Six Months Later

"Can you believe it?" Marius asked Cosette as he led her away from the small party for their friends. She nodded.

"I can, only because it's what I've been praying for since I was seventeen," she answered.

"I told you that one day you'd be Madame Pontmercy," he whispered, and leaned down to kiss her.

They had just been married- they waited six months out of propriety, but they were content to marry right away. They had moved out of the giant house, because Marius did not want to live in the same house as Cosette's other husband had. She agreed wholeheartedly. They moved into a smaller, more welcoming place that was more suited to their needs. Julie remained their maid.

They had arranged for all of the proper agreements to be drawn up surrounding little Marius. As Marius Pontmercy really was his father, his birth certificate was revised and his name officially changed to Marius Pontmercy- which got rather confusing. However, the child was still young enough to welcome these changes and not even notice them too much. He called Marius 'papa' readily and easily, something that probably would not have happened had he been a few years older.

One day a few months before the wedding, Marius Pontmercy the elder was making good on his agreement and was sitting on the floor playing with his son.

"Marius," Cosette called, then started giggling hysterically when both of them looked. "I'm sorry- you cannot even imagine how long I've wanted to do that."

However, on the night of February 12th, 1838, little Marius was being cared for by his nurse and was out of the way once the party was over, and the newlyweds were off by themselves.

They had gotten engaged very quickly after that day when Marius learned of his child, but he still lived separately and only came to visit during the day. Despite the numerous times they had slept together during the years of their affair, they refrained from having any kind of improper relations until they were married.

"We can finally do something the right way," Marius said. "Get engaged, wait until we're married, have a wedding, and pretend it did not take us over six years to get here."

And when they were finally alone and taking advantage of that, Cosette's soul was filled up. When they were lying together afterwards, their bodies melded together perfectly, their skin touching, their breathing synchronized, Cosette realized it was the first time in two years that they had been together this year. It had been too long, no doubt- however, at that particular moment, there was absolutely nothing she could wish for. Marius' arms were around her as he fell asleep, her son was peaceful downstairs, they lived in a wonderful, warm home and had everything they ever needed. It had taken six years to happen- six long, hard, tear-filled years.

But it had been worth it.