Finally, we arrived. I stepped out of the minibus, stretching my arms and yawning. I looked at the group of about twenty walking in front of me, I was already behind. I began jogging to catch up and spotted Charlie walking next to Felicity, just far enough away for me to squeeze in the middle without looking weird. I pulled up in between them both and Fliss threw me a brief, grateful glance.

"Woo, we're finally here!" I said, doing a little jive with my hands. Charlie laughed and said, "That was normal!"

"Yeah, totally," I replied, smiling at the sarcasm, "is that Air over there?" I asked pointing to a purple track, just arching above the trees. Both Charlie and Fliss looked up.

"I don't think so," she said, "Air was blue." I nodded and continued looking, trying to determine what ride it was; it looked a bit small. Almost everyone here had been to Adventure City with Youth Group before, but I had only just joined this time last year and I wasn't quite in time to hand in my form, so I couldn't go. But apparently, it was amazing, so I had been really looking forward to it this year! I breathed in deeply, closed my eyes for a moment and smiled to myself. I glanced to my left and caught Charlie's eye. We both smiled at each other briefly before Felicity broke out in laughter.

"Farrah," She shouted, "That's not even a rollercoaster it's just a random bit of track!" I looked up at the purple 'rollercoaster' which ended in midair just by the entrance. I laughed as well.

"Oh dear, I'm such an idiot!" I giggled.

"Agreed!" Jake shouted, turning around and pointing at me.

Shut up, Jake!" I retorted, laughing and thinking I really needed a better comeback.


We all queued up outside the fast track booth, deciding which ticket to buy.

"Well last year, we all got the Scream one and we got on Oblivion, Air and Nemesis without the 83 hour wait…" Jake mused, looking at the board.

"Okay then," I sighed, wanting to wrap this up and get on the rides already, "let's all get that one!"

"I don't think I want it," Trevor whined in his usual annoying way, "I don't like roller coasters!"

"Okay then Trevor, you can stand at the side while we all go on it!" I yelled as I rummaged through my bag, trying to find my purse amidst the mess.

"One scream fast track, please." I said to the attendant, finally closing my hand around the tiny slip of paper that would let me into the fast queue. I spun away and ran to catch up with the others. The two leaders, Wilbur and Hanna, had taken the three youngest ones away and the rest of us were left in a group of nine: Myself, Fliss, Jake, Charlie, Scott, Theo, Adrian, Trevor and Liam.

"I need the toilet." Charlie announced and everyone laughed.

"'Cuz we needed to know that!" Theo shouted.

"Yeah you did actually!" Charlie laughed.

"Actually, I need it too!" I said, glancing around for any signs of toilets. Jake sighed and looked at us,

"God's sake you two!" he turned around in mock annoyance so I just flicked his ear and walked off in search of toilets as he yelled after me in protest.


Finally, we were all in line for Air after a long trek around the park and a quick ride on the Mine Train for Trevor. Good thing we did go on that though because I hate going on big roller coasters without at least going on a small one first! And, to be honest, Air was pretty big. On our way to Air, I had pooled some money with Fliss and Charlie and we had bought a refillable bottle of coke. It was £6.00 and we got free refills for the rest of the day, so between the three of us, it was a really good deal. By the time we even got to Air, it was already gone.

"Well, I guess we were thirstier than we thought." Was all we could really say!

In the queue, we walked past loads of other people who had been there for ages and Jake kept waving at them.

"That's cruel, Jake, stop it!" I said, hitting him lightly on the shoulder.

"Yeah, it's funny though!" he replied and I just rolled my eyes. We were only about ten minutes away from the ride when we slipped into the normal queue. Fliss and I craned our necks, looking down to where people were getting in. Air was a ride where you stood up while you got strapped in and then when it started, you got turned so you were lying on your front. People who were coming back in on the other side of the fence looked absolutely terrified and I could feel the butterfly's starting in the pit of my stomach.

"Well," Jake started, "there's only eight of us 'cuz Trevor's too much of a…"

"Okay, Jake," I interrupted, "We need to get into fours so I vote Charlie, Scott, Felicity and I go in one and Jake, Theo, Adrian and Liam go in the other. Agreed?" everybody muttered their approval and turned back to the exiting riders. Finally, we got down to the gates and Fliss and I, sticking together, ran to gate nine. They swung open haltingly, small flecks of sky blue paint falling form the hinges and we darted across the boarding area to deposit our bags in the cages.

Once all strapped in, I glanced across our row and realised that Fliss and I had ended up with Adrian and Liam. I sighed, shook my head and looked forward. Jake and some others had to take their shoes off because they were too loose, so their socks were on show. My mind flicked back to our conversation on the minibus earlier and I laughed,

"Ha! You all wondered how I knew Jake's boxers matched his socks! He wears his trousers down at his knees and now his socks are on show!" Fliss looked forward and laughed,

"Yeah, okay I agree about the socks, but still, why were you looking at his arse in the first place?" We both subsided into fits of giggles as the car in front of us jerked into motion and the methodical clicking of the machinery started them on their uphill journey.

I gulped as our own set of clicks began and we were suddenly facing the floor. As we climbed the hill, we came out onto a bit where people could watch and a few peppered the space below us. I reached my hand out and shouted "High-five!" and one of the women below jumped up with her own arm outstretched. I joined in with Felicity's laughter, not daring to look up. When we reached the top of the hill, there was a slight pause and then suddenly we were racing along the track. We couldn't see any of the tracks or the car carrying us because it was all above or beneath us, depending on if we were the right way up or not… Not that we could tell! Felicity's delighted screams floated over from beside me and I happily joined in, relishing in the feeling of the air rushing past. It felt like we were flying!

All too soon, it was over and we were, rather shakily, back on the ground. Everyone was laughing and smiling and I don't think I was the only one shaking from adrenaline.

"Hey, Charlie!" I said, jumping forward to tap his shoulder, "Do you think they do coke refills here?"

"They might do," he replied, "They sell the containers so you should go and check."

"Okay I will do!" I shouted over my shoulder, skipping away and grabbing Fliss on my way to the counter.