nami saw the four raced into a food stand, and gobbled up the unrestrained samples in their mouths. After finishing two plates of free food with the vendor asking (almost crying... he was now begging) them to buy his products, she saw Luffy burped and picked his nose.

The young woman covered her face with both her hands,

'That was supposed to be disgusting, NO! I know that was disgusting! And yet why didn't I mind him doing that at all?!'

The navigator took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm herself,

'To be honest, I'll admit that I do care about Luffy as a Nakama, b-but I never thought of him beyond that... so wh~~y??'

Nami's eye sight unconsciously fell on her captain once again,

'Maybe I just need to find something ideal about Luffy, probably then I can understand why I'm feeling this way.'

The girl tried to assure herself, attempting to recall the requisites of her ideal man.

It's not that hard, she only had three main qualifications.

'Obviously the first requirement is that he has to be wealthy.' the young woman reminisced over her childhood, and she did not want her children to experience the same fate as her.

'And it's clear as the sky that Luffy doesn't have that.' Being the one who controls the flow of gold and money on the ship, she knew each member's financial standing.

'I guess that's one down…' she sucked her breath and move on to the next qualification.

'Second, even though he is a man, he has to be clean, and neat, or I'll never let him touch me.'

Nami is a person that cares for her hygiene, and she expects her future companion to be as well.

She wearily glanced to Luffy, who has picked up a twig on the ground, and was doing an imitation of Sanji,

'The only time that guy will dip into a body of water is either by accident or during special occasions that happen once in a blue moon.'

The young woman sighed in resignation, moving on to the next requirement,

'And lastly, he has to listen to my desires, and whims.'

At this the navigator contemplated, Luffy is a captain who will hear out his Nakama, and would try his best to keep his promises, but in the end…

'That idiot can be very stubborn once he set his mind to something, he'll never change it, and quickly act on it.'

She angrily thought of the times Luffy became deaf to his crew's pleas when he locked his sight on something.

'I guess that's another one down, now on to the next…'

Her eyes grew as she realized she had run out of list, and that none of them fitted her captain.

'None! He has none of the things I'm looking for, and yet, why?! Why do I feel like I'm starting to look at him more than a Nakama?!'

The navigator knelt to the ground as a dark aura and will-o-wisp loom over her. She felt like sobbing at her hopeless situation.

"Nami, you alright?" Luffy run and squatted beside her when he noticed Nami suddenly sat on the ground.

Chopper, Ussop and Brook quickly followed.

"What's wrong?" The reindeer asked worriedly, trying to get a peek on the young woman's face while her head was bowed down.

She quickly stood up, trying to cover her pathetic display with a carefree laughter,

"Hahaha! I'm fine!" she quickly took note of the crowd gathering at the Town Square.

"Hey, what's that? Why don't we check it out?" she pointed, attempting to divert her Nakama's attention.


Luffy asked the doctor for confirmation of Nami's condition, while he keenly gazed at the young woman.

The reindeer examined her,

"She doesn't look sick-"

"See! Come on! Let's go." Nami did her best to smile cheerily.

Luffy took off his hat, and tossed it towards Nami,

"You can wear it... ..."

Nami caught the hat and looked at her captain in surprised.

"... ...temporarily" He continued to say after a few seconds of silence. The raven-haired youngster lent his hat to Nami thinking she might be feeling a little feint from the heat.

The young woman stared at the straw hat in her hand, and slowly placed it on top of her head.

"Thanks!" She sincerely beamed at her captain, feeling happy and warm inside.

"No problem!" Luffy beamed back at her.

"Since Nami's alright, let's hurry and see why people are gathering over there" Usopp said, taking a step forward.

"Maybe there's more free stuff?" He snickered.

"Now Usopp, as a person who aims to become the warrior of the sea, you must also portray the qualities of an honorable warrior. One of which is abstinence, even as a star, one must become humble and refrain from indulging in your desires." Brook advice, stepping beside the sniper.

"Brook..." Usopp feeling a glimmer of shame, he reflected on the skeleton's statement.

"But I'm no star. I'm just your ordinary everyday skeleton. Yohohoho! Free FO~~~~~OD!" The skeleton yelled as he dashed to the Town Square.

"Huh?" The sniper looked up, momentarily distracted from his mulling.

"BROOK! You hypocrite!" Usopp shouted, baring his sharp white teeth.

"…wait for me!" he exclaimed after a while, following the skeleton.

"Eh? Me too!" Chopper ran after his two Nakama.

"Don't hug all the free stuff to yourselves bastards!" The reindeer called.

Luffy laughed, also running after the three, tugging Nami with him.

Nami giggled,

'I may not know the reason yet, but right now, I know one thing for sure! And that my heart is definitely beating for this guy.'


End of Act One

To Be Continued..



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