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Prerequisites of Her Ideal Man

Part II: A catastrophic situation, leads to promising conclusion ~


The crew had been sailing for days when they encountered four pirate vessels with a jolly roger of a horse's skull; add it up with a Grand Electric Vortex (a giant tornado that is made up of electricity) heading their way. As the two opposing pirates battle, a whirl pool began to form around them due to the incoming vortex.

"Gomu Gomu no Cannon"

"Yasha Garasu"

"Queue Crippler"

"Gomu Gomu no Fuusen"

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji were either sending enemies flying off the ship or bouncing back cannon balls to the enemy ship.

"Tsk! Move! I'll split their ships into two." Zoro declared before Chopper gave him a swift beating on the head.

"Bastard! Didn't you hear what Nami said??? With the force you're going to use to cut that ship while we're in this whirl pool, you will create a huge tidal wave swallowing Thousand Sunny!" Chopper shouted through the erratic weather.

"... ..." Zoro's mere reply was silence as he laid motionless on the floor.

"Chopper try not to hit him in the head too much. We can't afford to make the moron anymore stupid than he already is." Sanji said while kicking a bunch of bodies off the ship, making them fall to the ocean.

Luffy stared at his first mate with multiple sweat drops on his head, 'Zoro you should have kept your mouth shut, and didn't you see what happened to me?'

Earlier when Luffy tried to use third gear to destroy the opposing ships, Usopp had given him a good beating.

Brook on the other corner of the ship started to play his violin,

"Puppeteer Parry" the music produced was too bewitching for the enemy pirates to resist, making them follow the desire of the player, which was to jump off the ship, in which they did.

Chopper in his Horn Point, now fully developed, larger and thicker than before.

"Furu Forzeo Roseo Koronēdo! (Full Force Cherry Blossom Colonnade)."

A type of an attack where he used his horns to toss his targets or surrounding enemies in the air, pilling them up like a series of column when they fell to the ground.

"Dweeehohoho! Newbie brats I'll be da one to put de end to your life!" the enemy captain bellowed standing on the figurehead of the opponent's vessel.

"Den that's the time you shall regret ever facing de Pegasi pirate-"

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol Blast!" Luffy attacked the captain with heavy pressure in his right arm.

The captain blocked the attack, "Oi brat! Don't you have any manners? I was not done speaking!"

"I don't want to listen horse face!" Luffy retorted, giving the captain a nickname, simply basing the insult with the man's physical aspect.

The captain gasped, "You are one mhe~~an brat. It's not my fault that I was born with a face like this..." he said, a depressing aura surrounding him.

"HEY! Stop bullying our captain!" One of the crews of Pegasi pirates said.

"Yeah! Calling him horse face is cruel and stupid! Pegasus's face is much more suited. That's why we're called the Pegasi pirates! Can't you tell??!" another pirate crew chimed in.

"Is there a difference? Don't they both look the same?" Zoro muttered, regaining consciousness, and was once again fighting the enemy.

"How dare you swordsman! Lowering the Pegasi pirates level to that of a horse??? Attack men! Avenge our captain's wounded pride and our tainted dignity!!" At the vice captain's order, the enemy pirates assaulted the Strawhats with vigor.

"Heh! They sure can be energetic, even with faces that look like shit." Sanji commented, kicking away a bunch of pirates right in the face.

"Midori Boshi! Debiru! (Verdure Star, Devil)" Usopp, who was standing on the ship sail attached to the main mast, fired Pop Greens to the adversary's ship. Upon landing, the seeds sprouted into large carnivorous plant devouring the crew standing near it.

"Aaa~~hh!! Where the hell did this thing come from??" The opposing pirates yelled, alarmed that a monster suddenly popped out of their ship.

"Who cares! Run before you get eaten!" It was shouted by another pirate, gesturing at the crew to flee.

The weight of the carnivorous plant, and the crew being devoured cause the wooden floor to break, that also caused the giant plant and pirates to fall into the large hole produced by the broken wooden plank. The sudden impact of the fall formed another hole on the bottom floorboard of the ship. Sea water began to gush out of the hole, making the vessel sunk.

"Usopp! That was awesome!" Chopper complimented, the reindeer had changed back to his small form, and was admiring the sniper.

"Woah! Nice Shot! Shishishishi!" Luffy smiled proudly as he eyed the sunken ship being swallowed by the whirl pool.

"My eyes would have pop from amazement if I still had one, Yohohoho!"

The sniper had a couple of sweat beads on his forehead as he stared at the result of the attack he just made,

"Er… Ah… Of course! Leave it all to the great warrior of the sea, Usopp! It was all according to my plan! Hahahaha!"

"That was SUPER, Long Nose." Franky peeked out from the hatch on the lawn deck.

"Franky, is the preparation done? We really need to get out of here. We are nearing the center of the whirl pool." Nami called off to the Cyborg with panic in her tone.

The shipwright gave thumbs up and relief flooded to her body, until Franky spoke again,

"But we might have a slight problem navigator-nee-san."

"What is it?"

"There're only three barrels of Cola remaining, enough to take us out of this whirlpool. But that big swirling electric thing over there might suck us in if we enter its range." Franky explained as he pointed his thumb to the Grand Electric Vortex.

"Got it! Let me handle it. I'll try to do something about that." Nami said as she eyed the vortex.

"Ryokai!" Franky replied in affirmation, going inside Sunny Go.

Nami ran in front of the ship, holding onto the railing as she waits for one of Thousand Sunny's maneuvers to be used.

The battle continued on the deck of Thousand Sunny as more Pegasi pirates jump aboard,

"Come on boys! Don't let dis bunch of rookies make a fool out of Pegasi pirates. We'll make dem regret dis day!!! Dweeehohoho!" The captain bellowed, as he and most of his crews charged to the Strawhats ship, jumping off their own vessel.

"Coup de Burst!" Franky shouted from below the deck.

Sunny Go's back cannon began to glow, firing a powerful blast, maneuvering the ship in the air as it makes its way near the Grand Electric Vortex.

"Eee~~hhh??!!" with Sunny gone, the enemy captain and pirates splashed into the cold sea water.

"Gyaa! Captain!!! Hurry and throw the rope before the captain gets suck in the bottom of the whirl pool!" The vice captain ordered.

Nami finding her balance while the ship flew in the air, she climbed up and stand on top of the edge of the ship.

"Dark Charge!" She summoned black bubbles using the weather ball.

Nami took out her staff, spinning it. She guided the bubbles and shot it towards the vortex. As the bubbles circulated around the vortex, it began to weaken and changed the direction of its travel, clearing Thousand Sunny's path.

Nami smiled at her accomplishment when Sunny Go abruptly stop short in mid-air, propelling her off the ship,

"Eh?" Nami exclaimed in her surprised.

"Kyaaaa~~~!!!" She shouted with all her might as she realized what was happening to her.

Luffy being near the scene, immediately noticed Nami's circumstances,

"Eh? Oi! Nami!!" Grabbing hold of the railing, he jumped after the falling navigator.

The Pegasi pirates used two of their vessels to stop Sunny's flight in the sky. Each shot out a giant metal chain with a claw on the end. The claw managed to snatch the back railing of Thousand Sunny, making the ship fall on the edge of the whirl pool.

"Nami-san!" Sanji yelled as he heard Nami's scream.

"Why you shit faces! How dare you do that to a lady! I'll pummel you ugly morons to hell!"

Sanji ran across the metal chain, flipping himself to the air,

"Fukusū Kaze Mouton Shotu! (Multiple Wind Mutton Shot)" Sanji launched powerful kicks on the air, creating multiple large wind blade that was targeted to one of the ships that had a hold on Sunny, hitting the spot where the other end of the metal chain was located.

Zoro dashed through the other metal chain, jumping on the crow nest of the opposing ship.

"Death shall come to those who ceased to have the will to live." A line he probably concocted due to his long stay with Mihawk.

"Since you idiots just won't leave us alone, I guess you people have a death wish." He smirked and unsheathed his swords, crossing two of his swords across his chest, and placing the third one horizontally on his mouth.

"Oni Kami Giri (Demon God Slash)" The whole ship was cut like an x-mark with a horizontal line in the center.

"Gyaaa! Captain, that guy just cut one of our ships in half!" One of the Pegasi pirates pointed towards the sinking ship.

"Dweeeehhhh!??" The captain (who was still dripping wet) along with his crew gawked at the display.

"Captain! The other ship is badly damage, and... appears to be sinking slowly!!"

After the multiple assaults Sanji gave the ship, he managed to destroy nearly half of the ship.

Back on Sunny Go, Franky managed to finish plucking the claws off of the ship's railing, right on the same time Zoro and Sanji were climbing aboard Thousand Sunny.

"Luffy! Nami!" Usopp and Chopper called on the other side of the deck as they peered over the railing to check on how the captain and navigator were doing.

Luffy had managed to grab hold of Nami when she was falling, both now hang to the side of the ship.

The two let out a sigh of relief, Luffy, for snatching Nami before she fell to the water, and Nami, for being caught by Luffy while she was falling.

Their moment of comfort was cut short as a humongous Sea King splashed out of the Grand Electric Vortex.

'Kyaaaaaa!!!' the weakling trio thought, their eyes popping out of their eye socket, and their jaws falling one meter from their mouth when they saw the giant panther fish.

'Oh no!!' Nami buried her face on Luffy's chest, unconsciously tightening her hold on her captain as she feared for both their lives.

'Color of the Conqueror!' Luffy glared at the sea king, letting a wave of Haki flow out of his body.

The sea king sweated as it immediately felt the force of Haki. The thing maneuvered itself away from Thousand Sunny, and to the main, which was also the remaining ship of Pegasi pirates.

"Dweeegyaaaa! Operate the ship wings and legs men! Move us out of here!" The ship sprouted woody wings on the side and several wooden horse feet on the bottom, clearing away from the spot where the sea king was supposed to fall.

"Mil Fleur! Gigantesco Ala! (Thousand Flowers Bloom in Profusion! Gigantic Wings!)" Robin summoned five hundred arms on each side of the Sea King, forming two enormous wings, which caused the Sea King to gawk on the things that grew beside its fin. She flapped the giant Panther Fish to the direction of the Pegasi pirates, and let it fall on top of them.

Horrified screams could be heard as the Sea King fell in the water, destroying the main ship of the enemy.

"That was simply marvelous madam." Brook praised.

Robin's smile was pleasant as she acknowledged the musician, glancing at the water she spoke,

"Hmm~~ I wonder if any men were crushed against the ship when the Sea King fell, perhaps we'll know if the sea corrupts with the color of blood, or if their brain matters and organs float on top of the water." Robin commented, wearing an expression of curiosity.

"E-eh??!! Th-that's really gross!!" Brook said. His hands placed on his cheek bones, very much disturbed by the images depicted in his mind.

Nami, who still had her face buried on her captain's chest, slowly lifted her head. She was puzzled that the Sea King hadn't eaten them yet,

"Huh? What happened?" She was looking from left to right, trying to understand the situation.

"Shishishi! I guess the thing decided not to eat us." Luffy answered, a beam present on his face.

"What?! How could that thing just decide not to eat us so suddenly??" She asked incredulously, looking up to face her captain.

"By changing its mind?" Luffy's simple reply.

Nami was silent for a second, and thought that this was one of those arguments where she would not win, but her intuition told her Luffy had something to do with the Sea King's puzzling behavior.

When her mind focused on their current predicament, she noticed how near their faces were from each other and how closely entangled both their body was, which cause Nami to look away, aware that her heart was beginning to beat faster again.

A warm feeling was spreading in her chest at the knowledge that it was Luffy that had saved her.

Luffy cocked his head to the side, unaware of the navigator's condition.

"Anyway Nami, hold on tight! Let's get back on board!" Luffy said, getting ready to launch aboard Sunny.

"Right!" Nami nodded her head, snapping her eyes shot and gripping her captain's shirt.

Luffy swung Nami and himself from the ship's side and back on the deck. He noticed that the Pegasi pirates were annihilated in the short amount of time he was gone to save Nami.

"Looks like you guys took care of horse face and his crew, too bad I can't eat more of their delicious meat." The captain pouted in annoyance.

"You're still saying that?!! You know the only reason they attacked us is because you stole their food!!!" Usopp scolded, smacking Luffy on the head.

An hour ago when Thousand Sunny was sailing on the Blue Sea, Luffy was caught by the smell of meat, and other delicacy coming from another pirate vessel just a mile away from their ship. He boarded the pirate vessel uninvited and ate their food, causing the pirates to become enrage.

Luffy escaped the vessel and came back to Sunny Go with food still present in his mouth, his foolishness earned him another beating from both Chopper and Usopp. The Strawhats tried to escape the hot pursuit of the pirate ships, unfortunately, the vessels were like a running horse on land with the speed it travels in water.

"Now that I think about it, maybe we shouldn't have been too hard on those pirates." Usopp stared at the remains of the vessels of Pegasi Pirates with a sweat drop on his head.

"That would have been SUPER convincing, if it didn't come from someone who sunk one of their ships" Franky commented standing beside Usopp.

"Nami-swa~~n! I'm so glad you're alright!" Sanji commented on the sidelines. His eyes shape like heart.

Nami smiled at Sanji's silly antic, just before she turned to her captain when she remembered their situation,

"Captain! Pout later, we have to sail out of here before the vortex comes near us again."

"Oh right! Yosh! Let's continue to sail on to the next island!" Luffy declared, as Sunny Go set sail to the direction of the clear sky, leaving behind the mess they were in a little moment ago.


The Next Day...

Prerequisites of Nami's Ideal Man


The birds flew to the sky while Thousand Sunny sailed in peace on the waters of Blue Sea.

Nami's back was leaning on the railing as she stared at Luffy, who was sitting on the figure head of Thousand Sunny.

'I think I'm beginning to understand... that my captain might actually be my real ideal man.'

A small smile lightened her face as she continued to gaze at her captain, and this time, she was very much aware on who her eyes were openly staring at.

Her words a week ago resounded on her mind,

...Obviously the first requirement is that he has to be wealthy...

'Of course, I would still be excited to marry a rich man, and would be happy too but... even though Luffy doesn't carry a penny on his name, just going on adventures together and being with him already makes me happy.' Nami reminisced the time she was with Bellemere and Nojiko. Their family of three were very much happy, even though they were poor she would never exchange those moments by wishing to have been adopted by a wealthy family.

...Second, even though he is a man, he has to be clean, and neat...

She chuckled to herself as she recalled the second requirement,

'I don't think Luffy's hygiene has improved much this past week, nor will it improve for a lo~~~ng while or probably forever.' a sweat drop formed on Nami's head as she thought of that.

'Still even though he doesn't have an agreeable hygiene, I guess... it's not yet to the point where it's unbearable, and despite the fact that-' Nami's eyebrow arched when she saw Luffy's hand traveling to his pocket.

'-he is not so clean on the outside-' Nami didn't know whether, to giggle or scold Luffy when she saw him taking a piece of meat out of his pocket, which he had probably stolen from the kitchen.

'-but his heart is pure just like an innocent child.' the navigator laugh to herself when Luffy forcefully swallowed the meat as he caught sight of Sanji passing by the deck, heading towards the men's quarter.

Nami felt just how lucky she was to have met Luffy. She had traveled by herself for sometime in the past and yet, she had never met anyone like him. A person who would face the world –no matter the consequences— for the sake of his dreams and nakamas.

'Luffy is somewhat of an anomaly, and I'm glad he has let me be part of this phenomena.' Nami thought, realizing that this was probably one of Luffy's traits that she loves the most.

...Lastly, he has to listen to my desires, and whims...

'A~~nd even though most of the time he fails to listen to orders,' the navigator was irritated by that thought,

'I know for sure even without any words, I can depend on him anytime that I'm in need.' Another nature of her captain, she will always love and be proud of. Nami wore a satisfied smile as she finally (whole heartedly) accepted that she is indeed in love with Monkey D. Luffy.

'Heh! So this is what's it's like to fall in love, it's a refreshing feeling.' The navigator feels at eased just by looking at her captain.

"I knew you were a smart girl, looks like you figure it out" Robin's gentle voice was heard as she spoke beside Nami.

The navigator's cheek was tainted to a shade of pink as she became conscious of Robin knowing her secret.

"Yup! It took me quite a while, hahaha.." She laughed lightly.

The older woman laughed softly, "You have been staring at the captain for a while, perhaps there are few things you wish to speak to him about?"

"Huh? Well, it can wait, and I don't think now is the right moment." Nami said, surveying the deck where most of the crew (Usopp, Chopper, Franky and Brook) were lounging around.

Robin quickly understood the navigator's line of thinking, "I see."

"Well I could use a cup of tea, perchance the men would like to join me." The archaeologist gave Nami a secret smile, and cleverly led the men to the aquarium below the deck.

'Ro-Robin-neesan!' the navigator was startled by the support the older woman was giving.

'Thank you!' Nami gave a gratuitous smile, and walk towards Luffy.

It was mid-afternoon, and a comforting breeze was blowing through the deck of Thousand Sunny.


Luffy was silent for a few seconds then as if confirming his guess on who called him. He answered,

"Yeah? What is it Nami?"

Nami smiled. She looked around the deck, making sure it was only the two of them at the moment.

She tapped his shoulder for him to turn around and beckoned him to lean forward.

Luffy cocked his head to the side, puzzled by Nami's intention, but he obeyed her request and leaned forward.

The young woman gently placed her hand on each side of Luffy's cheek, and turned his head to the side. She tip toed upward as she softly kissed her captain's cheek.

Luffy's eyes widen, almost bulging out of his eye socket as he snapped his head to the front to face Nami, staring at her with a questioning look.

The navigator lowered her hands to her side. She took a deep breath and spoke,

"I don't think I ever said this, so I will say it now, thank you for coming back for me, and letting me join your crew... I..."

Nami stayed silent for a moment as she contemplated on what she was about to say,

"I... was saddened to know that you have lost your brother two years ago, but... I was also glad to know that you managed to survive during the war..."

'Luffy... I regret that I wasn't able to help you back then, so the next time you need us, I'll surely be by your side.'

The captain stayed silent, wearing a neutral demeanor as he listened to Nami.

"Luffy, the events that happened to Sabaody two years ago, I definitely won't let it happen again" She gazed at her captain with certainty in her eyes. Although, her hands were gripping one another, trying with all her might not to bolt towards her room, and hide from embarrassment. The impact of what she had just done, and said to her captain had finished processing in her mind.

Luffy's face broke into a grin upon hearing Nami's words, "Thanks Nami!"

"Don't worry. I also don't plan on letting our crew be separated in that kind of way again." Luffy wore a determined expression. His unwavering gaze showed sincerity in his promised.

"Un!" Nami nod in agreement.

"So... Is that all?" Luffy questioned, his face showing a look of expectancy.

"Yup!" 'for now...' Nami silently added.

"Okay!" Luffy smiled and turned to face the ocean once again.

Feeling contended with how their conversation went. Nami also turned to leave.

"... ..."

"It wasn't bad as I thought, and I didn't mind it" Luffy spoke in wonderment.

"What?" Nami stop walking and faced her captain with a puzzled expression.

"The kiss, it felt nice." Luffy turned to Nami, his index finger touching the spot Nami planted the kiss.

Nami immediately turned beet red at Luffy statement, wearing a shocked expression on her face. Her jaw was hanging open, and her eyes seemed to have bulged out.

"I always thought doing that sort of stuff would be creepy." Luffy shuddered as he remembered the time his granpa wanted to give him and Ace a smooch on the face after not seeing the boys for a long time. Both, he and his brother run like their lives depended on it.

"You also surprised me Nami, two years ago I can never imagine you doing that. Shishishishi!"

"But now that I think about it, you're not as nasty as you were two years ago, so I guess that's the reason you can do those kinds of stuff now." Luffy continued cheekily.

Nami brought down her fist on Luffy's head, finally snapping out of her shock and embarrassment.

"What do you mean by nasty? It's because you're an idiot that's why I'm like this! And besides, I won't just kiss anyone, you know!" Nami sucked in her breath as she realized what she just said.

"Eh? Really? Then why did you kiss me?" Luffy blinked while giving her a curious look.

"It's because you're my nakama and I was really grateful." Nami replied, emphasizing the word 'really'.

"Eh? Then you will start kissing Robin, and the guys now every time you're really grateful?" Luffy answered back, imitating Nami.

"What? N-no..." She answered cautiously.

Nami wanted to say 'yes' just to end their talk, but she was annoyed to realize she didn't want her captain to misunderstand that she was okay with kissing any men.

'Oh crap! I don't like where this conversation is going...'

"Eh?" Luffy wore a confused expression,

"But you said-"

"I'll rephrase that, the kiss was to show my appreciation to you."

"So you kiss people now to show-"

"Stop it already! I did that because you're someone special to me, okay!" She replied begrudgingly, mad at herself for not putting up a better argument, and angry at Luffy for forcing her to say it.

"... ... ..."

Understanding dawned on Luffy's face as his brain registered Nami's statement.

"... ..."

"... ... ..."

An awkward silence passed between the two.

"Oh now you have nothing to say." The navigator grumbled.

Nami gazed at her captain who continued to remain quiet while wearing a blank expression.

She took a deep breath to refrain from panicking, as she grasped the fact that she might just get rejected by Luffy.

"Luffy listen, don't worry about this-"

"Are you sure... you're really in love with me?" Luffy asked breaking his silence. His expression remained unreadable.

'Wow! He sure is frank, and getting a little sharp for his own good.'

Nami analyzed her captain, trying to find any hint as to how she should answer his question, unfortunately, she found none.

Giving up, she decided to answer truthfully,

"Yes... it took me weeks to realize it. I even tried coming up with other logical explanation other than tha-that... so... I'm sure."

Luffy crossed his arms, considering her reply,

"Well... You're an important person to me Nami, and I want you to be there when going on adventures— "

The young woman let out a breath she seemed to be holding, glad to know that Luffy didn't outright reject her.

"—but sorry Nami, I can't marry you."

Nami gasped, shocked to hear Luffy's statement, '

Ma-marry!??? Where the hell did that come from!?'

The navigator cleared her throat, "Right now Luffy, marriage is definitely not one of my bigger goals, and also, I don't think I'm prepared to be a wife yet."

"In other words, I don't want to get married either." Nami finished calmly.

Luffy let out an unconscious sigh of relief.

"I'll still continue to act like always and probably annoy you." Luffy continued with a pout of defiance on his face.

"Not to worry Luffy, I'll still continue to pummel you when you reach the end of my patience." Nami smirked. Her eyes glinted, telling him she was serious. Luffy visibly flinched in return.

"And I'll become Pirate King before anything!" Luffy declared boldly.

"And like you, I'll reach my dream before anything." Nami answered, matching his tone.

They started at each other before Luffy broke into a beam and so did Nami.

The captain laugh and the navigator giggled, both feeling that they had reached an understanding.

After a while Luffy spoke again,

"Then after this adventure, it would be cool to start another adventure with you Nami." he said merrily.

Nami blinked in confusion a couple of times, before realizing the meaning behind Luffy's words.


"Just to be sure that we are thinking of the same thing, when you said another adventure, do you mean marriage?" She asked.

'This is Luffy, I need to be sure if we're on the same wavelength here with regards to his statement.'

"Yup!" He replied in a heart beat.

She smiled warmly, knowing that after this adventure, Luffy still wanted to be with her, and was willing to spend the rest of his life with her.

"Then you're right Luffy, it would be cool to start another adventure with you."

Nami wrapped her arms around Luffy's neck, and softly kissed his lips.

The wind blew past them with Luffy leaning in to deepen the kiss.


Luffy began to chuckle against Nami's mouth, causing the navigator to break their kiss.

Backing away from Luffy's face a couple of inches, she asked "What is it?"

"Shishishishi! Yup! It's not as creepy as I thought it would be!" Luffy said with a beam on his face.

"Idiot!" She scolded lovingly.

"... ... ..."

A figure was gawking at the scene between the navigator and the captain.

"What the??!" Zoro, who was up in the crow nest couldn't help, but witnessed the whole thing.

He stared incredulously at his two crewmates for a few more seconds,

"... ... ... ...Geh! Whatever." He turned around and went back to training.

"But it would be nice to see the perverted imp get the shock of his life from this." Zoro muttered as an after thought.




"Nami-chan?" Robin called the navigator.

Nami seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"Nami-chan?" Robin spoke louder with worry on her face.

"Eh?" Nami snap out of her daze.

"Are you alright?" Robin asked, her voiced gentle, but with a hint of concern.

"I'm fine, Robin-neesan" Nami smiled brightly for the archaeologist.

"Just curious about something..." she continued in a whisper.

Robin heard it, and looked at her questioningly, but the navigator just smiled. The older woman grinned in return, respecting Nami's privacy by not probing the navigator any further.

'It feels like everything went smoothly than I first expected...' Nami thought dejectedly.

'But now I'm beginning to wonder if Luffy would have accepted a confession if it was another girl...' Nami pouted, not liking the idea of her captain accepting another woman's love.

'Would he???!'

"Nami-chan, the captain is a very blunt person. When he doesn't like something, he will reject it by all means. The same as when he fancy something, he will get it by all means." Robin spoke beside her, the woman's blue eyes gleaming with intelligence.

Nami blinked just before her face broke into a beam, nodding her head in understanding.

'She's right! I can't believe just because I'm in love I started to act silly, Luffy came for me a number of times even when he knows that I told him not to, those actions are enough to speak volumes.'

Her worries diminished with the breeze that blew softly through the night sky on the deck of Sunny Go.


The End.


Prerequisites of His Ideal Woman

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