eventually I was able to bring myself to the end of the road, my road.

I had walked to far and strayed from the path.

I was speed along the withered undergrowth with unnatural speed.

the end has come and i accept it with welcoming arms, to see the end brings a kind of peace,

a freedom even, a freedom from worry, a freedom from pain, a freedom from regret.

let those who stay behind me, let them grieve for grieveance is an emotion all will face before the end.

though while i was here I was happy for the most part but also at the same time my world was nothing but pain, pain of the worst kind, for something of the same species had been corrupted and turned bitter.

like the final rays of sunshine fading to a beautyful and glorious realm of darkness

and fearful night.

this is the realm of nightmares that not even the mightiest of men may walk through

and yet the smallest of children may.

this is the realm where the sternest of men cannot survive

nor the strongest weapon defeat.

this is the realm where the smallest thing will overcome

this is the realm that kills all things that turn

this is the realm that we were not meant to see.

this is the realm where time turns the night to dawn

the walls of this cove are falling

its falling around me, on me

i know i can't escape though if i could i know i would stay where i am.

this is the end of my journey and i don't intend to run from it.

this is where i intend to sleep.

though i do not regret for through this path

i've found the beauty in this world, it's not in planes, nor in places

the true beauty in this world is in whats inside us, the love and the hate that has poured out in so many generations has crafted this world to a place filled with equal parts of both.

the things in this world that we saw now lay in my heart under this cove to be washed away

to the ends of the earth.

this is the realm of bueaty.

this is the realm of hate.

this is the of the sorrow

this world has no heart.